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Wellness: The Five Things You Need to Know About the Flu

October 23, 2019

Americans experience about 1 billion colds
each year. While the flu, attacks between five and 10% of the US population; and sends about
200,000 a year to the hospital for flu related complications. Although the H1N1 flu virus also known as
the Swine Flu is a concern to keep in mind, the flu is clearly a risk to all of us each
and every year; and we want to be able to prevent flus and colds no matter what kind
they are. Swine Flu, although more contagious than flus
we’re used to, has shown itself to be otherwise no different than the average flu in any other
way, and it exhibits the same symptoms as the flu usually does. Any major flu or good old-fashioned cold can
set you back, often by up to three weeks. So, prevention is the key here. In this presentation we’ll go over the top
five measures you can take on a daily basis, any time of year, to help protect yourself
(then thus those around you) from the flu and colds. We’ll discuss practical measures to take
and exactly how you can go about each one with ease. But, before we go further, let’s talk about
symptoms; the things that happen to our bodies that let us know we’re getting sick or are
already sick. As most of you already know, colds and flus
are not the same thing, nor are their symptoms exactly the same. An easy way to tell if you have the flu is
if you have a fever, extreme body aches and fatigue, or nausea.

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