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What Is The Difference In Treating Leaky Gut Compared To Treating Candida

August 22, 2019

Greetings. New Zealand naturopath, Eric Bakker.
I’m the author of Candida Crusher and also the formulator of the Canxida range of supplements.
I have a question here from a man called Angelo Macradakus. Angelo sounds like a Greek guy.
I really like Greek people. I used to have a lot of Greek patients when I practiced in
Brisbane in Australia many years ago and I really enjoy Greek festivals and Greek culture.
“Hi, Eric. I just want to say thanks for all your amazing content. Your videos have been
extremely helpful alongside your book. I was just hoping you could make one of your extensive
videos on what the differences are with the lifestyle, nutrition and supplementation when
dealing with leaky gut as well as Candida, as opposed to just Candida, if there are any
at all. I greatly appreciate this. Thanks for your good work. Keep up the good content.”
Angelo, this is for you, my friend. Not just because you’re Greek and I like Greek people,
but also because it’s a very valid question. What is the difference with treatment if you
look at lifestyle, nutrition and supplementation with leaky gut as opposed to Candida?
People with leaky gut and, in fact, many people have got leaky gut. I would go as far to say
anyone who lives a diet based on western diet and lifestyle principles will have leaky gut
to some degree. That’s because we all tend to eat food that contains some element of
chemicals, preservatives, emulsifiers, all these sort of things in our food, including
antibiotics, artificial sugars, they seem to permeate our lifestyle and diet to a big
degree. Unless you’ve got an extremely austere lifestyle and you eat everything completely
100 percent unprocessed and you grow all your own food and live on a farm and where a straw
hat and don’t have electricity and drink pure water that’s been purified and all this sort
of stuff, you’re going to get some kind of element of chemicals into your diet. That
can affect the membrane or the gut of the diet.
Some people have got seriously bad leaky gut. How do you know you’ve got bad leaky gut?
If you’re drinking alcohol on a regular basis, you will have leaky gut, period. If you drink
alcohol every day, you will have a major leaky gut problem. We know that. If you take pharmaceutical
drugs, you’ll have leaky gut. You could be taking pills for headache, arthritis pain,
NSAID, what we call non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. You could be taking drugs to block
acidity of the stomach like Nexium, for example, omeprazole. You could be taking anti-convulsants.
You could be taking antibiotics. You could be taking anti-depressants. Any pharmaceutical
medication that you’re on in time is going to cause leaky gut. If you’re in that category,
welcome to the leaky gut club. If you’re eating commercially raised poultry, you’ll have leaky
gut. If you’re eating grain fed beef, you’ll have leaky gut.
How do I know all this stuff? It’s because I’ve been treating patients now for such a
long period of time. I’ve done so many of these lactulose and mannitol digestive permeability
tests that I’ve worked out that people who eat and drink like this will have leaky gut.
Leaky gut predisposes you to a whole raft of potential different problems. It’s one
of the major things that can underpin a lot of autoimmune disorders. These are diseases
where the immune system starts attacking itself. No known cause they say. Well, welcome to
the club if you live in the western country. I doubt that leaky gut is a condition that
affects many people who live in underdeveloped countries, particularly people who live in
India who just eat lentils and rice. These people don’t go to the corner shop and buy
a can of coke every day. They don’t have energy drinks, Red Bull for breakfast. They don’t
have fries for lunch. When you’re living a lifestyle based on an indigenous person who
is living a very simple lifestyle, eating a very basic sort of diet, I doubt very much
if you’re going to have a strong degree of leaky gut.
But let’s talk about the treatment differences. I don’t really think there are a lot of differences
between treating leaky gut and treating Candida. The principles in my mind are the same. The
big thing I like people to stay away from with leaky gut are the foods that have a high
potential for allergenicity in the body. I tend to put people with leaky gut on a low
allergy diet approach. Same thing I do with Candida. I tend to put people with leaky gut
on a no-alcohol diet. Same thing I do with Candida. Probably the big difference with
Candida and leaky gut is we’re dealing with a yeast infection. We’re dealing with an immune
system that has a little bit more twists and turns about it than a person with digestive
permeability. With digestive permeability also I would expect a much more allergic potential
to the diet than I would with Candida. Many Candida patients can, for example, tolerate
gluten. They can tolerate different types of foods that some food police say they can’t
tolerate. Trial and error will tell the Candida patient that. Whereas with leaky gut syndrome
and I know the person has got very bad leaky gut, I would be a lot tougher on their diet
than I would if I had a feeling they had Candida and a very mild case of leaky gut.
How do I know the difference? Easy, I look at the case history. Has the patient been
on antibiotics for a long period time? Does the patient have a huge amount of gut related
problems that may not necessarily be Candida? How can you distinguish between Candida and
leaky gut? Do a stool test. If you’re in doubt, do a permeability test where two sugars are
basically assessed where a person basically drinks some sugars, particularly sugars, and
then we can basically assess what comes out of the urine to see what’s being held back.
There are different tests you can do, but I don’t do the intestinal permeability test
