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February 4, 2020

– [Announcer] Welcome to
the Trick Shot Challenge. – We could beat the GMI at
trick shot challenge, Matt? This isn’t fair, you guys are
controlling the game masters. – We lose this, we’re gonna be trapped
in here forever possibly, and we don’t wanna lose
our YouTube channel. – The GMI has the game
master, and the remote. – We now control the game master. Get them!
– What? No!
– What do we do, Daniel? – Go back this way! – Go, go, go. – Come on, come on.
– Go, go. – Come on, come on. Go back.
– What? Where?
– Right over that. Under the desk! – Where do we go?
– The tunnel? – [Rebecca] Daniel! – Daniel! This looks like our cabin. – Get under the desk. Under the desk.
– Oh, the tunnel. – Yeah, there’s a secret tunnel in there. Rebecca, go, go, go. – [Matt] The Game Master’s coming in. Hurry, hurry.
– Come on. – Daniel, go. Go, go, go, Daniel. Oh, no. The Game Master! I don’t know what just happened. Okay, let’s get through this tunnel. – Matt! Matt!
– You okay? – Whoa, yes.
– What happened? – The Game Master was chasing me, and then he froze. – That must be the remote. They’re controlling him. They must have stopped him. Maybe they’re having him
come follow us somewhere. – I need to be able to
hack into the system so I can figure out
where to start this game. – Yeah. – It looks like it’s around the corner, but we’re gonna have
to duck down low, okay? – Okay.
– Okay. – Hey, ZamFam. It’s Rebecca Zamolo, and right now we are
trapped inside a giant game that the GMI set up as a test run for the Mirror Initiative Two. We need to find the
start point of this game, because when we start it, it will put the whole place into lockdown. – If we can put this place in a lockdown, we could actually free the Game Master by getting the remote. Get down, get down. – [Daniel] Careful, guys. Careful, careful.
– Okay. – [Rebecca] Matt, stay down. – [Matt] I know. Trying to stay down low. – [Daniel] I see wires here. Look at all this.
– You’re right. Hacker wire. – [Daniel] Okay. It’s right up here, guys.
– Okay. – I’ll go check – Okay.
– Okay. – Matt, look.
– What is that? – It’s like, Nerf. Oh, look. Looks like a bow and arrow or something. What are these for, you guys? – Okay, so I was able to hack in. I found the start room. It looks like it’s a room where there’s a trick shot challenge? – We could beat the GMI at a
trick shot challenge, Matt. – Yes!
– We have better skills than they do. – We gotta back up, guys. It’s back that way. It’s just right through
the back of this tunnel. – [Matt] Okay, okay. Let’s back up. – Okay.
– Oh, man. Gotta go back. – Okay, ZamFam. It looks like we’re about to do some type of trick shot challenge. We have to start this game, but as soon as we start it, we’re gonna be in lockdown with the GMI. Daniel, how much further? – It should be right here. Hold on, hold on, hold on. – Come on, Matt. Can you fit? – You’ve been through
this already, Daniel? – [Daniel] Yeah, I did. – Okay. – [Daniel] Okay, here we go. You ready?
– Okay. At least we can stand up in this. Okay. Whoa. – [Daniel] We made it. – Wow.
– You guys okay? – Yeah. I’m putting on my ZamFam merch, by the way. I’ll be shouting people out later. – What is this room? – [Daniel] Let’s see. Okay. This looks like power or something. – Maybe you can hack into this somehow? – It’s some type of trick shot challenge. Where’s the room? – [Daniel] I think it should
be right beyond this door here. – Okay, let me see. Okay. It’s locked, Daniel. – Maybe I do have to hack in.
– Can you hack in? There’s wires. There’s wires here. – [Matt] Look. There’s a schematics right here. – Ooh. Okay, okay.
– You got it. Okay?
– Let’s see, let’s see. Hold on, I think I got it. I gotta flip these switches. Okay, ready, Rebecca? – [Rebecca] Yeah. – [Men] Three, two, one. – Did it work?
– Oh, great. – It opened. Come on, you guys. The trick shot challenge. – Careful, careful. No way. – [All] Whoa! – [Rebecca] Okay. That’s okay. That’s okay. That’s okay.
– It’s locked. – Is it locked?
– It’s locked. Try it again. – We’re gonna do a trick shot challenge, so we just have to figure out how to start the game. Let’s look around and explore the room so we can have the advantage when we come play it, right? – Whoa!
