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We Try The Ultimate Viral Challenge | 100th Challenge Chalice Episode

December 19, 2019

♪ Do they Harlem shake ♪
– Yeah, Mikaela! – Howdy, YouTube.
My name is Tom. Welcome back to
Challenge Chalice. Today we have a very,
very special episode and I think we all know it.
It’s the 100th episode of Challenge Chalice!
– Whoo, we didn’t die! – I know, we’re still alive.
– I’m surprised we all have stomachs after
Challenge Chalice. It’s kind of really crazy.
What do you guys think? What was your least favorite
challenge you’ve ever done? – Anything involving dog food
wasn’t good. Luckily, I got to avoid dog food
all throughout these 100 episodes, but I always
felt bad for anyone else that had to do it.
– Me, yep. – Yay.
Aw, oh no. – See, I was fine with dog food.
I didn’t like any of the spicy stuff.
We had to eat wasabi, the fire wings. It’s not bad.
Oh, that’s bad, that’s bad. – You good, bro?
– I’m doing great. I just need a nap. – Never have I ever.
I was the odd man out every single time,
’cause I was the only girl and then the fish sauce
just destroyed me. – Oh no, I forgot
about that. I didn’t wanna see it.
– Oh no. – You okay?
– Oh no! – Brando?
– Any challenge that made me throw up
during or after the challenge. – Oh [bleep]. – Don’t like.
– Your favorite. – At least five times, right?
– You’re the king, man. – A good three. – This episode is super special,
so we thought it would be fun to up it just a little bit more.
Instead of doing one challenge, you guys are all gonna
be doing two challenges at the same time.
– Okay. – Double the fun.
– It’s just a compilation of challenges.
– Exactly. – Oh no.
– You know it. – The wheel.
– It’s a combination of challenges, so each person is going
to take turns, spin the wheel.
There’s going to be a challenge and whatever one
it’s across from, you’re going to do that as well
at the same time. I like to call this one
the Challenge Chalice Champions Chalice of Chance.
The real challenge is saying that. – Yeah.
– We’re going to have three people judging.
We have Maddie, we have Stephen,
and we have Jack. They’re going to be judging
how well you’re gonna be doing these challenges.
They’re gonna hold up a number, give you a score.
The person with the highest score wins the challenge.
There’s going to be a reward, but if you lose,
there’s a punishment as well. – Of course.
– How do you screw up an internet challenge?
– But we’re doing something that we’ve never done
on Challenge Chalice before. If you win the 100th episode
challenge, you’re gonna get a hundred bucks.
– Stop. – Yeah, come on.
– It’s not gonna cover my medical bills. – Just spin it
and say, “Yay.” – Brain freeze bottle flip.
– Oh yes, I wanted the slurpee. It looks delicious. – Okay, so Eric, you’re up now.
You have to finish the entire slurpee
or give yourself a brain freeze before you start drinking
the water to flip it. Are you ready?
– Take that. – Whoa.
– You’re gonna need it. – [Bleep], give it back.
– Here we go, guys. Drum roll please.
– Just more drinking. – This is what I’ve been
waiting for, the exciting part. – Things are really heating
up now. – Ooh.
– This is my area of expertise, sugar.
– That’s okay. – Good enough?
Okay. – Looks frozen.
– (Tori) Come on. You get it on the first…
Boo. – Oh.
‘Cause he lost his own brain freeze. – Oh!
– Looks good. He needs more.
– That’s really close. – Okay. Whoa! – Boo.
– Oh, that’s rough. – Womp, womp, womp.
– I’m a fan. – So I was totally with him.
I was gonna be very generous. I dug the style.
I dug the science. I liked when he made
the adjustment and stuff. If you’re gonna cheat.
What’s the rule I told you guys? If you’re gonna cheat…
– Don’t get caught. – (Jack) Don’t get caught.
– That’s true. – And not only does he cheat
so blatantly, he fails! – Yeah.
– The cheat almost dropped me down to a zero, but the fact
that it failed was so funny that it was a comedic ending.
– I liked that you started with strategy.
I liked that you– I wouldn’t have thought to do that.
It was very clever. I liked how during the challenge,
you went back to the slurpee to continue the brain freeze.
You committed. You weren’t just taking
the easy way out, but the fact that you cheated
and you failed at cheating, that was just so pathetic.
