WEIRD Viral Beauty Life Hacks TESTED! Natalies Outlet

December 10, 2019

Hello there today we are testing weird makeup hacks Since summer is here I decided to test the top strangest beauty hacks to see if they work. All of these hacks are mean’t to make your life a lot easier because seriously comment below the struggle of being a human from 1-10, the struggle is real guys . .Give this video a thumbs up for hacks that makes our lives a lot easier and I challenge you guys to one 100,000 likes! I know that we can do this. ..A huge shout out to Anna for suggesting this weeks video. ..If you want to find out how to be featured in my next video Check the description down below Wait! Make sure to subscribe and turn notifications on, literally hit notifications and you’re gonna be automatically be entered into my MacBook giveaway. I am giving away one MacBook to one lucky subscriber so make sure to click the link below for extra entries. Alright so this first beauty hack took me by surprise, I saw it on promise Tamang’s twitter page and literally it’s to create the best proof of uh, fail eyeliner. And all it takes is an eraser and a q-tip What Promise does is she takes the edge of the eraser like that, nice and sharp and she pretty much just trims that So after you have two little pieces like this we’re gonna hot glue this onto the Q-tip So I have a feeling that because it’s so unstable that’s not really gonna help us So I’m gonna just take away some hairs Alright, now for the moment of truth, we’re going to take a gel liner and you’re basically going to just brush this onto the stamp Press on it, and then I’m just gonna clean that up really quickly So now I’m just going to fill in the rest normally But I’m digging it, like it was super easy to do Now I’m gonna try the other stencil Alright, so there was obviously some sparseness but that is a sharp pretty liner. I’m gonna fill this one in and them I’m gonna show you guys the final result So this is the final result with these stamps I seriously love it You can customize the way you want it, if you want it thicker, if you want it more bold And it works you guys it was never this easy So, I highly recommend you guys try out this hack And so this next beauty hack literally blew my mind away I don’t know why I had never thought about this It involves goggles, so you guys are probably like, ‘what’ So have you ever struggled with having beautiful eye makeup but your hair is dirty Alright, so a girl named Lauren from Texas pretty much posted this on Snapchat And she was saying, “when you have to wash your hair but your makeup is fly af” I’m gonna go wash my hair, keep these on, and I’m gonna let you know if this really does work Will this protect my eye makeup? I don’t think I felt any water go through but for the reveal My god, it sucks on your face! Bam! Alright, so as you can see, my makeup is clearly just as awesome looking as when I left it Nothing has smeared, literally it’s dry Will this go away? I mean, for the fact that you get to wash your hair, and not redo your makeup, you’re already going to save so much time so I’m pretty sure… Well, I guess we’ll see by the end of the video if these marks go away So I personally love this hack, I give this hack a ‘woop’ I would definitely try it out again and I highly recommend you guys If you ever have to wash your hair but your makeup is fly af, do this So this hack has probably been one that you’ve caught yourself, watching, all of these satisfying videos of people pooping out their blackheads with bobby pins So before we get started make sure that you pat your skin with a hot towel So that it can like really open up your pores Also I highly recommend you guys to disinfect your bobby pins, you just never know So what you are going to do is you’re going to take the little loop And then you’re gonna press this and you’re gonna push downward onto your nose And all these little gunky’s should come out So far, nothing Oh, that one came out That one came right out Oh snap Yeah they were just hiding and now they’re not shy Oooh, my god This is the final gunkness Do you see that? Like, you could literally see that and its not even in focus. That’s disgusting. This hack rocks! And, for the last and final hack I literally saved the weirdest one for last Do you see that? The combination is said to be HOLY People are using peanut butter as a shaving gel So people are saying that this is better, this is cheaper, and the oils in the peanut butter actually make their legs much smoother… Soooo… I mean You gotta try it out, right? So for this one what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna shave my arm I got to lighten those roots gurl, ANDUHH im a hairy girl Ive never… Actually yes i lied ive shaved my arm before Way back i middle school, i do not… uhh recommend that Just dye your hairs people thats what i do now but for the purposes of this video, and the education behind it im going to use jif on my hairy arm we are gunna see if it really does work as well as um a shaving cream they recommend you to take a butter-knife and basically spread it on like a cracker -_- alright so here we go… oh lord. literally my dog would lick me if i had this on So i’m just gunna do a little… little peice of this cause i have events to go to, i have things to do, people to see oh my shap’ity do dop :O my skin is so soft What is this Final Thoughts: This is Baby Butt smooth (that’s a weird analogy) But its very smooth OK i have very dry skin so the fact that this is like even bouncy and moisturized like im blown away THIS WORKS :OOOO i dont know how long this blade would work but, this is an awsome hack Leave me a comment down below letting me know which beauty hack was your favorite! Was it 1 or 2 or 3 or 4? leave me a comment down below in the comments also give this video a huge thumbs up if you enjoyed it Make Sure to Stay connected with me on I.G, Twitter, Facebook, And Snap Chat I love to Connect with you guys Specially if you want to be featured as person of the week make sure to check the link in the description Subscribe to the weirdest family on the internet And turn notifications on to be automatically entered into the mac-book givaway Hope you guys have an amazing day and remember live wierd or die normal! BYEEEEEEE Byee byee

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