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What is Pneumonia? Explained by Dr. Gordon Pedersen Ph.D.

November 4, 2019

– The question is pneumonia. Pneumonia can be caused
by a bacteria or a virus. What happens is that germ
gets down in your lungs triggering an immune response. Immune response triggers
a release of fluids to try to protect the
delicate lining of the lungs. This is called a biofilm. We cough it up as mucus. The more that the body
produces of this mucus, the thicker it gets,
the more difficult it is for us to breathe. We start having difficulty breathing. We start accumulating fluids. This is pneumonia. We’ve got to stop the bacteria cause, or we’ve got to stop the viral cause. Doctors will give a
prescription for an antibiotic, but that only works on the bacteria. Doesn’t do anything for the virus. And many antiviral drugs
won’t even destroy the virus that you have causing the problem. And it doesn’t do anything
against the bacteria. So I like to take a humidifier and fill it half full with water, the other half full with a special liquid that destroys bacteria,
viruses, and yeast. You see it’s all natural, and it doesn’t require a prescription. And you can pour it in
there and you can inhale it. You can even put it in your CPAP machine. And by inhaling this
mist you’re getting down into he biofilms where the germs live. Where the germs are thriving. Where drugs have a really
hard time of getting. That’s my favorite way of
dealing with this all night long. Infants, adults, elderly,
yourself, all can use this mist. During the day, I’m gonna
be drinking two tablespoons of this liquid twice a day. I’m also gonna use the gel on my lips, my nostrils, my hands. So I don’t share it with other people and so I don’t get it back
in a secondary infection. By doing so I’m gonna help
myself have the best chance of healing and I can use all
of these therapies together all at the same time. Silver gel in an aloe and
in an extra strength form are My Doctor Suggests best
form of something you can use on your skin. What that means is that
if you can take this and it’s safe enough to brush
your teeth with as well, it’s easily safe enough for your arms, recognizing we’re destroying
bacteria, viruses, yeast. We’re keeping all the warm
moist areas of your body so that they don’t grow bacteria, so that they don’t grow yeast. So that the odors don’t come in. So that they don’t cause
wounds to have a problem. With this in mind
recognize you can use this on feet that have a problem. You can use this anywhere you want but most people are going
to use it right here. Because we know 70% of all
germs and all illnesses are transferred by hand contact. Well that means to you is you have a portable protection system from our Silver Gel.

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