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February 27, 2020

TikTok forced its way into our lives very
quickly and now it’s impossible to find a person who has never bumped into life hacks
in there. And today we’re going to talk about these
life hacks. Hey, gladiator, do you remember a life hack
that showed how to quickly get rid of bags under the eyes with the help of two halves
of a cotton pad soaked in buttermilk? Does this life hack truly work with real bags
under the eyes? Apparently, no. this life hack doesn’t work. Friends, wake up! If you’re fed up sitting out a school lesson
or you just get bored, TikTok will definitely offer you a life hack to solve your problem. To sleep unnoticed on a lesson and not to
arouse suspicions, use the eyes cut from paper and put into your glasses. Sweet dreams! Yeah, you’re cool, sister. If you have a trendy hair style but afraid
of damaging it when getting dressed, a life hack with an umbrella will help you. It’s simple and easy and what’s more,
effective. The life hack works and works great! Have you seen how to make amazing pictures
with glass and ice cubes? Thanks TikTok for such a great idea for photos! Scatter ice cubes on a glassy surface and
lie underneath it. But don’t forget that after a while ice
starts melting. Don’t be afraid to get wet as a new picture
idea of your mate is on the way. Thank you again, TikTok! In a TikTok world you can encounter a very
interesting life hack which will help add more fragrance of your favourite perfume to
your hair. Simply enough to spray the perfume onto your
hair. Anyway, you’d better test its efficiency
with a real challenge. Ugh, this life hack seems not to battle such
a difficulty level. Catch an absolutely new life hack! In case you’re very sleepy in the morning
so that you can’t put your toothbrush to the mouth, use a sheet of paper to handle
the brush right to the place of its exact usage. This is really a working life hack, so you’re
welcome! Do you remember a life hack with a flat iron
and corn flakes? We’re glad to tell you that this life hack
works smoothly, however, it’s not worth using it in places like cinemas where people
seek silence and tranquility. And now for cool selfies addicts we will introduce
big guns. You will easily find this life hack in TikTok
but keep in mind that while doing it you should know when to stop just like in everything
else. Otherwise you could prop against the ceiling
or something else. Fed up carrying a heavy suitcase so that your
hand’s falling off? And now you can again resort to TikTok. With the help of a carbine stick your suitcase
to your pants. But don’t forget to fasten the belt tight
otherwise the pants will fall down under the weight of your suitcase. TikTok users have tried various ways to charge
their smartphones and tablets! And our character is provided with the wide
choice of options how to charge his phone. But the problem is that sockets can’t be
replaced with fruit. Wow! It seems that a new source of energy’s been
discovered! This is a pineapple. But something seems to be wrong… Have you just tried to con our viewers? It’s bad to act like this! The mixture of coke and mentos mints no longer
surprises anybody. However, TikTok suggests that a couple of
ingredients might be added to it. These are soda and a washing detergent. Hey, people, be careful to observe some weird
biomass falling off as intense rainfall. Though no. Don’t be as this life hack doesn’t work. Have you always failed solving the Rubik’s
puzzle? Here you will find a one-minute life hack
to solve it. At least it is promised so. Anyway, it’s a perfect way of spending free
time. Much free time. Much more free time. Maybe this life hack doesn’t work and will
make you get lost for a while.

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