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What Does a Pap Smear Test for?

November 16, 2019

What does a pap smear test for? So a pap smear is typically testing to see if you have any yeast or bacterial vaginosis or a UTI And then they’re also looking for those cells any abnormal cells that may detect HPV but they are not looking for sexually transmitted diseases in a pap smear So definitely take that into consideration When you go and get your annual done if you want an STD check you have to ask for it in addition to your pap smear Is a pap smear the only way to test for HPV? For women right now HPV the best way to get tested is to do a pap smear They’re looking for those cancerous cells They will process it and let you know if you are clear of HPV or if you have HPV what strain you’re dealing with because each strain looks a little bit different for HPV and they can help guide you through that process knowing what strain it is so yes pap smear is the best way and the only way currently for women to get tested for HPV Do men need to get a pap smear? Well because men have penises I don’t really know where they would you know go in and do the check there so I don’t think they do I don’t think so Will a good pap smear test score get me into college? well I don’t know where you would put that on your application or how you’d really work that into your resume I mean I guess you can say you know you’re an over achiever

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