What is CBD? [2020 Guide] (20% OFF with code SAVE20)

December 7, 2019

Welcome to Daintri’s Education Center. In
this video we will cover what CBD is how it works and what the benefits are what
is CBD. CBD stands for cannabidiol which is the second most abundant chemical
compound found in the cannabis plant. It is non psychoactive meaning it doesn’t
give you a high when it is consumed. Research shows that CBD has a multitude
of tremendous health benefits and medical uses. For this reason it is sold
legally in many countries as a natural supplement infused in products such as
oils, tinctures, topicals, vapes, edibles, and more. It can be consumed by eating,
inhaling, taking sublingually, or applied topically. Let’s see how CBD works. Our
bodies have an endocannabinoid system which consists of multiple cannabinoid
receptors. This system plays a crucial role in regulating our mood, energy,
metabolism, and overall health. CBD interacts with these receptors and
activates them to create a stronger two-way communication that boosts our
immunity reduces inflammation and inhibits the progression of numerous
diseases. Lastly, what are the main health benefits of CBD? Research and consumer
feedback indicate that CBD is effective for pain management, inflammation, anxiety, depression, stress, skin conditions, insomnia, appetite, arthritis, seizures,
parkinson’s, alzheimer’s, cancer, and more. Finding the right CBD product for you is
important. Here at Daintri we curate and provide the highest quality of CBD
products on the market all in one convenient place. Thank you for watching
our video. Use code YouTube 10 and check out for a 10% discount be sure to like
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