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What Does It Feel Like To Be Struck By Lightning? | NBC Left Field

February 16, 2020

I get questions all the time from people
asking me it feels like sticking your hand in a beehive and
being stung a thousand times. I really thought it was almost like having a
heart attack. What went through my body is probably
enough to light up the whole state of New York. It’s like being hit by a Mack
truck. It was horrible. It felt like a ball bat. The impact was extremely hard. When we think about getting struck by
lightning it seems almost impossible. And yet every year it happens to hundreds of people So if you are a survivor
what happens after and who do you turn to for support? I guess I was selfish. I
didn’t know other people were out there that had been injured like I had. Not to put me on a pedestal but I just didn’t know anybody that had been struck by
lightning and the doctors sure didn’t know what to do. There was nothing in the
medical journals back then. In the time since Steve was struck in 1969, Dr. Mary
Ann Cooper has published over a dozen research papers on lightening injuries. There’s almost nothing that can say yes or no, this person was struck by
lightning or was not struck by lightning that’s one of the reasons it’s so
difficult for lightning victims to get care. The doctor told me I really don’t
know what to do. I don’t look hurt but I live with pain everyday of my life. If someone calls you with a gun in their mouth and I’ve had it to happen several
times and I break out in a sweat and I start praying, “God give me the words that
I need to say.” Steve has talked people out of suicide and to me that’s what this group is all
about. We’ve helped twenty-four out of suicide to date.
One of them would have been worth my having been struck. Steve and his wife
Joyce started a support group for lightning-strike survivors almost 30-years ago. I’ll come back get a cookie in a minute The community has grown from three
members in 1989 to over a thousand members today. This group it’s probably
like no other. We understand each other. This is actually our tenth anniversary of having the Lightning Strike and Electric Shock Survivor Conference here in Lynchburg. It’s been two years now since the
lightning strike. Things are still getting worse but this here is the only
place that I feel understood. It’s the only place a place I feel safe and normal. So just how likely is it that they were the ones struck? In the United States we have
about 20 to 25 million cloud-to-ground flashes every year. Ron Holly is a meteorologist who specializes in severe storm research. In the United States, the number of people killed by lightning is 20 to 30 per year.
About 10 times as many people are injured. I was at a game duty at school. Working at the airport Laying in bed one night I had gone into the ticket booth
it came in through the building came in through my left arm. The plane gets struck and directly it goes through me Next thing I knew, right through the
window and bam. I actually saw it come out of my fingertips and go into a light
socket. Today I’ve had 45 surgeries
lightning related, but we could have been snapped out instantly. There was that second chance. We’ve been given good opportunities now to help other people. It’s been a lifesaver to me, it’s been it’s been what has stopped me from being
so depressed. No one wants to feel like an outcast so this group helped me feel
like whole again. So after being struck, some folks experience things that go way beyond the physical realm. Things that they could never do before. Click here for the supernatural side of the story. And meanwhile, click here for some much needed tips on how to avoid lighting strikes in the future. And as always, don’t forget to subscribe.


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    It's over humans!
    Lightning has the high ground

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    Maybe they are the Flash and they dont know it:/

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    blatant copy of Vox. Just stop.

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    its amazing how much stress the human body can go through

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    F A K E N E W S

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  • Reply Carleen H January 10, 2018 at 1:25 am

    PLEASE…those of you who have been struck by lightening and feel yucky because of it.
    You need to be re-set.
    Take shoes and socks off and stand in your garden.
    In the Earth..moist earth.
    It will re-set your body.
    After 10 minutes you should begin to feel better.
    The longer and more often you ground yourself to the Earth..the better you will feel.
    Search "The Grounded" here on YouTube…your life depends upon you watching this.

  • Reply CRISTINA Kedibone December 3, 2019 at 9:54 pm

    I've being struck but i didnt feel pain and i have a mark in my shoulder like a lightning

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