– Look at this. – Oh!
– Bow and arrow. – This is like Dude Perfect, did something like this. It’s like a trick shot challenge. – [Daniel] Trick shot challenge. – Trick shot challenge. – Whoa, whoa, whoa.
– Yeah, Rebecca, back up. Have you ever done one of these before? – No. – Do you wanna try a stunt? – I should practice though. This is part of the trick shot challenge. – [Daniel] Yeah, Matt, Matt. Show us. Whoa! – [Matt] Whoa! – [Daniel] What? – [Rebecca] Whoa, Matt, Matt, Matt. Stop it! Stop it!
– Whoa, whoa, whoa. – Whoa, whoa!
– Whoa, whoa! – [Rebecca] Okay, stop, stop, stop, stop. – [Daniel] What did you do? – I didn’t do anything.
– That’s obviously toxic. – I can’t stop something I didn’t do. – [Daniel] Okay, okay. – Oh!
– Oh, wait. Oh, man, oh, man.
– Look. There’s boxes. There’s boxes on that sign. Maybe we have to use the arrows. Maybe those are the targets
for this trick shot challenge. – [Daniel] Oh! – ZamFam, what do you think
this trick shot challenge is going to be, and how
do we start the game? – That was pretty awesome. – [Daniel] That was a pretty good shot. – Pretty good. First try!
– Look, there’s giant. – [Daniel] Whoa! – This, you could use
a gymnastics trick shot where you run, you jump, and you bounce off. And, you. You bounce off. – Okay, here we go. Oh!
– Whoa. Oh!
– Whoa. – Is that considered a trick shot? I think that’s considered a fail. – [Daniel] That was pretty good though. That was pretty good.
– I don’t know. – Here’s my trick shot. And then, I shoot it. – [Matt] No, no, no. You should actually try
to learn how to shoot that if this is a challenge, Rebecca. – [Daniel] Is that what happens? That didn’t work. Matt’s didn’t look like that. – Uh. – I’m gonna teach you
guys how to do this, okay? – Trick shot challenge. – You pull it up right here. I think you wanna have this
white thing on the outside. – White on the outside.
– The white side, yeah, and you kinda pull it in, like this. – [Daniel] Oh! – You look for a place to go. whoa! – [Daniel] Try it. – [Matt] It’s upside down. – [Daniel] The white part. There’s a white part. Oh, the whole thing. Oh, okay.
– The whole thing is upside down. – Oh, almost. – [Matt] You’re left handed, so it’s gonna be a little different. So, you’re gonna hold
it with your right hand. – [Daniel] But, I think you
need to hold the bow first. – [Matt] Oh, my gosh, Rebecca. – [Daniel] There we go. – [Matt] No, no, no no, no. You’re backwards.
– That doesn’t look very good. What’s gonna happen?
– Are you left handed? – [Daniel] Hey! That was intense. That was pretty good.
– Hey. – Okay, so if it’s a trick shot challenge, and we’re all on the same team, we’re all gonna be really good. – Or, maybe we’re not on the same team, we’re challenging each other. – [Daniel] We each have
to verse each other. – Like it’s a competition. – I’m gonna go for that far
one on the outside, okay? – [Daniel] Here we go. Almost. – Daniel, you should try. – Daniel, yeah. – The arrow, the white, on the outside? Oh! – [Matt] Oh, Daniel’s done this before. Whoa, this looks so crazy. Whoa! Okay, okay. I see, I see, I see. – Yeah, I feel like–
– you gotta hit those little targets over there. – I hope we don’t battle each other. – [Matt] Daniel, you’ll get better. Don’t worry.
– I’ll get better. – What is that? – Okay, remember when I
hacked into the system? This is telling me when
things are changing, and it looks like the
agents are trying to leave with the Game Master.
– No, no, no! They can’t! We have to get them in lockdown so we can do–
– We start the game. – Okay, Matt, you gotta search around. We gotta look around. See if we can start this
game, so we can get locked in. – [Matt] Okay. Here, there’s something around here. – Just here? – [Matt] Here. Maybe one of these? – Yeah.
– Oh, no! – [Daniel] Whoa, whoa, whoa. Okay, so that’s gonna
happen when you push those. Let’s just keep searching.
– Oh! – [Daniel] You see anything, Matt? – No.
– Daniel, Daniel! – [Daniel] What? – I think it’s a button. – [Daniel] Whoa, whoa. – Daniel! – You shouldn’t have done that. – [Announcer] Welcome to
