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What Bad Breath Says About Your Health

February 5, 2020

If you have bad breath then that is not a
good sign for your health. Before go to doctor you can check What Bad
Breath Says About Your Health. But before that, this is zash from health
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on my latest videos. See you after the break. Doctors called diseases that can be detected
by bad breath also known as halitosis. This symptom is characteristic of gum disease. So, the ailment may not be manifested in any
way, but the smell of rotten eggs coming from the mouth is an occasion to visit the dentist. Sweet fruit breathing can be a sign of the
onset of diabetes. Such a smell indicates the process of ketosis
as the body extracts energy from fat, which indicates you need to consult an endocrinologist. A study conducted by American experts showed
that the breath of a pregnant woman can reveal preeclampsia – a condition in which the life
of the mother and the unborn child are at risk. A smell resembling ammonia may indicate kidney
failure, and a smell of raw fish may indicate liver failure. Also, experts found that smell can be used
to identify Crohn’s disease and the early stage of development of multiple sclerosis. So, for you wellness you need to pay attention
to your bad breath. Be healthy be happy always. Remember to stay tuned with this channel,
See you later, and thanks for watching.

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