What Can Cause Itching of the Anus?

August 18, 2019

anus now before you even start your answer he’s gonna say oh I just take a fiber supplement I don’t remember have to wipe and it’s never itched oh yeah mr. perfect so if we go ahead and give me your spiel I’ll give you the spiel someone comes to my office then they say my butt itches the first thing I say is welcome to the club and I’m the president and owner of you know issues dr. Ordon this my hate is super rich yeah okay now the main reason so many other problems on that will just not that one thank God because I won’t wish it on my worst enemy it is a nightmare and I’ve been dealing with it since 2000 and it’s multifactorial but the number one thing is stool consistency and even if when the stools are perfect it’s a great day and if you’re wiping a little bit more it’s a bad day because the stool will seep out like toothpaste and a little bit of stool right on your skin irritates the skin and if you start licking your lips your skin gets irritated because saliva in the mouth is no problem just like stool in the anus is no problem when the stool hits the skin just like your mouth gets red and irritated from saliva which doesn’t belong there so does the anus and it gets itchy and when you scratch forget it that’s like taking a shot of heroin as you scratch if you have a toothpaste stool you still need to clean the toothpaste up in piles oh yeah so don’t have a toothpaste ooh some people no matter how hard they try right I’ve heard some people that’s why some people are more prone to just this consistency in their stools do hemorrhoids play a role well stool you should probably eat more fiber correct solidify it so psyllium all the time and if it comes out perfect you go the perfect poop and you wipe once and it’s clean and you don’t even and you’re like wow this is great your day is great what about topicals you guys recommend if someone has an itchy anus this is that’s a great question go I know I was just thinking when you talked about that somebody should come up with like anal lipstick yeah saying seems like chapstick but just don’t know listen I recommend anything that has aloe if you’re going to use some of the wipes that have a low as opposed to nothing that contains alcohol because it’s going to burn it more but I think you were also alluding to the fact that things like hemorrhoids can cause itching if you have if you’re a child or a younger person anybody really and it itches all the time especially at night when you’re asleep you got to think of pinworms so a lot of other things and if you’re older you’d also I have to at least put on the differential anal cancer if you have chronic itching that no matter what was going on to your stools right right so and I mean this in all seriousness you have taken away so much of the ashame or the shame you know if you aren’t sure what’s going on go see a proctologist or a gastroenterologist and say hey Doc can you just take a look down there and make sure everything’s okay so real quick hemorrhoids play a role this is so interesting so years ago when I was working in a group of proctologist I had my hemorrhoids treated and like that the symptoms are gone and your head is thinking well if that works while you just remove my hemorrhoids and I’ll never have itching and it doesn’t work that way because hemorrhoids secrete mucus and cause part of the problem and again it’s multifactorial there’s so many things going and going on that removing hemorrhoids won’t do it or I’ve been doing hemorrhoid surgery all day and if I can come up with a cure for itching I can retire in one year one infomercial and that would be it is there probably about 10 million to 15 you imagine that infomercial at 3:00 a.m. let’s go ahead and script it right now try this you

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