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What It’s Actually Like To Have The Coronavirus (COVID-19)

February 21, 2020

It’s Christmas time, and instead of spending
time with friends and family, you decide that you’re overdue for some travel. Instead of visiting grandma, or going home
for Christmas dinner just so you can get into political fights with your drunk libertarian
uncle- you decide that this year, you’re taking a ‘me-holiday’, and book yourself a plane
ticket to the heart of China. On your way there you end up missing the heart
by a few thousand kilometers and instead end up in Wuhan, but hey, it’s a new place, a
foreign culture, and it’s all very exciting anyways. Eager to dive into the local Chinese culture,
you hop out of your plane and head to the first place you’ve read about- the Seafood
Wholesale Market. Upon arriving you notice two things: the place
sells a whole lot of land animals for it to be called a “Seafood” market, and most
of those animals are very much alive. In fact, the entire thing is rather macabre
and definitely depressing, you find everything from porcupines to bats to even wolves just
sitting in cages next to freshly skinned corpses of what you can only assume were their former
compatriots. You very quickly decide to end your visit,
realizing you’ve walked head-on into an animal cruelty nightmare, and as you quickly leave
the market you decide that you really need to think your sightseeing through a little
bit more. China is one of the earliest human civilizations,
there’s plenty of cultural wonders to see elsewhere! On the way out of the market though, that’s
when you spot it- a snake slithering along the ground. Except it doesn’t quite look right. Suddenly the snake stops, and starts hacking
and coughing, and you realize- omg (say the letters), that snake is choking! A crowd gathers around the poor, choking snake,
nobody knowing what to do. Lucky for you though, you just got your CPR
certification for your new, totally not depressing job as a mall guard! You’re Johnny-on-the-spot, and leap to the
snake’s help. “Out of the way!”, you cry out, showing
your CPR credentials, as you shove the crowd aside. The snake is gasping now, it’s almost over. You flip the snake on its belly though and
start doing compressions, humming to yourself the tune to “Staying Alive” by the Bee
Gees, exactly as you’ve been trained. This is it, this is your moment. You check the airway and realize there’s no
obstruction, this snake isn’t choking, it’s dying! Not on your watch. You didn’t take a 12 hour public safety course
to earn the coveted mall guard badge in your pocket for nothing. You pry open that snake’s mouth and start
giving it breaths, quickly followed by more compressions. You continue this cycle of breaths and compressions,
working up a fierce sweat. “Live, you snake bastard, live!”, you
cry out. Suddenly, the snake coughs, sputters, and
opens its eyes. It’s alive! Tears of joy flood down your cheeks. The crowd cheers. A pretty lady feints. You’ve done it, you saved this snake’s life. With deep gratitude in its eyes, the snake
looks up at you and whispers, just faintly enough that only you can hear it, “One day,
when you need me the most, I promise I’ll be there.” You leave that market a hero, and hey, you’ve
made a snake friend for life now. Thinking back on that poor snake, you wish
him well and go on about your trip, this time heading to some proper tourist destinations
and having a blast in China. The whole time though, something is seriously
wrong with you and you don’t have even the slightest clue. Deep in the cells of your body, an invader
has taken root. Unknown to you, as you were saving that snake’s
life, it was passing on to you a deadly coronavirus, one of the few that are transmissible between
man and animal. Even worse for you though is this is a brand
new strain of virus, and one that the world is completely unprepared for. The virus inside you is a stealth assassin. It has one job in its short life: to make
as many of itself as possible and then spread its brethren to other hosts. But it can’t get caught, so it’s learned to
remain undetected. You show no symptoms, you feel perfectly fine-
you’re a snake hero after all! But the entire time the deadly virus within
you is busy working. You’re slowly dying from the inside and don’t
even realize it at all. First the virus infects healthy cells, inserting
genetic code into the cell that forces it to start mass producing other copies of the
virus. This uses up all of the cell’s energy and
when it’s all spent up, masses of new viruses burst out of the shriveled up, spent cell
like xenomorphs bursting out of wayward space marine’s chests. Your body fights back, calling in white blood
cells- the heavy hitters of your immune system. The white blood cells are tough, but the virus
is even tougher, and unlucky for them, they’ve never seen anything like this virus before. Normally white blood cells would call for
help from antibodies, but your body has no idea what antibodies to even send. This new virus is like nothing it’s ever faced
before. Your white blood cells are helpless to stop
the infection from growing, and soon you are so filled with the virus that you’re infectious. Every time you wipe your snot, cough into
your hand, or lick a stranger’s plate you’re leaving behind deadly virus, and the worst
part is: you’re completely unaware. You show no symptoms whatsoever! No serious cough, no fever, no headache, no
fatigue- nothing. You continue your trip through China, not
washing your hands after digging for gold in your nose, licking every door knob you
come across- hey, you’re on vacation, anything goes! And the entire time you’re leaving behind
traces of the deadly virus in your veins. Two weeks later, you’re finally on your way
home. As you board the plane you feel a little bit
fatigued, but hey, you just spent your Christmas traveling through the exotic orient, you’re
probably just bushed. You look forward to a nice few days at home
before returning to the daily grind, and to pass the time on the long flight home, you
get into a coughing fight with the kid in front of you. You’re both having so much fun, that soon
the other passengers get in on it! Pretty quickly, the whole plane is laughing
