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What Would Happen If You Never Showered?

August 25, 2019

Hey there and welcome to Life Noggin. So you probably shower. And you probably do it to keep clean, right? It seems like a healthy thing to do. But have you ever wondered what would happen
if you never showered? Well, let’s start with the basics. You would, if I’m being honest, stink. I’m sorry to say it, but after a while without
washing, you’ll start to develop quite an odor. Soap and water in a shower or bath work to
rid your body of bacteria and dead skin cells, so these things start to pile up when you
stop cleaning yourself. According to dermatology professor Dr. Cameron
Rokhsar, among the pile of dead cells that would accumulate on top of your skin are some
proteins with a sugary coating, such as sialomucin. Lots of bacteria love to consume sugar, and
when they digest sugary proteins like sialomucin, they produce what we call body odor. So less showering means more stench. But what kind of effects would it have on
your health? Well, the results don’t look too good there
either. For starters, dirty skin means itchy skin. Dandruff builds up, your skin is coated in
oil and the dirt that sticks to it, and you start scratching. Scratching an irritating itch can feel great,
but if you scratch too much you can hurt yourself, even breaking through your skin. On a related note, never bathing can put you
at a higher risk for infection. If you were to get a cut or a scratch (perhaps
because of all that excessive itchiness) and your skin was covered in all sorts of extra
bacteria, those bacteria might find their way inside your wound and eventually lead
to a soft tissue infection. You would also become more prone to a whole
host of other health issues, from acne and pus to fungus between your toes, or even intertrigo,
a painful combination of yeast and inflammation in your groin. This all sounds kind of scary, right? Like, it might make you feel like you need
to scrub yourself clean right this second. But what if I told you it’s possible to
shower too much? In fact, a lot of us are guilty of it. Yes, sometimes even I indulge in too many
long, hot showers. Remember when I mentioned that dirty skin
can increase your risk of infection? Well, so can dry skin. And you know what can cause dry skin? That’s right. Showers. Washing your skin might also remove some of
the important bacteria that help your immune system. Some doctors, such as Dr. C. Brandon Mitchell,
an assistant dermatology professor at George Washington University, even say that when
you shower, you should only apply soap to the parts of your body that typically smell—such
as your armpits, groin, and butt. Sure, frequent showers reduce your body odor,
but in terms of your health, one or two showers a week is likely to be enough. So, as is true of many things in life, showers
are good in moderation. Showering twice a day or twice a year can
both have serious consequences on your health and wellbeing. So keep clean, but not too clean, and make
sure to head on over to where you can pick up a Life Noggin poster
or shirt! Link is in the description and pinned comment! As always, my name is Blocko and this has
been Life Noggin. Don’t forget to keep on thinking!


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