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What China’s Pollution Says About Coronavirus and the Economy | WSJ

March 11, 2020

– [Narrator] This is China
covered in pollution last year. But this year the skies are clear, that’s because the coronavirus epidemic had brought much of the
country to a standstill for several weeks causing
a huge drop in pollutants like nitrogen dioxide, a harmful gas that’s emitted
when burning fossil fuel. Compared to previous years
it’s below typical levels. – If you close down factories
or reducing the amount of cars on the road you’re going to reduce the pollution levels. And from that we can deduce
that the economic activity has been decreased. – [Narrator] In early
February Chinese president, Xi Jinping publicly
declared a people’s war against the virus, that extreme measures like
shutdowns have prevented people from returning to work where necessary. But he also cautioned that those efforts should not jeopardize
economic development. Now a dramatic change in pollution
over the country suggests that striking that balance
could be difficult. In the past few decades China has grown to become the world’s
largest coal consumer. Its large manufacturing-based
economy burns 95% of the country’s coal, making it the world’s biggest
emitter of greenhouse gasses. Usually during the Lunar New
Year most industries wind down for a week and power plants
burn a lot less coal. Coal consumption usually rebounds
after the week-long break which means pollution levels pick up too. – Because the levels of nitrogen dioxide in China are so high we can
easily detect that from space. – [Narrator] This is what Wuhan, the epicenter of the
coronavirus usually looks like after the holiday. The city is a key producer of automobiles, electronics and heavy machinery. But this year the demand for coal hasn’t immediately
rebounded since many workers have been stranded at home
in locked down cities, and nitrogen dioxide levels have dipped. It’s not just Wuhan, it’s the same when you look at other industrial powerhouses in China. This is what Shandong and
Hebei usually look like after the holiday. They’re know for churning out everything from textiles and metals
to petrochemicals. But this year they also weren’t spared from the impact of the epidemic. While skies were clear
in many parts of China, some cities like Beijing
are still shrouded in smog. The city has recorded high
levels of air pollutants. These fine particles are created during the chemical
reaction of gasses generated from burning fuel. Heating systems in Beijing’s geography can affect this reading. But there’s one huge source of pollution that can’t be missed, major steel makers around the
capital don’t stop production during the holiday because
going offline is costlier than running all year round. So during the city shutdown
some factories continue to produce steel. Li Hongmei is an analyst who tracks the Chinese metal industry. – Because of the outbreak
all the normal pattern has been broken so the
construction sites are still in the process of resuming work, that’s why their steel
consumption slow down and delayed. – [Narrator] Steel inventories
are now at record high levels because buyers in the
construction industry are demanding less right now. Home sales were already
cooling before the virus, now they’re below last year levels. – Whenever you’re not so sure
about your national economy you’re not so sure
about your job security, about your income. People definitely will
be reducing expenditure in a investment. – [Narrator] In recent days
Xi has been touting efforts to meet economic targets
while containing the virus, like heavy stimulus to
support banks and tax cuts for small businesses. But analysts say it’s not
clear whether these measures can help make up for lost ground. Some factories are slowly
resuming production. – So pollution levels that
we’re observing from space are beginning to increase
which may indicate that economic activity could be resuming. – [Narrator] Beijing recently
put out the first full month of economic data after
the virus hit China. The index tracks business
sentiment among manufacturing and service sectors and it falls below the lowest level recorded during the global financial crisis. An increase in the number
of infections overseas could also put China’s
economy at greater risk, complicating efforts to
meet Xi’s economic goals for this year. For now, one of the
most visible indicators to see how it all plays out might be just to look up at the skies. (relaxing music)


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    Well we can't trust China and why would we?

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    Apparently, coronavirus is dangerous enough to cancel all things fun but not dangerous enough to cancel work

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    This is not mama mia

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    So The virus has done more in couple months than Greta did

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    China should stop deveroping its ecoromy

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    Thank you China for giving us, the pollution and deadly virus. Oh by the way, just loving your state media talking about how wonderful Xi is. We heard that Mr. Xi saved the world with the coronavirus control? There are reasons why Chinese are hated so much.

