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December 6, 2019

– How do you wanna start
this video, Claire? – I don’t know.
– If you are watching this video right now, there is, I’m gonna say, like a 25% chance the first time you ever saw Claire and I, was a video of us sitting on a blue couch playing a song called
“You’ve Got A Friend in Me”. ♪ You’ve got a friend in me ♪ ♪ You’ve got a friend in me ♪ That You’ve Got A Friend in Me video, for whatever reason just blew up. – You have to hear this adorable version of “You’ve Got A Friend in Me”. – The father, daughter
duet that’s been watched a mere 100 million times and counting. – Adorable.
– 150 million times in the last week, how long
have you been singing? – For like a week or —
– On YouTube, it has 25 million views,
and on Facebook it got about a half a billion
views from what I can see. – What the heck.
– And so, Toy Story has always kind of felt like this thing for the Crosby family that kind of like, it
wasn’t our first video, but it was kind of our first big moment. And so we love Toy Story for that reason. – That’s not just the one song we like. – What other songs do you like? – We like the “When She Loved Me” song from Toy Story.
– How does that one go? ♪ When she loved me ♪ (Claire giggles) – That’s one of my favorite
songs that you sing. Did you know that, I love
when you sing that song. And it’s a very big day,
I think today is the day that Toy Story 4 comes
out in movie theaters. – Wait, is it 21st?
– Yeah. – Really?
– Yep. – Yay!
– Okay. So here’s what happened, Disney knows that this is special to us,
they know that Toy Story is special to us, and so for the launch of Toy Story 4, they
invited Claire and I out to Disney World to recreate our – [Father And Daughter] “You’ve
Got A Friend in Me” video. – At Toy Story Land, at Disney World. – At Disney World.
– So we made it again — – It’s a way better video.
– So we’re both older, so … – It sounds better.
– We sang a little better. I had a little more vocal
training from The Voice, when I was on that, learning
how to sing a little better. – You already sang perfect.
– I’m kind of sick right now. This is what happened
last week in Disney World. So we flew back to Orlando, Florida, we’ve been there six times now, right? – Hot. (sweet music) Whoa look at the humongous clouds. – We spent a day hanging
out in Toy Story Land. We went on, what’s your favorite
rides in Toy Story Land? Slinky Dog Dash, you and
Carson went on Slinky Dog Dash like a million times.
– Together. We rode together on the same — – It’s time. ♪ You sold me out ♪ ♪ I did not notice ♪ ♪ It’s been going on for a while ♪ – Who’s your buddy that
you’re gonna ride with? – You. ♪ I can find a higher love ♪ ♪ Oh, the clouds above ♪ – And then, after we hung
out in Toy Story Land, we went to the movie, we
got to see Toy Story 4, a few weeks early, we’re
just about to go to our Toy Story 4 premiere. (funk music) – Someone’s coming.
– Someone’s coming. (laughing) – [Dad] It’s Toy Story
4 guys, are you excited? – About a year ago —
– Toy Story 4. – I’m excited, got some popcorn here, and some popcorn here. (funk music) – Short summary, it was amazing. (funk music) What do you think Claire? – On a scale from one
to 10, I would say 10. – (laughs) 10? Why’d you say 10?
– It’s, I love the return of Bo Peep.
– She loves Bo Peep. And Bo Peep is back.
– She’s back, finally. – Who?
– Bo Peep. She got skipped in Toy Story 3. – And now she’s back?
– Yeah. – Were you kind of mad that
she got skipped in Toy Story 3? – A bit sad.
– All right Cars, what’s your rating?
– I love the part when Forky comes.
– He was funny right? – Forky is —
– There’s a new character and this guy is gonna steal the show. This little guy named Forky,
so we’ve been watching all the Toy Stories to get ready for this. We watched 1, 2, 3 and
now 4, it’s just like crazy to see how far animation
has come since 1995, 1995? 24 years ago is what they said, since the first Toy Story came out. That’s crazy to think too,
that’s been almost 25 years. Mom’s review of Toy Story.
– Loved it. – And me and Claire practiced super hard, because the next morning
we had our performance. We were recreating our video
of “You’ve Got A Friend in Me”. – Exciting.
– It was very exciting. ♪ You’ve got a friend in me ♪ ♪ You’ve got a friend in me ♪ Like I love Tom Hanks, he’s
like one of my favorite actors of all time, as I’m sure
he is for a lot of you. But I was kind of
wondering this whole time if we were gonna get to meet Tom Hanks, because we knew he was there,
right now we’re on our way to film our music video
and we might meet Tom Hanks and Tim Allen.
