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What Are The Causes Of A Blastocystis Hominis Infection

August 17, 2019

Greetings. Thanks for coming back. Eric Bakker,
naturopath from New Zealand, author of Candida Crusher and also the formulator of the Canxida
range of dietary supplements. Before you watch the video, please click on the link to download
your free report. Let’s have a look at the cause of Blastocystis infection. That’s what
I’m going to show you today. How you actually get this bug and the most likely scenarios.
I’ve got a few notes I’ve made here. A very common one is travel. I mentioned this
in a previous video. Have you been to an exotic destination? Have you been to India or Asia?
Have you been to the Pacific region to an island somewhere? Have you gone sailing? Have
you gone camping? Where have you gone because you may well have picked it up from someplace
away from where you live? International travelers quite commonly pick up blasto.
Close contact. So caring for people like a child, a relation, an elderly person, someone
who’s sick or unwell. This is a common scenario as well. You may be looking after people.
You could be in the health care profession. There are many different scenarios in terms
of close contact. Drinking water from contaminated sources.
This is a really key thing. Drinking water in a swimming pool that’s not really cleaned
properly. There could have been a bit of fecal matter in the pool and you could have picked
up a tiny little bit through that way. Because remember, fecal route is the most common way
of picking up, getting it on your hand or your eye or your skin, anywhere. And you only
need one tiny little parasite in your body. You’re not going to get this through blood.
This is not a blood borne infection. This is a water borne infection. Generally, it’s
transmitted through fecal matter that you’re exposed to. So you could’ve gone to a bathroom,
touched a surface, even in an airport, and not washed your hands, rubbing your eye, bang,
you’ve got the infection. You could’ve touched your mouth or your nose.
Generally, hands, so this is why hand washing is so important. You don’t have to be anal
about handwashing like some people are known to be. But I do a lot of travel. I fly quite
frequently and I always wash my hands every time I disembark from an aircraft. I wash
my hands. I go to the bathroom; I wash my hands. I wash my hands probably 10 times a
day. That’s not an obsessive compulsive thing. It’s just that I’m in the health care profession
and I don’t generally get sick. And I’m around a lot of sick people. So I understand that
handwashing is the best way to stop a lot of different diseases from getting into your
body. Viral infections, many different diseases, just wash your hands.
So drinking water, lakes, streams, poorly maintained wells, things like this, contaminated
water. When you travel, it’s very important to only drink bottled water where the bottle
has actually got a factory seal on it. Because some sneaky people sell water from rivers
or lakes where they’ll just quickly pop the cap on. It’s not a factory seal. If in doubt,
boil the water. Super saturated potassium iodide or potassium iodide drops in water
is another smart move. A little bit of liquid grapefruit seed extract, a couple of drops
in water will also stop a lot of diseases, if you’re going to different places.
Children in daycare settings. Children that swim a lot in swimming pools. Kids often pick
up blasto infections through this way. People who camp. People who hike. Backpackers. People
who drink water from suspect areas. Exposure to human fecal matter through sexual contact.
So you need to be very careful with intimacy. Again, hygiene. It’s all about hygiene, folks.
If you’re really clean and careful with yourself, you’ve got a lot less chance of picking up
a Blastocystis hominis infection. Stay tuned. There’s more to come. Thanks for
checking out my series on blasto.

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