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What Cold + Flu Medicine Should I Take? | A Doctor Answers

November 4, 2019

So if you get a virus, you’re all like stuffy, and junky and like oh my gosh, you know? You go to the store because you need medication to help you. That’s what we’re gonna talk about now. So I first want to talk about what to do when you get to the store because it’s overwhelming, right, you walk in. It is crazy, and even if you’re looking at one type of medication, right, they’ll have nine different colored boxes, all the same basic drug. Kind of. But in nine different boxes (screams), like seriously. So what do you do? And some people actually stand in the aisle and they do that, and this is my first piece of advice, is when you’re going, think about the symptom, the thing that’s bothering you the most. The most. And pick a drug or medication that’s gonna deal with that symptom. This is multi-symptom. Don’t get something that’s just gonna knock out everything, because the idea is if you take medications you don’t need, you might end up with side effects you don’t want. Gotcha. So that’s the first thing is don’t do the multi-symptom unless you got all the symptoms. That’s the first thing. Don’t over medicate even if it’s over the counter. Thank you, Doctor. I’m here for you, baby. (laughs) I love it, I love it. This is great. Okay, so let’s start by talking about congestion. Look for a decongestant. Let me show you how they work, okay? The reason why we’re congested is, let’s pretend this is our nose, okay, it doesn’t look like a nose, but this is our nose. That’s a pretty big nose, Doc. And this is a blood vessel that’s in our nose, and when we get sick, okay, can you do me a favor and hold the bottom of this? Sure. Okay, so when we get sick our blood vessels get swollen like this, see how swollen they get? That’s why you talk like this. Right, and the air can’t go through, but when we take a decongestant, it lowers this blood vessel, it reduces the swelling, and all of a sudden air can pass through, so that’s how- And then you start running like a river. Yes, that’s how decongestants work, right? (audience clapping) Good job decongestant. I love it. You just gotta be careful, if you’ve got high blood pressure or stuff like that, check with your doctor first, because you may not be able to take these, so check with your doctor. Oh, I didn’t know that if affects your blood pressure. Yeah, it can, yes. So decongestants in particular, guys, you want to be like, “Doc, can I take this?” Can I take this especially if you’re on blood pressure meds, right? Yes, yes. I could have gone to doctor school. (audience clapping) I love it, I love it. Okay, so the next symptom we’ve got, okay. So what if we have a cough? Cough, okay, so two types of cough. This is where I need you guys to put your thinking caps on and be like, okay, what kind of cough do I have? You know that kind of cough that’s you’ve got all that stuff rattling in your chest, and then you’re coughing it up, and you’re spitting stuff. A wet cough, right? That’s a more polite way to say it, but yes, a wet cough. Well doctors we want you to get that stuff out, and if that’s you, we want you to take what’s called an Expectorant, something’s that gonna get all that stuff up. This is what you want to take, something with Guaifenesin. It’s an Expectorant. It will help you cough all that stuff out, and get rid of it. It helps thin mucous. That is super. You can expect a whole bunch of green stuff to come out of you. Yes. (Rachel laughs) And I would say if you gotta dry cough, because sometimes maybe it’s not a wet cough, but you’re just hacking all through the night, or through meetings or at work, and you just cough and cough and cough. And it makes your through hurt when you cough. You get a sore throat. And when you hear a little kid, poor little thing, sounds like a seal. The barking cough, doesn’t it break your heart, right? Horrible. It’s hard to hear, right, so if that’s you, you want a medicine called an Antitussive. This is a medication that usually has something called Dextromethorphan in it. This is an ingredient that works in the brain to help suppress cough, but those are just a couple of things you can think about. Huh, it works in your brain. Yes, very smart. To trick you into suppressing. Not coughing. Yeah, it suppresses your cough that way. (audience clapping) That’s so cool. Who knew? It messes with your head so you think you don’t have to cough. And it stops you from coughing. Our entire audience can step up if they would like to get in on the flu shot fun. I’m gonna go over here and get a shot. they apparently want me to prove it you that I’m gonna get the shot. Thank you so much to Doctor Jen, and to our mobile health team for keeping us all healthy. (audience clapping) All right, load me up, Momma. Okay, you’ve had the flu shot before in the past, right? Of course I have. (audience cheering)


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    Elderberry 😉

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    Get some Delsym both the day and night variety! It works wonders when you have a 12 hour day!

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