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What Happens During the First Visit with a PSYCHIATRIST

December 29, 2019

Kati: Hey everybody, thanks for checking back. Today I’m sitting down with my friend Barry Lieberman who is a psychiatrist, and we are answering your questions about psychiatry, medication and more. So stay tuned. (Intro Music) If someone makes an appointment to see a psychiatrist, what do they expect? How long do you see them? Is there a ton of paperwork to fill out? All of that jazz. What kind of questions are you going to ask? Dr. Lieberman: Well the difference is what they expect is and what they actually get is often different. Kati: (Laughter) Dr. Lieberman: People often expect some little man in a white coat whose just going to stare at them like a fish. Kati: I don’t think I’ve seen a psychiatrist wearing a white coat in all of my years. Maybe in the hospital. Dr. Lieberman: I kept one here for years just for the fun. To take one out to intimidate somebody who was already here. Kati: I can see you doing that, yeah. (Laughter) Dr. Lieberman: On their second appointment, I need to wear this now. Kati: (Laughter) Now we’re getting serious. Dr. Lieberman: But in fact most people go to the psychiatrist, yes they will often fill out a form and their medical history. I don’t do that, because I’d rather ask the questions myself. And I can do a more focused personal interview. I’d usually want to know about the person, the history of their problem, and you want to know about their medical conditions and stuff like that. Kati: Mmhmm. Dr. Lieberman: But typically a first session should and always should be at least nearly an hour to really get to know what’s really going on with that person. Kati: Yeah, and I agree. I think that, umm, I’m sure you feel this way that sometimes, especially first appointment goes by like (snaps fingers) boom. Dr. Lieberman: Yes, yes. Kati: And I can barely get a full history. If we’re talking about work or school issues or family history or medical history. An hour isn’t really very long. Dr. Lieberman: No it isn’t. And in fact it really isn’t any different for a psychiatrist and a psychotherapist. We’re looking for the same things. Kati: Mmhmm Dr. Lieberman: The additional thing is the psychiatrist may be a little bit more interested in the presence of medical illnesses and have a better, perhaps a better understanding of the medications a person’s taking for those illnesses. And the interaction between them and what you might choose to use medically. Kati: Yeah. Dr. Lieberman: For me, only about half of my patients are on medications. Kati: Okay, and I think that’s important to note, because a lot of my viewers fear that they’re going to go in and just like be prescribed a bunch of things. Dr. Lieberman: Oh, that’s right. Kati: Take this, and presto fixo. Dr. Lieberman: An intelligent and thoughtful decision is not to automatically use medication. Kati: Yeah Dr. Lieberman: I saw somebody yesterday, a new guy, his daughter made him come in to see me. And she thought he needed meds, and I took a history from him at some length. And he doesn’t need meds. Kati: Yeah. A lot of it can be behavioral or behavioral changes that they make. Or just sometimes talking it out can make us feel a lot better. Like I just told a client yesterday, get outside. Have you been stuck inside? Because you’ve been feeling down. I want you to spend 30 minutes in the sun, and then I want you to shower. And that can make us feel a lot better than okay let’s send you to a psychiatrist, take a medication. Dr. Lieberman: There was a study actually done comparing mild to moderate depression, with the treatment with antidepressants and exercise and better sleep, and they’re equally good. The problem is that you often can’t get people to do the exercise. Kati: Yeah, ’cause they don’t feel motivated. Dr. Lieberman: Stuff like that. So sometimes you can kick start them with a medication, and then take them off the medication as they start to do things better. Kati: Yeah Dr. Lieberman: And they’ll often say I don’t know if I’m feeling better because of the medication or because I’m doing these other things. Kati: Mmhmm Dr. Lieberman: (indeterminate) Kati: We don’t know necessarily. Dr. Lieberman: I don’t know, and I don’t care. Kati: (laughter) Yeah Dr. Lieberman: I just care that you do those better things. Kati: Exactly, and I just told them I have a video, and if I find it I’ll link it here. But I had a video where I talked about how it was important to know that medication isn’t seen as a crutch. Sometimes it’s that like