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    Thank you coronavirus fo not retting China deverop its ecoromy

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    Damn, Wall Street Journal up their game against CNBC. nice.

    now that the flu has spread across the globe, i guess we could see clearer skies elsewhere too.

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    Is WSJ gonna do a similar video for Europe?

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    if you guys stop buying chinese goods it will also be like this , so why not?

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    You can't spell Global Supply Chain without the word "C-H-I-N-A".

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    When tracking air quality from space is a more reliable indicator than information released by China… 🤷‍♀️

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    I hope they stop interefering and invading south East Asia too… Our country is getting hotter and polluted too

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    Should china stop buying oil from USA and stop provide low cost factory labour to support USA companies to lower the pollution?

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    I- I'm not sure what I should feel and do with this information

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    Its because of the Communist Party that Corona came out in the first place. Their stupid policies led to Corona virus. Study the history. China is the worst polluter on the planet. Here that Climate Change people? China is the world's worst polluter. No more excuses, pollution, diseases, no more exceptions for China. GET DOWN ON CHINA! Stop blaming the U.S. It's not us, its CHINA. They don't have pollution controls like we do in the United States.

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    I am a Chinese who embraces democratic values , I post the objective reality I see in China on this channel.

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    nice content it was really entertaining

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    amazing content bro

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    Hi WSJ, great video. I have a question about the Manufacturing PMI you showed at 4:08. It reads 35.7. But the data from Trading Economics currently for February is 40.3. Could you tell me where this discrepancy comes from? Or are you actually showing Business Confidence instead of Manufacturing PMI? Because there the data actually matches your graph. Thanks.

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    what you expect to happen to making the video?

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    So there are some positive about corona virus

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    Nitrogen dioxide presence from their crematories to hide the truth

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    Yes Corona Virus save the world

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    Covid-19 could kill some men, but could actually save humanity.

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    So economics drives carbon pollution.

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    That’s why electric car are needed in China , buy Tesla, Nio stock now !

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    "Don't trust China! China is A$$Hoe!"

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    Better Call Saul 5×3 The ant army on Ice Cream

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    China's pollution spiking is telling the world that I'll be back

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    Why are there so much pollution in China? Because it is the world's factory. Pollution is left in China, but the products are used by the world. No matter where you are, as long as that region has a lot of factories, there is pollution. If these factories move out of China, there will be more pollution generated because I do not see other countries have China's efficiency of producing goods.

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    Karma is punishing the ruthless

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    Gee can't close the hole above them. Dare you to test all water near it. The chemicals you'll find would be enough to do the job without even holding the CCP and those who allowed it in to trade to be accountable. Either way. Yea

    Don't let them play victim WSJ. Oh no Confucius – can't change the stripes on that tiger. Maybe some fish can recover too.

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    WSJ,FOX same show different day

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    China is world virus.

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    Not economic activities ,but human slavery pacified by TRAITORS who evil as normality

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    Earth is beating back!

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    Corona virus evolved in bats. Corona virus evolved in bat caves.
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    Good luck with the humidity.
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    Entering your home to access your refrigerator, toilet etc will be mitigated by going back outside. UV exposure will kill anything you picked up. Establish a small campsite. Buy a grill, and grill outdoors. Do not waste time in your bat cave.
    I recommend doing this during surges in "RECOVERY." When your community appears to be "recovering" with decreases in cases – plan to spend 2 weeks in your tent during those phases. 
    You will want to spend much more time than that [eg all summer starting as soon as possible] – but definitely stay in your tent / campsite even when there is no apparent spread of the virus. That lull = the calm before the storm = the virus will be reasserting itself.
    Where did I get this idea?
    How did the medical establishment react to the 1918 Spanish Flu?
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    0:38 He is wearing his mask upside-down hahah

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    Just one of the many benefits of the pandemic.