the Trick Shot Challenge. First team to hit all of
their targets wins $10,000. Each team much not cross the red line. – Red line?
– Oh, there’s a red line. – Cross it.
– You guys, $10,000. – Wait! Hey! This isn’t fair. They have an advantage. There’s four of them and three of us. – Oh, no, no, no, no, no. – [Both] One, two,
three, four, five of us. – [Matt] Game Master! – [Rebecca] Game Master! – Game Master, activate. – Game Master’s being
controlled by the remote. Now, he’s gonna compete against us. – [Daniel] Oh, no. – This isn’t fair. You guys are controlling the Game Master. He’s on our side. – You’re the ones who started the game. Everyone in the game must play, and right now, this is our advantage. – [Announcer] The challenge
starts in 30 seconds. – 30 seconds.
– 30 seconds. – [Announcer] Put on your masks. – Oh!
– Whoa. – [Rebecca] Grab it, grab it, grab it. – [Matt] Grab your mask. Grab your mask.
– 30 seconds. – Got my mask, got my mask.
– Only three masks. – I got the Game Master. I don’t need a mask. – Go, go, go! – Okay, so what’s the plan? – Okay, well Matt hit
the target right away when we were practicing.
– Yeah. – So, maybe he should be in charge of just trying to take
out all the targets. – Okay, yeah. You do the archery. We’re at a disadvantage. There’s five of them and
there’s only three of us. – Yeah. – Okay, guys. Here’s the plan, all right? We are going to be hitting the targets. – You and I need to distract them, so that he can be focused,
and we can win this challenge. – Okay, so you control the Game Master and make sure it blocks all their arrows so it doesn’t hit our target. – You guys, we can’t forget, if we lose this, we’re gonna be trapped in
here forever, possibly, and we don’t wanna lose
our YouTube channels. – We need to win that $10,000 if we have to play this game. – Sounds good. – [Girl] Let’s do it. – Ready?
– Ready. – The stakes are high, okay? – Okay, so we have to do this, and again, you guys, the remote. We need the remote so we
can control the Game Master. – If one of us gets knocked out early, you have to figure out a
way to go get the remote. – Yeah.
– Oh, that’s a good call. – All right, ZamFam. Give us good luck right now. Hands in, you guys. – [All] Three, two, one. – ZamFam. – I didn’t know what to say. – We always do it wrong.
– Okay, okay. – Let’s go. – [Announcer] Daniel is eliminated) – [Rebecca] Oh, they got Daniel! Daniel! Get the targets! – [Announcer] Agent is eliminated. – [Agent] Oh, no! I’m out! – [Rebecca] Look! Alice opened the door! Daniel can get out that way. – [Agent] Stop Daniel! Stop Daniel! – The agent might be behind me. I gotta make my way back
through this tunnel. Maybe there’s a way I can hack into this
game and shut it down. – [Rebecca] Trick shot. Yes! – Okay. Okay, I’m back. I came through the desk right here. I don’t know where to go. Wait, I didn’t see this before. Have you seen this? Look at this! It’s like a control panel. What does this do? Okay, there’s record, looks like wifi, power, then, these different countries. What does this do? Oh. Did that do anything? Hold on, let me try again. Whoa. I don’t know if it’s doing anything. Comment down below if you have seen this control panel before. Wait, wait. It sounds like the agent. I think the agent’s coming. Hold on, hold on. – I know you’re in here. Where are you, Daniel? – Oh, nice! You hit the thing. – [Matt] They got another target. Rebecca, they only have one target left. – You have to be somewhere in here! – [Announcer] GM has won
the trick shot challenge. – [Matt] Rebecca. – They won. They won. What do we do?
– I don’t know. – Daniel just left. We need to get the remote. The one over there turned off the lights, so if we hit that, we’re
just gonna run out, grab the remote while they’re celebrating. Okay, ZamFam? Okay. Go! The remote! The remote!
– Quick, grab ’em! They have the remote! Let’s go! – Okay. Place to hide, place to hide,
place to hide, place to hide. Ooh! In here. Wait. Look at this! A rat. Maybe I can use them to scare an agent. Okay. Hold on. – Where are you, Daniel? I know you’re in here. Ah ha! Where could he be? – [Daniel] Ooh! – Oh, no! There’s a rat! There’s a rat! I hear Daniel! Daniel!