kick in the pants you need to get going, because right now you feel like shit so much that you can’t even get out of the house. Dr. Lieberman: Yeah Kati: And sometimes we need that little extra to get us going. Dr. Lieberman: And conversely, there are people with deeper more long lasting psychological issues. Especially if their history goes back to childhood or teenage years, and it’s persistent. And so you might indeed have to warn somebody, if this works for you we might do it for at least a year or more. Kati: Yeah Dr. Lieberman: And maybe indeed, and if it works for you, then we’ll make a second decision. Kati: Mmhmm Dr. Lieberman: I mean, there’s always a three part thing that I’ll do about the medications. One, if we’re going to use a medication, can you tolerate the side effects? Two, does it work for you? And I love the third question, how long do we do it? Kati: Yeah, exactly. Dr. Lieberman: Because that’s based on already existing success. Kati: Yeah. And what we’re talking behaviorally is usually a mild to moderate type of issue, and something that isn’t so entrenched in your life. Dr. Lieberman: That’s right. Kati: So for those of you who are curious if you’re gonna make an appointment, they’re going to hopefully spend about an hour. Is that customary for most psychiatrists? Even, we talk about med management and not spending as much time. I think they still usually spend at least an hour. Dr. Lieberman: I think they’re going… yeah I’m sorry for hesitating but … Kati: No, it’s okay. Dr. Lieberman: I think most people, at least in that initial session, will spend more time. They have to take a history. It’s just the issue of the subsequent stuff with them whether or not they’re participating in the psychotherapy. Kati: Mmhmm Dr. Lieberman: If that peson is already seeing somebody like you for active psychotherapy, then I, and certainly other psychiatrists, are likely to spend a shorter period of time or do it less frequently. Kati: Yeah Dr. Lieberman: So there’s a lot of people I see once a month. I’ll still see them for 45 plus minute session, but if they’re in therapy I don’t want to interfere with the therapy that the other person’s doing. Kati: Yeah, we want to work together in the best way, and not make you keep repeating everything. Dr. Lieberman: But if I’m the only one person’s seeing, it’s almost always going to be at least once a week. Kati: Yeah Dr. Lieberman: Psychotherapy and medication Kati: Okay, good. Okay, so it’s probably about an hour for your first appointment. After that something I would ask your psychiatrist, because it changes and it differs, some of them might see you for 15 – 20 minutes. Others may see you for a longer period of time, so it’s good to kind of know so you have expectations of how much time you need to allot. Also filling out paperwork is pretty customary, and it’s probably best they go through insurance. I know that’s like a total another horrible thing to talk about. Dr. Lieberman: Well, well, it’s a giant pain in the ass, in that more and more people are refusing to take insurance. I do take insurance, because for me it’s a philosophical attitude. Kati: Mmhmm Dr. Lieberman: I had a conversation with a psychiatrist whose coming here from the East. A highly trained guy who says that all the therapists that he … and the medical therapist that he’s seen out there are stopping taking insurance, because it’s a giant pain in the butt for much less payment. Kati: Mmhmm Dr. Lieberman: But to me it’s intolerable to think that I would only see people who could afford to pay. Kati: Yeah, and it’s part of which makes you such a good psychiatrist and what I hope other people out there, who are actual treating physicians or therapists is that you get into it to actually help people. And I think along with that comes working with them and trying to figure it out. And I have a video that I will also link about getting help when funds are low, because there are a lot of things you can ask. Like do you work on a sliding scale? Can I get a super bill, so I can bill my insurance. There are a lot of things, tips and tricks, that we may know that I’ve made a video about so that you can get the help you need even if you can’t really afford it. Dr. Lieberman: Yeah, yeah. Kati: Thank you so much for answering that question. I know that that has been weighing on a lot of you for a long time. So click here to subscribe, and I am sitting down with Barry for more questions and answers, so make sure you don’t miss it. See you next time. Subtitles by the community


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