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What is the NHS Minor Ailment Service?

December 7, 2019

Today, more people need healthcare than ever before. Demand keeps rising on the NHS, especially on GPs and A+E Pharmacy is the third largest health profession in the UK and with five years training, pharmacists are the experts in medicines. They also provide a wide range of health services. The traditional help and advice you’ve always had available at your pharmacy is now part of the NHS. So how can your NHS Minor Ailment Service help you? The service makes it easier and quicker for you and anyone you care for to get free treatment and advice, if you’re eligible, for minor health problems at a time that suits you. You can now see your pharmacist for problems like eczema, indigestion, hayfever or an upset stomach, to name just a few. Your pharmacy will help you and let you know if you can get free treatment . You can visit any pharmacy running the service, without an appointment, and you’ll be able to talk to the pharmacist in a private consultation area if you wish. Pharmacies are easy to get to, right on the high street and are often open evenings and weekends too. Drop in anytime to ask about the NHS Minor Ailment Service.

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