– Go, go, go, go. – [Rebecca] Go. Daniel! He’s in here! – He’s in there. – Daniel!
– Daniel! Oh! What? – Matt. It’s locked. Daniel! – [Matt] Daniel! – Matt, maybe he went through the tunnel. – [Matt] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh, I hear Daniel. – Daniel!
– I hear him! Is he in there?
– It’s locked. The tunnel’s locked right now. What all right we supposed to do? – [Announcer] Trick
shot challenge part two. Get three balls in the buckets, but don’t hurt your elbow. – Part two, okay. Get the balls in the bucket. Look, there’s buckets there! Look, there’s buckets here, too. So, maybe we just have to get
three balls into a bucket. – [Matt] With trick shots. Don’t hurt your elbow.
– trick shot. – [Matt] Look it! There’s some balls here. – Okay, so if this is it, but don’t hurt your elbow. ZamFam, do you know what that means, don’t hurt your elbow? Okay, maybe that’ll unlock the tunnel so we can get through. Okay, we need to hurry. Don’t hurt your elbow. Think of something.
– Elbow, elbow. – ZamFam, is there anything in here that has to do with an elbow? It’s trick shot, so sports, right? Something sport related.
– Yeah, sports. Yeah.
– There’s a net, and we gotta hurry. We’re in part two. The agents aren’t here yet. – [Matt] The racket. Right there, right there!
– Ah! That thing just fell.
– Yes. – Oh! Don’t hurt your elbow, like tennis elbow.
– Tennis challenge. – We just have to use this
and try to get the balls into the bucket.
– Oh! They’re getting close, Bec. – Okay. Do you want me to go first? – [Matt] Yes, you go first. – Okay. ZamFam, have you played tennis? My parents played tennis, but not me. Okay.
– One. – Oh! Okay. Okay, we’re so close. – [Matt] You’re not that good at this. – There’s a rat. Okay. Gotta be here somewhere. Oh! Oh, wait. What was that? Hold on. – Daniel, I know you’re in here. I’m gonna find you, Daniel. – [Rebecca] You got this. Oh! Woo!
– Okay, one. Two more. Okay, look. There’s buckets there. Maybe those are easier, Matt. Do a trick shot that way. Here, Matt. Let me try.
– Yeah. Maybe you’re up. – So, I think I’m gonna
hit that corner over there, it’s gonna bounce over that way, get down onto the white thing, and then bounce into the bucket, okay? – [Matt] Okay, here we go. – Okay, three. – [Both] Two, one. oh! – Two. – One more, Matt. We got this. I’m really good. Okay.
– You gotta call it out now. – So, I’m gonna hit that right there, it’s gonna go up to that corner, and then go right into the bucket. Oh! Rebecca! – I heard something. The tunnel! It might be open! Let’s go. We gotta meet up with Daniel. – [Matt] Go, go. – Bye, bye.
– What? No! No!
– Gotcha! Gotcha!
– No! – [Daniel] Oh, wait. Wait, what? – [Rebecca] Whoa! – [Matt] What is this? – I don’t know. It’s like a giant room. Look. It looks like Connect Four or something. What’s that? Daniel!
– Daniel! – Daniel!
– Are you okay? – Yes. An agent was chasing me, but I think I lost him, but they’re close. The agents are close. – You guys, look.
– We got the remote! – We have the Game Master remote. – Oh, great! – Okay, so there’s all these buttons. What should I press? What does it do?
– I don’t know. I don’t know what it does. Just press any button.
– Okay. Okay, I’ll try the X, okay? – Okay. – Okay, three. – [Both] Two, one. – What? – Game Master!


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    Hahahaha when i SAW matt fall i HAHAHAHAH i laugh soooooo much

  • Reply Jp to cute💜💜 January 8, 2020 at 3:57 am

    I see cameras

  • Reply Natalie Wall January 12, 2020 at 6:03 pm

    "Bye bye!" 🤣🤣🤣🤣 dead! I'm dead!!!

  • Reply Desirea Marrs January 14, 2020 at 5:00 pm

    If you make it with a bow arwrow the other team will get fogged.

  • Reply Orfan Abdullah January 18, 2020 at 3:36 pm

    Rebecca YOU WIN!

  • Reply Melora Pereira January 19, 2020 at 7:33 pm

    I love you

  • Reply Julissa Puente January 24, 2020 at 1:49 am

    Matt Rebecca. Daniel was the win

  • Reply Raj Salhotra February 1, 2020 at 3:15 am

    It's the control panel for the game master remote

  • Reply Lynette Reed February 2, 2020 at 9:39 am


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