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What Are The Consequences Of A Chronic Yeast Infection When Left Untreated?

August 15, 2019

Hi there, Eric Bakker, naturopath, FAQ. This
one’s from a lady in France, in some small place in France. It looks like a French name. The question here is Eric, what are the consequences
of a long-term chronic yeast infection if left untreated? I may have done a video on this before. I’m
not sure. But the consequences of any condition left untreated are not usually that good.
This is going to allow all sorts of disease processes to take place. So if you look at a yeast infection, for example,
if left untreated, a yeast infection could turn out to be a chronic problem, which can
lead to all sorts of long-term complications. Just like any infection of the genital tract,
it needs prompt attention and it needs a resolution. It’s important first to diagnose what you’re
dealing with, and after what you know what you’re dealing with, treat it and get it over
and done with. Any condition in the body left to become chronic is asking for a lot of problems. You know, they say that yeast infections are
self-limiting, but even the experts can’t agree whether a yeast infection of the female
area is going to lead to infertility or conditions like endometriosis. We don’t really know.
A lot of people are divided over that. But in my clinical experience, I’ve certainly
seen it be the link between infertility, endometriosis and chronic yeast infections, which are basically
just treated time and again, only to resurface. And it’s the same with the male. If a male
get a penis yeast infection or a genital condition, it would pay to treat this condition because,
again, it could lead to all sorts of complications. And I’ve certainly seen chronic prostatitis
linked with male yeast infections. Intestinal yeast infections can lead to all
sorts of complications for the gut. Liver disorders, diabetes, many different conditions
can come about from this. It can be very debilitating and cause you a lot of discomfort, pain and
cost you a lot of money down the track in medical bills and time off work. So it would
pay for you to treat any chronic condition promptly rather than waiting for it to get
out of hand and become very chronic. Yeast infections can often go from the digestive
tract into the system itself, into the circulation. There’s certainly studies which agree that
this can take place. I wrote up one of these particular studies in my book of an American
gentleman who swallowed some capsules of Candida albicans and within only a few hours, it could
be cultured from his bloodstream and produced from the urine. So we know that yeast infections
can spread from the GI tract into the circulation itself quite rapidly, even under the right
conditions. So Candida is generally held in strict control
in the body in accordance with the microbial balance which is occurring in the GI tract.
But if Candida is given the upper hand through antibiotics or the pill or high stress, high
sugar diets, for example, it can go rampant and become quite a severe major condition
which certainly needs treatment. So my recommendation for you is if you’ve
got a chronic infection is certainly get onto it today rather than tomorrow and do something
about it, so it doesn’t become a condition which is unmanageable even by the very best
clinician. Any condition is best treated right now and nipped in the bud before it gets out
of hand and becomes chronic. So I hope that answers the question there
about the consequences of long-term chronic yeast infections if left untreated.


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    Plz help me and tell me all different ways u can get a yeast infection because i might have one but ive never had sex

  • Reply Katy Chapman October 4, 2016 at 5:14 am

    I got my yeast cured but now i may have a kidney infection

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