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What Really Happens When Someone Double Dips

October 21, 2019

What really happens when someone doubled Epps you’re at a party snacking on chips and dip when you witnessed the disgusting a guest takes a chip dips in it takes a bite then dips it right back in the same poll of seven layer delicious miss you’ve been scooping from for the last 30 minutes yep she’s a double Gipper and she’s likely been doing it all night which means you’ve probably been enjoying a side of her saliva with your tortilla chips sound familiar double dipping is a common phenomenon an informal poll at the prevention office found that 55% of people admit to double dipping half feet and chips pretzels baby carrots and other sauce coping devices at dinner parties and gatherings the other 45% at one response for those who do double dip.protesting that mere idea conjures in images of debt bowl swarming with bacteria and viruses that could leave them sick in bed for weeks here’s how your food can get contaminated even before you eat it what’s the truth though it’s unlikely that eating out of the same bowl as a double dip are will actually make you sick sure if the double dipper has or has recently recovered from the flu a stomach bug or a virus like strep throat it’s possible that you could get sick as long if there still contagious says Phillip Turner junior P HT professor of microbiology and pathology at new school of medicine but that’s only a possibility not a prediction the likelihood of you actually getting sick is extremely slim thanks to the bacteria that live in your mouth of here’s how it works when someone doubled its they introduce a tiny microscopic amount of their bacteria good and bad you like into the debt bowl if you’re chip or create a happens to come into contact with their bacteria there’s a chance that it could make it into your mouth but once they are those bugs will be attacked by millions of bugs in your mouth and since everyone’s bacteria is different your bugs won’t take kindly to any invading bad ones and because there’s way more of your good bacteria in your mouth than bad bacteria that might come from the double dip are those bad bugs don’t really stand a chance here are the 10 dirtiest foods you can eat if the offending double dipper is carrying a virus there’s an even smaller chance you’ll get sick unlike bacteria which are pretty hearty most viruses don’t live outside the body for very long a good chunk of cold and flu viruses for example will only survive in the dip for about 15 minutes the exception of course is Nora virus which can live outside of your body four days school king up less than 100 particles of this virus can leave you with your head over the toilet bowl a few hours later so sense there’s still a small chance you’ll pick up a virus or a disease causing bacteria from the small amount a double dip are adds to a communal bowl it might be best to avoid eating from a bowl you know has been doubled out especially if you know your friends have been sick


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    Really Happens When Someone Double Dips

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    You're at a gathering, nibbling on chips and plunge, when you witness the sickening: A visitor takes a chip, plunges it, takes a chomp, at that point dunks it ideal back in a similar bowl of seven-layer tastiness you've been scooping from throughout the previous 30 minutes. That is correct, she's a twofold scoop. What's more, she's possible been doing everything night—which implies you've most likely been getting a charge out of a side of her spit with your tortilla chips.

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    Really Happens When Someone Double Dips

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    Happens When Someone Double Dips

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    When Someone Double Dips

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