– Okay, I think we’ve roasted Eric enough. – I’m gonna be so mad.
Oh my God, okay. It’s cheese and smashing
an iPhone. I can do that.
– You already did that. – That’s so dumb. – I know it’s just cheese,
but it smells gross and I’m lactose intolerant.
– Tori, are you ready? – Yeah.
– Three, two, one. Cheese her. – Ah, ew.
No, wait! Hold off.
Okay, we were still going. Ah!
I feel pretty good about that. – Oh, science.
– This is disgusting. – You have a lot of anger
in you. – (Stephen) And a lot of cheese
on you. – (Maddie) And a lot of cheese. – Judges, have you reached
a verdict? Reveal your scores.
Oh! We know who the Paula
Abdul of the bunch is. – On a scale from not smashing
the phone, to smashing the phone, Tori smashed the phone.
– You definitely can’t use this ever again.
– I had to dock you for the cheese.
– For the cheese? – You got no cheese on you.
That’s the only reason. That’s the only reason.
You crushed the phone. – That was their [bleep] aiming.
– Whoa, whoa. – So to me, it’s all about style
and I felt there was a lack of cohesion
to the whole thing. I felt like I wanted some
bigger swings, some more follow through, and so
it was a little choppy. – I had my eyes closed
the whole time and I don’t know what happened.
– I didn’t give you enough of a bribe is what it is.
Okay. – Spin, spin, spin.
Doom, doom, doom, doom. – Flossing.
Like with teeth? Oh, the dance?
I don’t think I’ve ever tried. – Flossing while doing
the chubby bunny challenge. – I’ve actually never flossed–
did the floss dance before, so this’ll be interesting.
– There’s a first time for everything.
– All right, Brandon. – Yes, yes.
– We taught you to floss off camera three seconds ago.
Are you ready to show what you’ve learned?
– You got this. Ready?
– The first time he’s– – A hush falls on the crowd. – Chubby bunny.
– Yeah! – Whoo!
– Okay. – Whoo, whoo, whoo.
– (Jack) The dance. – Chubby bunny.
– Yeah. – One more, one more.
– Yeah, go, go. – Yes, killer.
– (Jack) Can’t stop, won’t– – Killer.
– Say it. – Chubby bunny.
– I heard it, I heard it. – Brandon’s now going
for four. – (Maddie) Not another.
– (Jack) Yes, yes, yes. – No way.
– Yes. – (grunting)
– Brandon, you’re so ready. – Gotta breathe, buddy.
– Oh, you can do another. – Through your nose,
through your nose. – Brandon, no.
This is too much. He’s just a boy!
Brandon, no! – Brandon, don’t actually choke.
– (grunting) – He’s got the heart of a lion!
– (Stephen) And the tusks of a walrus. – Oh, that’s disgusting.
That’s so gross. Ew!
– Oh. Definitely left the judges
a lot to think about. I don’t know what happened. – Whoa!
– Okay. All fours.
What’s going through your minds? What happened?
– It was gonna be a perfect five until
he puked at the end. – My apologies.
– It was very, very cute. The commitment was strong.
– (Tom) Top notch. – (Maddie) Oh, I heard it.
I heard him say “chubby bunny” from before it even
left his mouth. – This was my favorite so far.
– So with a score of twelve, Brandon, you’re in the lead.
– My fingers are sticky. – That’s disgusting. – I’m already nervous.
– No! – Is it ghost pepper?
– What is it? – Would the universe have it
any other way? – Oh, Mikaela, no.
– Ghost peppers… – With the Harlem Shake.
– And the Harlem Shake. – Mikaela.
– Yeah. – You know what you have to do.
– Yeah. – Harlem Shake,
eat that pepper. All you gotta do
is beat twelve. You have three extra points
to work with. – This is it.
– My heart is beating out of my chest right now.
All right. Ready.
I’m a dead lock with the camera right now.
God, pray for me. ♪ Do the Harlem shake ♪
– Yeah, Mikaela! (cheering) – Swiping tears away.
– Whoa. That was a total winner.
– Oh yeah. I’m gonna die.
– Are you okay? – (Mikaela) Yeah.
– Just shaking. Since this is the last one,
we’re gonna reveal them one at a time.
We’re gonna start with Stephen.
– (Stephen) Okay. – You make me nervous.
