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What Caused The Epidemic In Shiganshina | Attack On Titan Theory (Shingeki No Kyojin)

March 12, 2020

Hello titan fans and welcome back to Manga
Horse for another attack on titan Theory. Today we are going to talk about Epidemics…and
more precisely, we are going to talk about the epidemic that struck shiganshina district
in the year 832 and how fortunate they were to have a capable
doctor with them when that happened. Before we’ll start let me just state that
this is more of an Idea than a theory, and I am not saying that this is actually what
happened I am only providing a different Idea, which
is my own. You are more than welcome to agree or to disagree,
and if you have any thoughts please share them with me, as always I will love discussing
with Attack on titan fans about everything. If you don’t know what I am talking about
let me explain on the year 832 shiganshina district was hit
by a sudden epidemic that spread throughout the district
we get a very small mention about it in the first episode of the Anime when Hannes states
that doctor Yeager was the one to stop the epidemic “Ahh good Dr Yeager
Yeah well” “Can’t argue with the man who single handedly spared us from the PLAUGE” Let me just correct Hannes right here, or
the english translator that made him say that because this is not a plague, this is an epidemic,
and I will explain the difference later on in this video. In this season, season 3, we actually see
this event takes place during the backstory of Grisha Yeager when he got inside the walls
after inheriting the attack titan from Eren Kruger by the way, if you are interested in the life
of Eren Kruger feel free to check the video I made of his life including actual dates
and events that took place while he was alive. After curing the epidemic like a rock star,
Grisha also won the girl, Carla, who soon will become his wife inside of the walls, and also Eren’s mom, all good and well but let us backtrack a little and try to understand
what caused the epidemic in the first place In order to do that, we need to understand
first what is actually an epidemic, what causes it, and how do you actually treat something
like that on a large scale. So what is actually an Epidemic? An Epidemic is a widespread occurrence of
an infectious disease in a community at a particular time
This sound about right, because the illness struck only shiganshina district, it was sudden
and took place on a particular time which is the year 832 Ok, that is nice, but what actually causes
an epidemic? well, the major reasons for an epidemic outbreak
include infected food supplies such as contaminated drinking water and also the migration of populations
of certain animals, such as rats or mosquitoes, which can act as disease vectors. Because we haven’t seen a single mosquito
or rat reference in the anime I will roll this out although It is funny knowing that there is
a single cat inside the walls that doesn’t seem like his main agenda is to hunt for rats
but for the sake of this video let’s just say he’s doing a good job while not watching
people get eaten alive Also, because this illness struck only shiganshina We can assume It is not transmitted by farm animals Because animals were present inside all the walls and not only inside shigansina So what is this video actually about? Is it science class all over again? Well absolutely NOT!
the only reason I explained this is so I can call BULLSHIT on this whole incident
and I have reasons to back this up. First of all, you have to understand that
even in this day and age finding a cure for a newly discovered epidemic takes time, money,
continuous testing and above all, scientists! I find it very hard to believe that a single
doctor in a world that is not very technological can find a cure by himself in that amount
of time, while also keeping himself from harm’s Way using primitive equipment
this will be almost impossible to do. In order to find a viable cure you have to
run tests on multiple subjects and also on people who are not infected in order to find
the cause then you can try to find the common factor
between all of them and only then you can try to synthesize Antibodies Protein to help
the infected immune system. As you can imagine yourself, this is a lot
of work for a single doctor to do on his own let alone on the attack on titan universe. But the fact remains that grisha did cure
The Epidemic, so how is it possible? well some people will probably say, Hey, Grisha
is from Marley and they are much more advanced and maybe he have seen that kind of illness
before that is a very good argument, but it still
doesn’t explain why the epidemic only occurred in shiganshina So if it wasn’t mosquitos, rats or farm animals,
what was so different in shiganshina from the rest of the districts, what was in shiganshina
that wasn’t in other districts? Some of you might have guessed by now, that
the only apparent difference between shiganshina and the rest of the districts was actually
an outside intervention in the form of a man… and this man was
Grisha Yeager himself. Wait wait wait, are you saying that good doctor
