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What’s Going Around North Texas – Pediatric Fever & Flu

October 20, 2019

(upbeat music) – There’s a lot of pediatric patients coming in with fever to
the emergency department. There’s multiple causes
of pediatric fever. One of the most common
is the flu or influenza. During this influenza period, make sure that you keep
your child out of school for 24 hours fever free without medication to try to prevent spreading
to other children. It’s important to use proper hand washing, and try not to eat or
drink off the same cup. And hug and kiss always
needs to be limited as well. It’s not too late to
get your influenza shot. Other causes of pediatric
fever can be the common cold, gastroenteritis or the stomach flu and urinary tract infections. Pediatric fever is a
fever of 100.4 or more. Tylenol or Motrin is recommended to give weight based instead of age based, so make sure you consult your pediatrician or look at the bottle carefully so that you don’t overdose
or under dose your child. I recommend alternating Tylenol, four hours later give Motrin, four hours later give Tylenol
to keep the fever down and really increase fluid intake. When a child has a fever, it’s important to watch them
for their activity level and if they’re tolerating fluids. If they’re happy and playful, and you can keep their fever down and they’re making urine and making tears, you can take them to their
pediatrician the next day. If they’re sluggish and listless, vomiting or not making urine, it’s important to go to the
closest emergency department to have them evaluated by a physician. (upbeat music)

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