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What Do I Do If Im Pregnant And Contract A Yeast Infection?

August 15, 2019

Good day, Eric Bakker, naturopath, author
of Candida Crusher, with another frequently asked question. What do I do if I’m pregnant and I contract
a yeast infection? It’s not uncommon to have a thrush or yeast
infection when you are pregnant. It’s something that I do routinely see in women who are pregnant,
looking at conception, or are breastfeeding. So, when you are pregnant and you have a yeast
infection, a clever thing for you to do is to start making some dietary changes. I would
not recommend that you take any medical anti-fungals and be careful to take any natural anti-fungals.
Some of these products can be quite strong and predispose you to increasing your risk
of having issues, particularly in the first trimester. If you are pregnant, be very careful
in the first trimester. As the pregnancy progresses, still be careful, of course, but there are
many different options that you have got. You can, for example, do some gentle douching
or some cleansing there with some Calendula or some tea tree oil. I would advise caution
there with any type of these protocols until you talk obviously with your health care practitioner.
Obviously, no alcohol, no sugary foods, eating more garlic, having coconut oil, there are
many different things you can do to help get on top of your yeast infection if you’re pregnant. You can read a lot more about these in my
book, Candida Crusher, particularly Chapter 5 would give you a lot of good information
on how to get on top of your chronic vaginal yeast infection. Chapter 4 is really devoted
to what I call the quick start guide which will give you a lot of quick ideas. Don’t freak out too much. There are a lot
of things you can do to relieve the itching or the discomfort. So there is plenty you
can do there. Don’t get too concerned about it. Hope that answers your question. Thank you.


  • Reply K D August 11, 2017 at 10:18 pm

    Can candida be spread via breast feeding and child birth? I have tried several at home remedies and my OB/Gyn just prescribed a second dose of Fluconazole which only makes it worse. Any advice Eric? Thanks.

  • Reply Candida Crusher December 20, 2017 at 10:05 pm

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