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What you need to know about the flu vaccine

October 3, 2019

Influenza is the most common cause of
vaccine-preventable hospitalisation in children and adults. So in other words… An influenza vaccine is the best protection you can have to keep your children and yourself out of hospital. There’s a number of groups in the population
at a particular risk of flu and the groups that are most at risk are young children, children and adults with
underlying medical conditions such as chronic heart, chronic lung disease, cancer or neurological diseases Other important groups are Aboriginal Australians All Aboriginal Australians are at risk of flu so are recommended to get a vaccine and importantly pregnant women as well We don’t give influenza vaccines to children
younger than six months So vaccinating their mums
is the best way to protect them for that period of time
where they can’t get a vaccine Unfortunately influenza is a virus that
continues to evolve so each year our vaccine changes This year we have changed the strains
included in the vaccine such that they are most closely linked to the strains we expect to be circulating this year. So yes, you do need to have a vaccine this year
and for each year. You

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