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What Happens When a Virus Hijacks Your Heart?

February 20, 2020

Myocarditis is a rare condition of the heart that can stem from some common viruses and bacterial infections we’re all familiar with. It often affects young people, has very few
symptoms, and goes largely undiagnosed…until the autopsy stage. If this already has your heart racing, you’ll
want to stay put. Myocarditis, is kind of a hard word to pronounce. It stands for myo, which means muscle, card
means the heart, and itis means inflammation. My name is DeLisa Fairweather. I’m a PhD researcher from Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville,
Florida. I’ve studied myocarditis for about 25 years. It’s not like a heart attack where you get
pain symptoms or something that alerts you that you have a problem. With myocarditis, you often don’t get any
symptoms at all related to your heart. Unlike atherosclerosis, which is commonly
linked to heart attacks, and involves your vessels and arteries, myocarditis is an inflammation
of the heart muscle itself. It’s often caused by viral infections. And in the United States, the most common type
is called Coxsackie virus. Or, by its more common name, hand, foot, and mouth disease. You may have even experienced this as a child. It usually goes through the daycares, it causes
little sores in the mouth, on the fingers, and feet. That’s the first time you catch the virus. You actually then catch it every year of your
life, so it’s a very common virus. You don’t get the sores after the first time. Myocarditis can also be caused by other types
of viruses such as influenza, hepatitis B and C, and HIV. Coxsackie is something that your body’s
immune system usually takes care of. But what happens when it gets to your heart? So one of the mysteries that there’s been about
myocarditis, is why do viruses that normally infect the gut, like enteroviruses, or the
flu, which normally infects the lung, why would they go to the heart? And we found out in recent years, the reason they
do that, is because they want to hijack an organelle that’s called mitochondria. Mitochondria are the energy-producing organelles—you might even say, the powerhouses—in our cells. They make what’s called ATP or the energy
that fuels our bodies. Alongside the brain, the heart and kidneys
together represent the body’s highest demand for energy. If a cell is a car, you have to have an engine that makes the car run and produces the energy
to make the car run. The heart has a lot of them, so rather than
just having one engine like our car, a typical heart cell will have 10,000 engines or mitochondria,
because it needs so much energy to pump. Typically, viruses travel through
the bloodstream and infect the mitochondria, essentially hijacking the powerhouse’s normal
role to instead replicate the virus. But then, our body’s immune system targets that activity and tries to stop this from happening. You can think of the virus really as an enemy. And the immune system is like the fort and it’s
trying to protect the heart from disease or the intruder. Mast cells or M-A-S-T, those are our allergy
cells. They’re the watchmen on the wall that are
trying to prevent the virus from getting in. Those are the cells that we usually think
of as protecting us or causing allergies, but they also do many other things and they’re
very important at starting an immune response. When they detect it, then they set out an
alarm; they send for the large army and the large army are called macrophages. Those are a type of immune cell that is really
good at destroying the virus and helping to get rid of the virus. And in most cases, this is a good thing. The macrophages will come in and get rid of
the infection, and we never know the difference. But certain activities can put you at a greater
risk for sudden death due to this inflammation in the heart. You may have heard of reports where someone
was swimming, or they were running a race or a marathon, or playing soccer on the field
and suddenly they collapsed, or maybe even they dropped dead. Often at autopsy, that turns out to have been
myocarditis and just was not realized. That’s because exercise or strenuous action
can actually exacerbate this condition. We need the mitochondria to give us more fuel
when we exercise. Those mitochondria will actually split. When we exercise, we need more energy, and it’s like the engine
splits into two engines to provide us even more energy. But when that happens, it allows the virus
to accelerate its replication, in turn causing even more inflammation and increasing your
risk of acute heart failure. So if there are no symptoms and it’s so tricky to diagnose, how do we know when to seek medical attention? The one thing that we have heard from patients
where they really have survived, is that they had a gut feeling that something was
wrong. So one thing we always tell people is to really
trust your gut, and if you feel like something is wrong, just keep going to the doctor and
make sure that you get it looked into. So, if you’ve recently had flu-like symptoms
or just haven’t been feeling well… maybe lay off the power squats. And as for the future of diagnosis and treatment… The good news is that we are developing new
imaging methods to detect myocarditis. It’s going to make it easier for doctors to be able to work out that you have myocarditis And we’re also working on new methods to be able
to prevent myocarditis, to reduce the inflammation, and reduce whether you’re going to progress
from myocarditis to dilated cardiomyopathy. The healthcare profession in general is getting
really good at saving people’s lives when they’re having sudden heart failure. So if you get into a hospital and you are having
problems, then it is really very high chance that your life is going to be saved.


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