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What is Mental Health & Mental illness(ENGLISH SUBTITLES)|Ep#1of Mental Health Series|Hitesh Tuteja

February 20, 2020

Hello! Today we will talk about the importance of mental health because its awareness is very low. We do not know about it and even the people around us also do not know. Things are ignored due to a lack of understanding. We understand physical health very well. It is easy to understand someone with physical injuries. It makes sense. But it is difficult to understand Why is a person behaving in a certain way? Why is he getting hurt so much? Why is he taking so much tension? Infant, I should say, why do we all do such a thing. Not able to understand that? In medical terms, there are a lot of mental illnesses. And according to the Report of World Health organization, every fourth person is affected by one or other kind of mental illness. If I talk in layman terms, do not feel like getting up early morning, do not feel sleepy at night, having tension, getting angry, being worried, scared, talking wrong, having bad habits, bad eating habits, having some kind of addiction All of these show some mental illness. First thing first I have to know myself first – “do I have this?” Second, do the people around me have this. And Third, what is it’s solution? Today we will talk about this. Some common mental diseases are Depression, anxiety, insomnia, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, eating disorder Some familiar symptoms are feeling sad, getting tensed, sleeplessness, having some kind of addiction (even constant checking out of social media). It simply means I need to healthy my mind. Today we will talk about this. What is depression? Series of negatives thoughts is depression. Like, let’s say “ I want to start something”. The first thought came to mind is that perhaps I cannot do this. Supporting the same thought, another negative thought came – Yes! even last time it did not happen.The third thought came Maybe, I do not have that quality in me. Fourth thought came, I am probably of no use. The fifth thought came. I am alone in this world. Nobody loves me. This whole series of negative thoughts is Depression. Firstly ! what do we have to do? Whatever many thoughts come to mind throughout the day, it has to be reduced. Second is to start feeding positive thoughts inside. For that, I will tell you three ways.The first thing we will start it from today only. let’s start let’s take it one day at a
time Today , We will do only one thing I have to refine my information. Whatever I’m watching, listening or reading. I have to clean it. Whenever I ask the little ones if you watch horror movies in the evening today, how will the dream be? The answer is simple. Full of horrors. Fearful. Same is the case with us. we are flooded with information. We are taking so many information inside all day. We do not even know what to do with it. As we see, as we study, like the movies we watched, like the videos we are watching. We start becoming in the same way. We start expressing our thoughts in the same way. So what i have to do. I have to refine my social media. I have to refine my information. So today monitor any such channels, videos , Netflix which includes killing, awful words all such information that affects our thinking. So Today Leave anyone such channel, an account of Instagram, or anything. If something is wrong with that information. I will explain how to do this activity? I have to talk to my mind. I have to learn the art of talking to mind and how can I refine it. It is very simple. Let’s say If I am watching something wrong on youtube then I just have to speak with my mind. No If I will see this then it will go wrong inside. And wrong thoughts will start running inside. So let’s not see it. Leave it no. Let’s do a better job than this. Let’s go for a walk. But slowly you will realize that the mind is obeying you. It probably did not count on day one or even on the second day. But slowly you will realize that the mind is obeying you. So in that depression, which was a series of negative thoughts we started putting mild positive thought There may be nothing on the first day. So, I have to be hopeful. I should not be hopeless. because such things take time. After creating a positive thought. Slowly, In a few days, the cycle of negatives thoughts will start to break slightly. As soon as the cycle breaks, positive thinking will start. The more I think positive, the more I will realize that The power inside me is increasing. The power to control and guide the mind will increase. I have to break that cycle slowly. At last series of positive thoughts will start running. Eventually! This series of positive thoughts is known as
meditation . Positive self – talk and this series of positive thoughts is meditation. To help with this I have created a beautiful 30 days transformation series in earlier videos. You have to practice only one habit each day After following it. Gradually, you will feel that YES ! you can guide your mind. There is so much power inside you that you can guide the mind It is very interesting, simple, and easy to practice. Practice it for 30 days. It will help in replacing negative information with positive ones. 30 Days of transformation videos will help you with this. Links are mention below The third thing. 3. Eating Habits A lot of what I am eating affects my thoughts. If I am eating something related to the killing of the animal. So what do you think will be the thoughts of the animal while dying? Will there be love? That would be fear. There will be fear. One would be angry. Where will all those thoughts go? When we eat, they will go inside us. As it concludes very famous saying “ We are what we eat”. Let’s go with it and experiment this. And stop eating the in-toxic food for 30 days. Eat home made food if possible, cook it yourself. Avoid eating outside as vibrations play a very important role in creating thoughts inside the mind. Try living in nature as much as possible. Walk-in park. Surround yourself with greenery and flowers . because our body is not meant to be inside. It meant to be outside. (Now it’s time to flaunt my video’s background – Mount Abu.) ( Still Flaunting terrace of house and background.) Today we have to focus on only four things. Start living one day at a time. 1. Refine Information. 2. Create Positive thoughts. To practice, this links are mention below 3. Correct Eating Habits. 4. Spend more and more time in nature. We will discuss all these in details in upcoming videos. Thank you.


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