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What is Yeast infection Candida? Explained by Dr. Gordon Pedersen Ph.D.

August 15, 2019

– The question is,
yeast infection candida. Candida Albicans is the name of a yeast that infects the
intestines and the vagina. So let’s talk about both of these. Because we’ve got to destroy this yeast or it will overtake the intestines. If the yeast overtakes your intestines, you’re gonna be producing a lot of gas, you’re gonna have auto-immune disorders, because you’re body is absorbing yeast, and it’s getting into your blood stream, into your muscles, into your nerves, into your bones, everywhere in your body. So we’ve gotta destroy the
yeast in the intestines, and we’ve gotta keep it in
balance with good bacteria. This is simple, but very difficult to keep a proper balance. I look for a liquid that’s very special, that doesn’t require prescription that will destroy bacteria,
viruses, and yeast. And I like people to drink
four ounces of it right now. Then, the next day,
they’re gonna have ability to drink two tablespoons twice a day and keep that up for months. By doing so, you’re gonna be
able to destroy the yeast. In the event that happens,
the bacteria is now gonna want to regrow at a healthy level. I like probiotics. Probiotics can now restore the proper growth in the intestine. By doing so, you’re gonna have less gas, less inflammation in the joints, less pain in the muscles, and you’re gonna start to have
normal digestive function, including normal bowel
movements at normal times. Now, let’s talk about
the yeast in the vagina. The vagina is a warm, moist
area perfect for growing yeast. Women say, I’ve got a yeast infection, they go to their doctor, the doctor takes a look at it, that’s all he does. Takes a look at it, says, hmm, I think that’s a yeast infection, writes a prescription for Lamisil or a similar drug. The drug kills yeast, well half the time, the doctor is wrong. The doctor may prescribe
an antibiotic instead, in that case, it will kill bacteria but will make yeast grow. So then the problem actually gets worse and you come back to your doctor three or four days, maybe
five days later and say, my problem’s worse, the doctor says, oh, I’ll switch your prescription. You have a solution though, this special all natural liquid that destroys bacteria, viruses, and yeast does
something no drug can do. It works on all three
all at the same time, and all you have to do
is get it in contact with your yeast infection. So, you can put a put a tampon out, put gel all around it, insert it at night, wear it through the night, take it out in the morning, and
that’s helping with the yeast inside the vagina. In addition, you can rub it on the outside of the vaginal folds, where yeast might grow in those warm, moist areas. In this idea of destroying Candida recognize that it’s internal and external. You need the gel, you need the liquid, and you need to use them from a special type of ingredient that destroys bacteria, viruses, and yeast. And remember, sugar feeds yeast. Take it out of your system, take it out of your diet, you’re not gonna have sugar anymore in your diet because that’s what feeding your problem. Another way to use silver liquid and gel is as a vaginal wash. If you fill up a bottle like this, or a douche bottle with the liquid silver, get in the tub, elevate your hips and pump the area full,
you’re gonna get a rinse. Another way to use the
gel is to take the gel and to pump it on to the tip of a tampon. Totally coat the tampon, insert it at night, take
it out in the morning. Either way, you’re gonna get a good rinse or a good wash of the vaginal vault.

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