What Causes Intestinal Gas? | Stomach Problems

September 12, 2019

Gas can be very uncomfortable. It can be embarrassing. It can really just cause a lot of discomfort
in our lives. The most common causes of gas is really dietary. Either we’re not digesting certain foods,
like if you have an intolerance to wheat or an intolerance to milk; we tend to get gassy
when we eat those produces. People who eat too fast, or chew a lot of
gum, or suck on sugar free candies, they tend to have a lot of gas as well. There’s certain medications that impair digestion
and that can cause a lot of gas or we put additives in the medication to make solid
medication into a liquid. We put Sorbitol, which is a nonabsorbent sugar
and that’s a very common cause of gas as well. Anytime we have an imbalance of bacteria in
our colon, that can also cause a lot of gas as well. So, there are a lot of different reasons of
why we produce a lot of gas and why we have a lot of gas and if we understand what’s causing
the gas then we can help to treat it.

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