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What Is The Smeeze? | Viral Dance Move Explained | STEEZY.CO

December 13, 2019

What the f**k are these people doing? From The Bay, to LA, Canada, and China This move has everybody jumping worldwide! But what is The Smeeze? Before we get into that, as always, this video is powered by STEEZY Studio. Learn all of the hottest moves and sign up today for a free 7-day trial! Now back to the video: This is The Smeeze There are two parts to this move: the bounce, and the upper body For the bounce, you stomp on one foot then hop with the other as you move side to side The second part (the upper body) has a few variations: Drumming with the hands, swinging the arms rotating the arms and opposing circles, doing a shimmy with the shoulders, or just getting hyphy! So who made this move? And how did it get so popular? Meet Chonkie: member of the legendary Turf Feinz Crew from Oakland, California Yo what’s happening, its ya boy Chonkie of the Turf Feinz and I am the creator The Smeeeze Smeeze God Hmm. When did you create The Smeeze? Literally ’09, watching House Party (the first house party) Everyday. It was one of my favorite movies because of the vibe of it My little cousin was always coming over and his name is Smeeze I was trying to figure out a name, and I looked at my cousin, and I was just like the dance is a Smeeze When did you start noticing you’re getting popular in mainstream culture? Well, I was doing it in battles first. First mainstream video I did it in was function remix with e40. Then like I had help of my teammates Phil and Lavish, they went viral on Instagram doing it. Then the Jabbawockeez had did it My mentor Swag Pitt, my brother Frenchie, He made a hashtag called smeeze everywhere, and then my brother Milla made the official smeeze song Was there anyone you feel like had a particular influence on how the smeeze became so popular? What really got it mainstream was my brother Frenchie Frenchie put it on 2k. It’s been on there for four years, the Ellen show, my boy Pricelessdaroc, P-Lo Swag Pitt, and the Jabbawockeez is what made it go Main Main But you know, I want to see everybody do my dance tag me, I want y’all to tag STEEZY Thank you all for rockin with me and doing my dance and supporting me. And one more thing… Y’all make sure you wash y’all back and make sure it’s intact because Chonkie is back Thank you so much for watching Make sure you click that link on the right for a dance tutorial on how to do The Smeeze step-by-step And get hyphy with Chonkie himself. Reese’s Pieces Smeezes


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    I want to learn smeeze but After that 7 days trial I don’t have money to access steezy.

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    Chonkie for President RIGHT Now, please!

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    I love this moveeee

  • Reply undeground vibes September 23, 2019 at 9:23 am

    i have a question that when i start dancing i dance good but if i take rest for 5 to 10 minutes my body goes soo much stiff and my dances changes and i start feeling bad ,so give some advice for that,

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    I love y'all!! Thank you for this video and all your dance education videos! Love and Joy!

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    you literally can do anything but one you hit the smeeze it's over for everybody.

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  • Reply Bay Rooted September 24, 2019 at 7:29 pm

    Yo at the end, hes not saying "Watch Yo Back"! He's saying "WASH Yo Back!" Like, keep it clean and use the soap.

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    This is dope!!! Happy to learn where it originally came from.

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    YES I’ve been wondering wtf the name of the dance was! thank you for this. I’ve been seeing it incorporated into dance vids but never knew lol

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