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What is Pneumonia?

October 19, 2019

Hello, and welcome Nurse To Be Martin
that’s me. Today’s topic is pneumonia what is it and how can we treat it.
Stay tuned to find out. This is a part of my series about our lung and respiratory system So pneumonia what is it?
It is a lung disease more precise an
infection of the lungs so how do you get infected with pneumonia?
If we take it basic you will inhale microorganisms into your lungs this can be done in
several ways I will come into them later on for now
you know with microorganisms such as bacterial or viral get into your lungs
they will multiply and this will give you the infection besides contracting
bacteria and viruses in the air surrounding you there are other ways to
get pneumonia one of them is through food this is not the food you eat it is
the food that goes wrong in entering your lungs instead of your stomach this
is mostly seen in apoplexy patients but it can also be seen in connection with
other diseases but it is mostly diseases that effects your ability to swallow and
another type of patient we usually see with pneumonia is COPD patients that I
will get into in a later episode where I will get into the chronic obstructive
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your box today let’s return and talk about how to
diagnose pneumonia usually the patient will have some sort of cough they will
be having pain when their breathing not champagne but it will hurt so we
will run some blood works see if the infection numbers are higher than normal
then the doctor or sometimes the nurse will take the stethoscope listen to the
lung sounds you will hear some crepitations it will
sound a little funny when the patient beats in and out and the last thing to
do is take an x-ray to see how far is this extent and through that we can
diagnose pneumonia after having diagnosed pneumonia then we can start to treat the disease it is actually quite simple usually it will be treated with
antibiotics either in pill form or intravenously this was it for today I
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bye-bye and have a great time


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