anymore because I find that everybody has got leaky gut to a degree. It just varies.
Some people have got it worse than others. I think the stool test is a more valid test
for determining a wide range of digestive problems. Generally, you’ll be surprised how
many people think they’ve got Candida when, in fact, they haven’t got Candida at all.
They’ve just got bad bacteria and a low level of beneficial bacteria. These are often the
people who have got serious leaky gut problems. I can pick leaky gut in the stool test without
looking at the sugars, lactulose and mannitol, to see what aberrations as far as they’re
concerned. How I would treat leaky gut if it was just
purely on its own compared to Candida? I would be tougher on the patient, a lot tougher.
I would probably also be looking a lot more at the fermented and the cultured foods. I
really like the person to get into some kefir, tiny bits of kefir and yogurt, and I’d probably
have a stronger element of probiotics and digestive enzymes in the diet, as opposed
to the Candida patient. The Candida patient I would tend to work a lot more with antifungal/antibacterial
approach. The leaky gut, I wouldn’t do it so much unless a stool test warranted that.
I would tend to look more at digestive enzymes and probiotics.
When it comes to the lifestyle, Angelo, what I would certainly recommend for both camps,
leaky gut and Candida, is to assess the element of adrenal fatigue in the patient. If you’re
very tired and you’re worn out, you’re fatigued, you wake up tired, you’re fatigued in the
afternoon, you’ve got blood sugar problems, you want sweet stuff all the time, maybe some
memory loss, confusion, sleeping disturbances. So if you’ve got the typical adrenal fatigue
pattern, especially if it’s really bad, that definitely needs treatment and that will help
the leaky gut to a large degree by getting the stress hormone cortisol balanced. I find
people with good cortisol balance have got a much easier ability to get a handle on their
leaky gut as opposed to people who are adrenally fatigued and who are not diagnosed or that
element is not corrected and they’re purely treated for the leaky gut. I find that they
can stay like that for years. But if you correct that adrenal fatigue pattern and particularly
if they’ve got hypothyroidism and hypoadrenalism, if you correct that alongside their leaky
gut, i.e., correct the lifestyle along with the diet, you’re going to get a really good
result and a much quicker outcome. It’s going to save the person a lot of money and a lot
of misery. The lifestyle is a very, very important to get sort, which could underpin a lot of
adrenal issues with a lot of people and often does.
Many patients that I see that have been sick for years have got adrenal fatigue and it’s
generally never assessed, it’s never treated, and purely the gut is treated. So many doctors
I know out there who just basically are one trick ponies. They’ll look at one particular
thing. “Oh, it’s all Candida. It’s all mercury. We’ll get rid of all the mercury fillings
and you’ll be cured. It’s all gluten. Stop eating gluten and the hemorrhoids will go.
Stop eating gluten and you won’t hate your mother-in-law anymore.” All this sort of nonsense,
you know. Don’t fall for the one trick pony practitioner. It’s important that you understand
that people get dysfunction on multiple levels. Many people with leaky gut and Candida have
got an endocrine imbalance as well or a hormonal imbalance. For females, it can affect them
a bit differently than for males. If in doubt, these things need assessing by a health care
professional. I know I’m carrying on a lot here, Angelo,
but you can see there are a lot of issues at stake here when it comes to leaky gut syndrome
and Candida. Especially if the patient has been sick for many, many years. Generally,
unresolved long term leaky gut and Candida will mean an element of hormonal dysfunction
that remains unresolved. The unresolved hormonal dysfunction will generally mean unresolved
lifestyle stuff. Things that haven’t been fixed up. Again, it comes back to lifestyle.
In my book, I write a lot about this that 75 percent of recovery is lifestyle. Three
quarters. This is why a lot of people don’t take it seriously because you aren’t going
to make a lot of money giving people advice, as opposed to selling them pills or tests
or drugs or surgeries or stuff like that. When you spend time with patients and actually
work out where their problems are and to help them or assist them, give them some guidance,
so that they can correct these issues, then you’ve done a great service for that patient.
That was a long winded reply I hope to your question, Angelo. Dealing with leaky gut as
well as Candida as opposed to Candida. So you are going to find some cases of people
with yeast infection on its own with leaky gut, but more likely most people with chronic
Candida, especially intestinal Candida or vaginal yeast infection or serious jock itch,
will usually have leaky gut as well. Just remember, leaky gut, think more of along the
lines of healing the gut, reducing the inflammation, getting the bacteria right again. With Candida,
look a little bit more at an antifungal approach. Getting the bacteria right. With a leaky gut,
look more at getting the digestive enzymes working more efficiently, upper GI and pancreas,
to help break foods down, stop them from affecting the permeability of the gut too much.
Check out my product called Canxida Restore, which is an enzyme probiotic I specifically
developed for leaky gut and Candida. It works quite well. Whereas, the Canxida Remove is
the antifungal/antibacterial product that is going to help cleanse the gut. Get rid
of all that crap. Both of those products work quite well together.
Thanks for your question, Angelo, and I do miss the Paniyiri Greek Festival I used to
attend quite a lot in Brisbane. I really enjoyed the Greek culture, the music and the food,
and maybe one day I can go to the Greek Islands and really enjoy that. Thank you so much.
Bye, bye, there.