You’re a wild card. – Oh.
– Okay. – Thank you.
– (Stephen) It’s a four. – Okay, what could I
have done better? – I think if you had gone
for a second one, it would have been
an instant five. I will say flicking the milk
off the table, badass. – (Jack) Badass as hell.
– (Stephen) That was badass. – Thank you.
– She did do it and she didn’t back down.
It was kind of the lead up that really got me.
She had no fear and then she did it
and she danced. You earned yourself a five.
– (Tom) Oh my gosh. So right now, just to
reiterate, Brandon has a score of twelve.
You’re at nine right now. – I need this for my family.
– Four! She takes it by one point.
– Thank you. I’m dying inside.
– All right, Mikaela. – Yep.
– (Jack) Come forth. – It’s time for your reward.
Come forward to the judges. – Your reward is not one…
– Not two… – Not three…
– Not four… – Not five…
– Or six… – It’s really not seven…
– Seven’s a lucky number. – It’s more than eight.
– (Stephen) A little more than nine. – You’re getting ten and a lot.
– One hundred dollars. – One hundred episodes.
– Just like there’s a reward, there has to be a punishment.
Eric. – What?
– You’re going to have to spin the wheel twice and then
do all four at the same time. Yep, you have to do it.
There’s no backing out. – I can’t hear you.
– You have to do four challenges at the same time!
– I don’t wanna. I’ve always wanted to be on
Wheel of Fortune. – Wheel of misfortune.
– Cheese! – Okay.
– My favorite challenge. – Cheese and smash.
– Cheese and smash, okay. – Mannequin ice bucket.
This isn’t fair. I can’t even smash the iPhone,
’cause I’m a mannequin. – Cheese!
– Ah. No, no, no. – (Maddie) Get his head,
get his head. – (Eric) Don’t get the head.
Don’t get the head. Don’t get the–
there’s so much cheese. Okay.
– That’s a long ice bucket challenge.
– You can buy this shirt on this mannequin
at Oh, it’s on my feet.
Oh, it’s on my feet. My feet are so cold.
End the video! – Fine.
– Guys, what a great 100th episode this has been.
Oh man. I just wanna look back
at it all. Don’t you, Eric?
– Yeah. – I wanna leave.
– Nope. – Let us reminisce.
– One montage and then you can leave. It’s so weird.
– Oh my God, is it a lobster? – Oh.
– Ew! (popping noise)
– Oh! – Soap in your mouth. – Come on!
Come on! – What is this?
– It’s an apple, it’s an apple. – It’s an apple? – Oh, I got hurt.
Oh, I got hurt. – Little [bleep] Popsicle
covered in mustard? We could have done that [bleep]
and we would have fine with it because it’s ice cream! – Oh, they’re going at it!
They’re going at it! – Oh.
– Is that a phone? No, it’s hard. – So we are so sad that
Alex couldn’t come in and film, but he shot you guys
a very special video, so check it out. – Congratulations on the 100th
episode of Challenge Chalice. It’s just–
it’s so amazing to see my baby all grown up, but seriously,
it couldn’t have been done without all of you fans
out there. It’s so incredible to think
about the days, the early days of
Challenge Chalice and I think back about
that first episode of the eat it or wear it.
You guys remember it. Super, super messy.
We had no clue what we were gonna do.
It took us two hours to film it, but we knew
we had something special so it’s so cool to see it
reaching the 100th episode and I’m so proud of everybody
who’s worked on it right now, including the fans,
’cause none of this would have been done without
all of you. Right now I’m actually
a content producer at 100 Thieves, but I’m still
cheering for all of you and everyone else there
at FBE. See you guys later. – Thank you guys so much
for watching. We have some shoutouts to do
don’t we? – Yeah.
– Shoutout to Space Wolf. – Shoutout to Madeline Goley.
– Shoutout to Brondin Grebin. – Shoutout to Austin Topanza.
– Shoutout to Courtney Evers. – Thank you guys so much
for watching. Eric, thank you for being
really cold and cheesy. – Hey, for the road.
– No, no, no, no. – Happy 100th.
– (cheering) – Hey fam, React producer
Mary here. What’s been your all time
favorite Challenge Chalice moment? Tell us down below
and thank you, all of you, for being part
of 100 episodes of Challenge Chalice.
Here’s to 100 more. Bye, guys.


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