WEEKLY GOOD MESSAGE Nov4// Be Happier// Epidemic Doldrums!

December 29, 2019

Hiya! it’s Veronica you’re energized artist
here at the Shaboo Prints artist studio welcome back for another positive
message and conscientiously wanting to set a positive tone for your week ahead.
Come on in! And I just gotta give a special Shaboo shout out to Bethia
Parker and Laura Arguijo, hey Laura! for giving us your love and thumbs up on a
previous video you know I haven’t always been this happy or fulfilled there was I
would say more than half my life I spent not very happy about my career or where
I was going I wasn’t fulfilling my dreams which you
know I think results in a low energy kind of lifestyle we are born when we’re
young to be this bundle of energy we think the world is ours and anything is
possible and our future is open and I also think that we’re also born with a
sense of destiny like a knowing that we are meant to do something and then a
funny thing happens as we grow up I think in order to fit in and fit into
social norms it requires us to kind of temper our dreams to fit in socially you
kind of have to shut that down and literally it’s like you gotta die a
little bit inside turn down the heart flame from roaring that we all have as
children to simmer or pilot it sends to be a process of the adult
process right of growing up is tempering that heart flame and the condition of
that turning down of the heart flame and not following your dreams and that low
energy state of being I call the adult onset doldrums adult-onset doldrums has now reached
epidemic proportions and that is why Shaboo Prints is so important we
literally hold space for the alternative for another form of reality for the
reality that many of us felt in our youthful wonder and that still exists
it’s just a tweaking of the perception and we’re here to tweak the heck out of
your perception and there are a couple of ways that we can offer help for
adult-onset doldrums and that is we offer daily inspirational quotes and
posts and images that are good nutrition for the soul and you can follow us on
Facebook and Twitter to get those you can also subscribe to our YouTube
channel to get our weekly good message and don’t forget to pay it forward and
help another fight the doldrums and you can do that by gifting them one of our
energized products and greeting cards so with that I think it’s time to see what
your message is for the week ahead all of our products and all of our
messages are such that your heart will recognize some truths your heart flame
will go from a pilot to a full roaring flame again the messages within your
heart those quiet whispers will get louder and they’re designed to help
return you back to your happy place so I have randomly stacked many of those
doldrum-curing greeting cards into the Good Message Spinner and I’m going to
hold you in my heart as I select one randomly that will possess a message for
you for the week ahead and let’s see what that message is so
I’m going to turn the rack and kind of intuitively feel into where I think I
should select a card for you from so I spin it until I feel…like my ears are ringing right now and I usually feel a warm spot like
there’s a warm spot in through here and then when I get into the pocket I feel
which is warmest and funny enough it’s the one back here so I’m going to pull
that and so let’s see what message Shaboo Prints wishes to share with you
for the week ahead I’ve got chills! this is fantastic! this
is one of our new birthday cards and it is featuring our
new character Fisby the duckling and on the outside it says the day is yours
why why it’s the day you made our world a wondrous place! well ain’t that the
truth! you help make our world a wondrous
place not as Stacy down the block or as
Andrew in class or Warren Buffett it is you it’s what you bring to this world
that makes the world a wondrous place wow Shaboo that is an important message for the week ahead look at yourself honestly to think do I
have a case of the adult-onset doldrums? oh my! …doctor’s orders! so have a
fantastic week living big and don’t forget to play hard!

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