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What is Norovirus? Is it contagious? | Nurse Stefan

November 27, 2019

Norovirus, ever heard of it? Ever had it? Comment your story below especially if you’ve
had it on a cruise ship where norovirus spreads like Nutella on every
single thing in my pantry Just the other day like 500 people got terribly
ill on one of the world’s largest cruise ships the Oasis of The Seas Now, me personally? I’ve never been on a cruise but I am fascinated
with these cruise ships and if you don’t know about the Oasis of
The Seas, it’s a world on water it’s got swimming pools, you can go zip-lining,
it’s got a rock-climbing wall I mean you could go ice skating… at an ice
skating rink In case u wanna work on your double axel,
on rock hard ice floating on aqua blue water in the hot ass
Bahamas It’s got a Michael Kohr’s, a Coach, a
Tiffany’s the *bleep* thing has 24 restaurants and 37
bars I *bleep* you “knots” you catch that one? And with 6,000 people cruising all at once
something’s bound to spread like wildfire and when it comes to outbreaks of gastroenteritis,
the inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract or the GI tract, basically everything from
your “spitter” to your *bleep* Norovirus is the number one culprit worldwide,
and it accounts for about 400 thousand E.R. visits in the U.S. each year So what is norovirus? We’ll as I mentioned, it’s a form of gastroenteritis
which means your GI tract is inflamed and when that happens you puke a lot and you get
the “trots” and if you don’t know what “trots” are I’m talking the “runs,” the *bleep*,
the Hershey squirts, Montezuma’s Revenge, the thunder down under, a bottom-batch a net
can’t catch, and my personal favorite: chocolate rain Basically what we’re looking at is a fever,
body aches, lethargy, headaches, belly pain, nausea, vomiting, and watery diarrhea this lasts for about 2 to 3 days Now this is usually diagnosed clinically meaning
we don’t need to run a slew of tests in order to tell you’ve got norovirus Seeing your sickness and hearing your story
is usually sufficient for them to diagnose so don’t flip-out on your doctor if he’s
not ordering a full body MRI and a lumbar puncture we’re all pretty familiar with this one and if you dare ask to be prescribed an antibiotic for norovirus after watching this video and me telling you that antibiotics do not treat viruses and this, is norovirus actually, nothing will probably happen, except
maybe some patient education, maybe some eye rolls, or maybe a prescription for antibiotics that you’ll needlessly ingest now that being said, if that chocolate rain
is pouring down for over two to three days, and more like a week then we’ll probably start looking for other
causes so how do we get norovirus? the answer is simple: the fecal-oral route so, this can happen a lot of ways eating contaminated food, using the bathroom
and not washing your hands then preparing food for other people scratching your *bleep* and then biting your
nails, don’t act like it ain’t been done or… wiping with your hand and enjoying some finger-licking good barbeque whatever the case may be, something from down
south got into your mouth now a lot of people don’t know but say your
best friends puking her guts out and you’re holding her hair you can actually get infected by airborne
droplets you’re inhaling over her head So while I’m not saying let their locks
drop into the pot I’m saying if you’re gonna hold her hair,
beware. Norovirus is a tenacious little bugger and
alcohol-based and typical household cleaners aren’t going to put them out of their misery
you’re going to need something with bleach that’s how tough these bad bugs are and
that’s why they spread in confined places like cruise ships, schools, prisons, and you
guessed it, hospitals. So, if antibiotics aren’t going to help
because it’s a virus, then what will? The simple answer is letting it pass and managing
your symptoms people have been known to take ibuprofen for
body or head aches antiemetic which stop nausea and vomiting or meds to stop from pooping so much, but
all these have their own side effects so that’s up to you and your doctor to decide on I myself tend to stick it out and focus on
the most important thing we’re concerned about with norovirus dehydration think about it, your losing all this fluid
from your watery diarrhea and vomiting, and you’re not able to keep anything down
because of your nausea, on top of that you’re too tired to eat or drink but dehydration can be mild to very dangerous.. I might get dehydrated on a soccer field and
get a little leg cramp grandma or little baby can get dehydrated
and die so make sure you’re replenishing your fluids
and eating what you can tolerate some people stick with bland diets like the
BRAT diet because it’s easy on the stomach but you do what works for you boo-boo, you
just keep that body hydrated and those electrolytes in balance see I drink about a forty of lemon-line Gatorade
and eat a sleeve of saltines every hour but if I get norovirus, I’ll usually kick
it up a few boxes So, whether your sitting on the “groan throne”
or in your comfy chair at home, let’s talk about what we do to prevent all this madness We stop the spread of it!! I’m not saying don’t take the cruise,
they’re usually not nautical nightmares I do recommend you quit the *bleep* scratching
and fingernail-biting for several reasons but really what I’m saying is do your part
for yourself and others If you get norovirus you’re out of work
for a few days, ok, that’s just how it is If your kids got it, be cautious when you’re
sending them back to daycare You’ve got to opt out of being a chef for
a few nights and most importantly wash your damn hands thoroughly and I’m gonna show you just how to do that
in a video coming soon but in the meantime, I know you got a story
about norovirus, so share it with the people down below until next time, I’m clockin out!

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  • Reply Monique Sebo November 27, 2019 at 11:31 am

    I always love to watch your videos, you mix humor and education in such a perfect way that it’s entertaining and you learn something ….. if only nursing school was like that ??

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