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What Are The Causes Of Candida?

August 21, 2019

I often get asked questions regarding Candida
yeast infections from many people all around the world in over 100 countries now. It’s
become very popular for me now to reply in this particular fashion because it would take
too long for me to respond to each individually in mail I get. I get hundreds of emails every
day. Typical questions. What are the causes of Candida is a question I get. How did I
get there in the first place? How did this start for me? How can I identify the cause,
so I can prevent it in the future? In my book in Chapter 2 of Candida Crusher,
I wrote the 11 primary causes of a Candida yeast infection. Let’s just get one thing
straight. There are two types of causes. There’s the primary cause, or what I call the exciting
cause, what really helped to initiate or begin Candida, and then there’s the maintaining
causes, what keeps it going. Remember, there are two types of causes. Most people haven’t
got a clue about these two types of causes. They just think there’s some kind of cause,
so there’s always something that maintains Candida or a combination of dietary and lifestyle
events that maintain the cause, and then there’s the initiating causes. Here’s just a little
a piece of information I’m going to read out to you. The different types of causes that
are most likely to occur with Candida. These are both maintaining causes and initiating
causes. Antibiotic drugs. The primary cause. I’d say
most of the people I see with severe Candida or recurring Candida took one or several rounds
of some kind of a penicillin, some kind of an antibiotic. There are different classes
of antibiotic drugs and many of them have a helping hand in beginning Candida. Many
women develop vaginal thrush after taking a course of antibiotics usually for some kind
of respiratory problem or skin problem. Maybe even for urinary tract infection, they would
have developed it. Many guys develop jock itch after taking antibiotics for a cough
or a cold or a cut or some skin infection or something like that. Many children develop
thrush as well, also from antibiotics. These are the primary. Antibiotics in meats. The commercial poultry
or chicken that you’re eating today probably contains an antibiotic. If you continually
eat these kind of foods plus have several of the other causes, you’re probably going
to help to maintain this yeast infection in your body. This is why I talk a lot about
organic or free-range chicken. The grass-fed beef. The particular kind of proteins that
are clean. This also gives a lot of vegans or vegetarians fuel for saying, See, meat’s
not a good food. You need to eat vegetarian sources of protein. Immune deficiency. Many people I see have
an immune deficiency. They may have a folic deficiency or an iron deficiency, for example,
leading to a deficient immune function. Many people have got digestive problems, which
have helped to create the immune deficiencies or exacerbate them, which drag the Candida
out even further. A poor immunity. Get your blood tested, for example, it’s a good idea
to do a complete blood count and look at the white cell markers. Check iron and B-12. Good
things to check out. Steroids and other drugs. Very common. Many
people take steroids, inhaled steroids, and those puffers for asthma. They may take a
prednisone, a prednisone for an autoimmune disease or pain or inflammation. They may
take a hydrocortisone cream for a skin problem. These are all steroids which help to suppress
the immune system and perpetuate Candida. Alcohol. One of the biggest causes with men
with jock itch or maintaining causes, particularly, is drinking alcohol on a regular basis. Drinking
beer, for example. I see this a lot with guys. Diets. Sugar-laden diets. Diets high in sweet
foods. We’ve spoken about this on numerous videos. Diets with plenty of white bread,
bagels, donuts, candy, chocolate, and ice cream. These things just feed Candida in the
gut. Stress. Check out my three-part series on
stress and Candida. There are many aspects of stress that have quite a debilitating effect
on the immune system and perpetuate Candida. Chemicals. There’s probably a lot of chemicals
in your diet right now. You could be using personal skin care products. You could be
using cleansing products or garden products or all sorts of chemicals around the home
that can affect you in different ways. I’m going to do a series of videos specifically
relating to chemicals and how they affect the three to four different aspects of your
health in general. Your endocrine function. When your hormone
system gets affected severely. Your nervous system gets affected quite severely by Your
immune system gets affected quite severely. They’ve even linked Parkinson’s disease now
with a chemical called Rotenone or Derestas[?] that you puff around your cabbages for the
white butterfly. Rotenone or Derestas[?] have been linked positively with Parkinson’s disease,
so be careful using chemicals. Even like glyphosate or Round-up. These chemicals can linger in
the body for years and create a lot of destruction. Diabetes. A prime cause of Candida and a prime
maintaining cause as well. People with diabetes tend to have blood sugar problems, elevated
blood sugar levels. They urinate out more glucose. Of course, it’s the glucose management
catastrophe. Diabetes. Of course, when glucose isn’t managed properly, Candida is sitting
there waiting to happen. Chlorine or chlorine bleach. Fluoride, bromide
or what we called haloids. These are chemicals that can have quite an interesting effect
on your thyroid gland preventing the production of the thyroid hormone, but affecting your
immune system in other ways as well. So swimming in pools of chlorine, eating foods with bromine
like certain types of breads. Fluoride toothpaste. These are small maintaining causes, but still
quite significant. And mold is the 11th one. So mold we have
many people here in New Zealand and no doubt up in Canada and other countries that live
in houses that are a bit leaky with rain. They get moldy. There’d be spores in the air.
So you need to live in a ventilated to dry clean living quarters if you have Candida
because you can really get mucked up by mold. These are the 11 causes of Candida. I hope
that answers the question on what are the causes of Candida. Thank you.


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    good vidéo thank you …. :o)

  • Reply Jonathan Brown August 21, 2016 at 11:56 pm

    Yes your videos are very interesting and helpful. Thank you

  • Reply Heidi Brydson January 16, 2017 at 11:31 pm

    Google Potassium/ Magnesium/Calcium deficiency and Candida. They all work together. Athletes Foot, Jock itch… Athletes use electrolytes when they sweat. Candida diet is a racket. Shameful. I do Whole milk, chelated Magnesium, and sometimes as many as (6) 99 Mg. Potassium Gluconate depending on Activity, Salt, and coffee intake. they all strip potassium. Sodium, and Potassium are like a seesaw, when one is up, the other is down. The trick is to balance all these. Research it. Guaranteed if you have Athlete's feet, take a few Potassium Gluconate, and wait 20 minutes. DON"T Itch, then it goes away. Works like a charm, and it is the solution. It works on the Ph.

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    Is candida is a kind of std also?

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    Antibiotic is applicable to me. It disrupts healthy microbes culture. To restore is more difficult.

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