Yeager is the one responsible for the epidemic? Well yes I am
and if you want another proof let us check again the dates and try to find something
suspicious As we mentioned, the epidemic took place in
the year 832, so let’s check what else happened in the same year
well what do say, the year of the epidemic was the same year that Grisha Entered the
walls coincidence? I don’t think so But how did it happen exactly? Does Grisha Yeager possess some sort of virus
from the outside world that was never seen inside the walls? Maybe
take for example the first colonists in America that tried to harm the native American population
by giving them blankets contaminated with Chickenpox virus the native American immune system wasn’t familiar
with that virus and for that it was absolutely devastating for them. So yes, this could be the case here in shiganshina
as well but again, it is unlikely that a single person
will infect so many by himself in such a short time and also knowing Isyama, we know that
nothing happens without a reason in attack on titan, so I would like to offer another
idea, a more exotic one you might say. What if Grisha deliberately infected the entire
district? How? Simple…the water supply People use water on a daily basis for drinking,
washing, cooking cleaning and whatnot so this would be a perfect way to spread some
infected love around the district. But why the hell would he do that? My guess, for now, is that he did it in order
to find other bloodlines inside shiganshina, and if I have to be more specific I think
He was looking for the Ackermans This is only speculation, because we don’t
actually know when did Grisha met the ackerman Family, Mikasa’s family
and if this is true maybe this is how he actually got to meet them in the first place Remember that the Ackerman family were living
in a secluded part of the forest inside shiganshina and the chances for Grisha to find them out
of pure luck are slim to none But Why did he try to find them? Well maybe he was looking for someone who
was immune to the king’s mind manipulation, which as we know does not affect the Ackerman
clan and also maybe because he knew they had special
abilities that will come in handy to him in time to get the founding titan. And also maybe he thought that the Ackermans
might know the true identity of the royal family, and if you think about, how did grisha
actually know where to find the chapel of the Reiss family and how did he know that
the Reiss family is the actual royal family? He must have gotten this information somewhere
don’t you think? And if you ask yourself how did grisha treated
all those sick people, there isn’t an easy answer to that
but I like to think it had something to do with the mysterious purple flowers that I
also made a video about So go check it out if you are interested Some of you may think that there isn’t enough
data to support this part of the theory, and you are absolutely right
that is why I don’t consider it to be a full on theory
not until we will have more information about it… and until we do I hope i could at least
give you something more to think about And one last thing, i promised I would show
you why hannes was wrong to call it the plague, so just a little explanation When an epidemic become widespread to several
countries or the entire world then it is called Pandemic, similar to the actual plague, better
known as the infamous Black Death that parilized the world and claimed close to 60% of the European
population The illness in shiganshina originated and
ended in shiganshina, what makes it an epidemic and not a pandemic, like the actual plague And that concludes our video about the epidemic
in shiganshina, and like always if you like this video please consider subscribing and
smashing that like button and if you don’t agree with my idea, Please let me
know, let’s talk about it I would absolutely want to hear your opinions Thank you so much for joining me today
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To dedicate your hearts, for humanity! inside and outside the walls…


  • Reply Jartyom July 15, 2019 at 9:58 pm

    When Hannes says “spared us from the plague” He’s saying that Grisha prevented the plague since spared means “refrain from killing, injuring, distressing” so Hannes isn’t really calling it the plague, he’s just saying because of Grisha, we didn’t make it to that point of it being a plague. I don’t think the translators got it wrong, I just think they could’ve worded it better. I love this theory btw!

  • Reply محمد August 9, 2019 at 8:42 am

    If you right, I think he did this in order to get a reputation as good doctor, so that he can get close to those people who are close to the royal family. And chapter 120 prove that

  • Reply Ailencier Lestrian September 30, 2019 at 12:43 am

    I don't think Grisha caused the epidemic since he was a very empathetic man that cared about saving lives, I think it was the poor health care system in the walls that caused a plague.

  • Reply NoHoesJosh January 4, 2020 at 9:33 am


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