and having a good time with an old fashioned cough fight, everyone doing their best to
cough as hard as they can in each other’s face. A few days later you’re showing up to your
first day at your exciting new mall guard job- but you don’t feel so well. You’ve got a headache and you’re developing
a nasty cough. Well, you did just travel internationally,
you probably picked up a small bug somewhere, it wouldn’t be completely unprecedented. You ignore your symptoms and take to your
duties as the first, last, and only line of mall defense against shoplifters and Karens
who complain about their expired coupons not being accepted. You’ve got a runny nose by now, but no big
deal- you make sure to wipe away the boogers every time you have to give CPR or shake someone’s
hand. You know you really should be washing your
hands frequently, especially since you’ve been coughing and sneezing into them a whole
lot lately, but hey, the life of a mall guard is a high-stakes, high-pressure gambit, and
mall crime doesn’t take any breaks so neither can you. At the end of your first week at your job
you definitely aren’t feeling well at all. Your cough has gotten pretty severe, so bad
it’s starting to hurt when you cough. You’ve got a full-blown fever and your uniform
sleeve is practically dripping with all the mucus you’ve wiped on it through the course
of your day. Plus people are starting to complain that
their CPR tastes like snot. You know you have to ask for some sick time
off, even though that’s really not a good look for someone who’s literally just started
their job. Your boss agrees, the CPR-snot complaints
have reached his desk. “Take some time off kid, you can’t fight
mall crime unless you’re at your best.”, your grizzled veteran of a boss says in between
bites of food court Panda Express orange chicken. As you get home though, your vision starts
to swim. Your fever is spiking, and you’re pretty sure
you could cook an egg on your forehead. You drag yourself to the hospital, and as
you walk into the emergency room you collapse in the lobby. When you wake up you’re laying in a hospital
bed with an IV in your arms, dripping fluids into your body. The virus has put your body into overdrive,
and you’re pretty dehydrated. You’ve been given various cough suppressants
and medications for your fever, but they’re barely doing anything. To your alarm, on the second day of your stay,
the doctor comes into your room wearing a full-body plastic suit that exposes only his
face, which is itself covered by a surgical mask. They wrap your bed in a plastic sheet as the
doctor informs you that you’ve been diagnosed with something strange- a coronavirus they’ve
never encountered before. Given your state, the doctors fear that you’ve
infected many of the medical staff, and so they have been quarantined as well in the
hospital’s other rooms. Your condition worsens by the day, the virus
is replicating completely out of control now- what started off as one little hitchhiker
has turned into billions upon billions of copies. A man enters your room in a full-body contamination
suit. He sits by your bed and identifies himself
as working for the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC is America’s frontline defense against
disease, even though they forgot to add the P from Prevention to their acronym. There’s no time for that, the man says as
you point out that fact. He has to know where you picked up this strange
virus, and who you may have been in contact with that could now be infected. Reluctantly, you start back at the beginning,
telling him about your impromptu trip to China’s Wuhan. You tell him about the seafood market that
definitely sold more land animals than seafood. You tell him about the dying snake and the
CPR you administered. You tell him about the giant cough fight you
started on the plane ride back. The man pats your hand, “That was a brave
thing you did, giving that snake CPR- but we’re afraid that you’ve been infected by
an animal-born coronavirus. The snake you saved, it passed it on to you.” Then the government man leaves you, scurrying
to track down every member of your flight back home from China. By now, the disease could be anywhere and
everywhere, and completely undetectable until its sufferers start showing symptoms. Over the course of the next few days, you
deteriorate even further. Breathing becomes more than painful, it becomes
difficult. Your parents come visit you, as does the rest
of your family- everyone knows that the end is near. Your siblings lean in and kiss you on the
cheek through the surgical masks they wear. Even your libertarian uncle shows up, tears
in his eyes. He leans in and gives you a kiss on the cheek
one last time, whispering reassuringly in your ear, “Taxes are just another form of
theft.” Your body can’t function properly anymore,
the virus has saturated all of its systems to the point that basic functions begin shutting
down. Much like an over-consuming humanity, viruses
have no sense of self-control, and once they infect a host they reproduce completely out
of control until the host dies from the burden of the virus within it. Like the earth, but with people. The light is fading now, and in your final
moments you think back to that snake you saved. You remember its parting words to you: “One
day, when you need me the most, I promise I’ll be there.”. Suddenly you hear a slight hiss, and hope
floods your body as you barely manage to lean up just slightly and look around your room-
but it’s just the hiss of your air conditioning unit winding down. As the light fades completely, you think to
yourself, “Man, that (bleeping censored sfx) snake lied to me.” At your funeral your supervisor shows up along
with several of your co-workers. Using Dicks Sporting Goods air rifles, you’re
given a twenty one gun salute. With somber purpose, your supervisor stands
at attention before your grieving mother, handing her a folded Spencer’s band T-shirt-
the official flag of mall security. We bet now you’re probably in the mood for
something a little bit happier, so why not click this video over here, or maybe you’d
rather enjoy this video here? Either way, click one now, because the only
viral content Infographics puts out is fun, awesome vids!


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