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    Virus is a way the earth is fighting back

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    China has Destroyed their Country's Environment and LAND! Now they want to Conquer Africa and Destroy this Land and their PEOPLE!

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    Seems staged and fake now!! Why their nasty azzes don't have to pay all these countries for being gross????? Destroying economies. So that's what this all about!!!

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    Time is running where China must select culture Capital instead production

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    Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

    This calamity is nature’s reaction to humans.

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    Conclusion: Once there are no humans around the planet feels good 🌍


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    let me sum up for you: DAH
    China growing economy – WSJ: China is polluting;
    China Containing Virus – WSJ: China is collapsing because it's no longer polluting;
    it's true that WSJ is not falsifying. WSJ is still spreading misinformation built upon boring and broken stories – half of the video is about past pollution and half is about common sense, of course factories will halt, look at Italy, the Asian interviewee's face can't just prove the practicality of her words. WSJ is linking up irrelevant threads and making up conspiracy.
    If you want to talk about pollution, seriously, why not use another video and dive into historical emission and emission per capita?
    WSJ you are just scared of what you are not familiar with. Learn something otherwise your expelled reporters were totally wasted.

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    … no planet no species, then again such is not a bad result, for the most parts, Chiner polluted over 50.2+% of the Earths atmosphere over the course of 50+ years with 'manufacturing'… how many people need a plastic pos in every color imaginable, girls… shitters, not cutters, not builders, never have been never will be…

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    Lots of things cause market "corrections" . Capitalism accepts that every 4-7 years there will be a market drop…300 years and counting….Capitalism requires big government…… If not corona then oil squabbles or Trump dies in office or

  • Reply More Complex March 11, 2020 at 6:02 pm

    Lots of things cause market "corrections" . Capitalism accepts that every 4-7 years there will be a market drop…300 years and counting….Capitalism requires big government…… If not corona then oil squabbles or Trump dies in office or

  • Reply More Complex March 11, 2020 at 6:02 pm

    Lots of things cause market "corrections" . Capitalism accepts that every 4-7 years there will be a market drop…300 years and counting….Capitalism requires big government…… If not corona then oil squabbles or Trump dies in office or

  • Reply Team Optimistic March 11, 2020 at 6:06 pm

    Summation: There dirty air is blowing all over the world.

    Balance: They aren't willing to change (not soon)

    Effect: another pandemic will pop up somewhere more at risk (depleted forest of Brazil and Australia). Hopefully not 📿📿

  • Reply Erik S March 11, 2020 at 6:10 pm

    0:22 its not that dramatic if you see these graphs.

    The huge difference can be found in the period before and the one after chinese new year…

    Why is this actually? End of year industry peaks or…? (btw… nice short documentary)

  • Reply bambizzle24 March 11, 2020 at 6:14 pm

    Humans is earth disease. Corona virus is just earths medicine

  • Reply White Tara March 11, 2020 at 6:24 pm

    USA next. Probably worse with no testing strategy yet.

  • Reply brianl9944 March 11, 2020 at 6:25 pm

    China's best export ever: Covid-19

  • Reply Erik S March 11, 2020 at 6:25 pm

    There is a saying that a butterfly can create a hurricane (in weather models)

    Well… in real-life you see one bat bring the world economy to its knees.
    (the bat with that transmitted the virus on the Wuhan fish market)

  • Reply chaos theory March 11, 2020 at 6:27 pm

    Hypertension = high covid19 DEATH RISK. Pollution in China's large cities equivalent to smoking 4 PACKS of cigarettes a day. Cigarettes = hypertension + lung damage. Many smokers in China. EMFs trigger voltage gated calcium channels leads to hypertension. Wuhan, Princess cruise lines, and Iran high EMF exposure via 5G.=Dominoes. Know risk factors.

    Why is Covid 19 move deadly to the Chinese?

    5G and Coronavirus in Wuhan, Iran, health effects.

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    Is coronavirus a key for stopping climate change ? 😆😅

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