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    Bone broth is great for a leaky gut but cheaper to make yourself with grass-fed beef bones.

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    Candida, when spread around the body, lays spores like a worm lays eggs. Spores will lead to more and more candida and unfortunately, antifungals will get candida down but cannot reach all candida as it hides in tissues and antifungals will only reach certain areas. Try listening to Isochronic tones on Youtube as well as using antifungals as frequencies can be used to treat a lot of health issues, i used them for sore throat, flu, sinus issues and they worked so i have faith in these. Look for Isochronic tone for fungus and parasites too as these can go hand in hand. Avoid going back on a normal diet for at least 6 months after you do the candida spit test and it is clear, this is where people's hard work will be ruined. Sugar is the big culprit and antibiotics so swap sugar for Xylitol If you have candida bad you will always be prone to it coming back so I'm afraid a lifestyle change for the good is the only option. Make sure to test for low Vit D, iron and zinc as candida and parasites will reduce absorption but zinc will not show up in blood test so order zinc test online it's accurate as i have used and treated myself with this, i took L-Optizinc on Amazon. Vitamin D solution containing K2 is the best to raise Vit D and only taken at meal times for proper absorption.

    We need to take these daily to Magnesium, B12 and iodine. We are all deficient in iodine because of fluoride in water and bromides in plastic kill our iodine off which is important as it is a natural antibiotic and kills infections in the body eg candida. I take Lugols 5% iodine solution daily and has helped my gums in a big way. Magnesium comes for the soil from vegetables but here in the UK we are low so we are all deficient and so are other countries apart from Eygpt and they have the lowest cancer rates in the world why? because Magnesium is needed for new healthy cells and gets rid of bad ones. B12 is another we don't get enough from food and is vital to take oxygen around the body and can lead to anemia and dementia later on in life, you may take in high dosage as your body pees out any excess you don't need. Also, our bodies need to be Alkaline and candida cannot survive or cancer in an alkaline environment. Bicarbonate of soda and most vegetable raw make the body alkaline, meats and dairy make the body more acidic that's why raw vegetables and fruit are good for you to Alkaline the body. You can purchase Ph testing strips on Amazon to test how acidic or alkaline your body is. Bicarbonate of soda taking 1 tsp in a normal glass of water will oxygenate the candida that it hates and alkaline the body quicker than eating just raw vegetables which nobody really wants to do.

  • Reply Chris Fuller July 6, 2019 at 6:37 pm


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