– And Keanu Reeves. – And Keanu Reeves, don’t forget him. Tom Hanks is like the goat of acting. – The goat?
– The Greatest Of All Time, if I call him the Goat, he’ll get that right?
– Don’t say that. – Yeah he will.
– Yeah. Everyone knows —
– You were the goat? – You were the goat. (sweet music) Do you know who Tom Hanks is?
– I think I’m gonna get — – Who?
– He’s the voice of Woody. He’s also a super, super famous actor. – Wait, how would we meet him today? – He is here, we might meet
him right now, I don’t know. And so we went there, and we were waiting kind of back stage, all
right, so the whole cast of Toy Story is about
to come through here. They’re doing like a Good
Morning America special thing right now, hi
Ash, and so we’re gonna just hang out and the
whole cast will walk by. So that’ll be cool, as the cast came out, you know we saw Tim
Allen, we saw Annie Potts, we saw Tony Hale, we saw
some of the characters. He came up to us as we
were standing there. – [Claire] He just walked
up and talked to June. – [Dad] And he started playing with June. (talking quietly) And June was actually kind of sad, like she was crying a little bit, and Tom Hanks was like,
oh what did he say to her, he was like, hey, if you’re
not happy around here, if this continues, I’ll make sure to call Child Protective Services for you, okay, they’re not gonna get
away with this anymore. Saying he was gonna call
Child Protective Services on me and mom, because
June was so sad. (laughs) – And June was like.
– June wasn’t super impressed. She was like, what are we doing here? – I know right?
– Nothing better than a puddle, right Carson?
– Toys. – So we don’t have a ton
of footage, unfortunately, from us actually performing our song. Because they didn’t want cameras backstage at Disney World, which is
totally understandable. And they’re also, they’re
gonna release this video, and we don’t wanna like,
spoil the surprise. So the video, I think it’s
actually gonna come out on the home release of Toy Story. So it may not be for a little bit. But it’s gonna be awesome, I
thought Claire did amazing. It was super fun, there
was even more surprises. So then we went on a special quest to meet all the Toy Story
characters in Disney World. Did we get ’em all, who’d we get? – We got Woody, Jesse, Buzz and Bo Peep. I think that’s all.
– That’s all the ones in Disney World?
– They should make a Forky. ♪ I can find a higher ground ♪ ♪ I’d just like to reach past ♪ ♪ The summit to the light ♪ ♪ I can find a higher love ♪ ♪ Over the clouds above ♪ ♪ And I can find a higher ground ♪ ♪ I’d just like to reach past ♪ ♪ The summit to the light ♪ – And even while we were hanging out in Toy Story Land, Claire actually sang “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” for Bo Peep. – The Bo Peep, like, the Bo Peep, not like the voice of Bo Peep,
but the Bo Peep you can meet in Disney World that’s
dressed like Bo Peep. ♪ You’ve got a friend in me ♪ ♪ You’ve got a friend in me ♪ ♪ You’ve got troubles, ♪ ♪ I’ve got ’em too ♪ ♪ There isn’t anything ♪ ♪ I wouldn’t do for you ♪ ♪ We stick together and see it through ♪ ♪ Because you’ve got a friend in me ♪ ♪ Girl you’ve got a friend in me ♪ (applause) – Oh thank you.
– You can share them with some friends, meet some friends, you can give them some stickers? – I made a lot of friends at school I think I have enough to give everyone. – Amazing.
– So after all of that, they ask Claire if she would interview some of the characters, we went back, and who did you interview first? – Tony.
– Interviews are finally starting, Claire’s about
to interview Tony Hale who plays Forky, and he also plays Buster in one of my favorite
shows, Arrested Development. Who, you’re meeting that guy right there. – Hello, (gasps) hello, hey.
– Hi Tony. – Hey, how’s it going?
– Good. – Hello Claire, I’m Tony.
– It’s nice to meet you. – It’s so nice to meet you.
– You were awesome in Toy Story 4.
– Oh my gosh. You’re so sweet.
– Do you wish you were a different
character besides Forky? Or do you like being Forky?
– I really like being Forky and I’ll tell you why. I like being Forky, because
he asks a lot of questions. Loves peanut M&Ms, I love ’em. What’s your favorite candy?
– I like peanut M&Ms too. – You do? (funk music) – I’ve never made any … That was fun.
– You did such a good job.
– I was super scared at first.
– You were scared at first? – Yeah, I was like so terrified
when he was gonna come in. – You were?
– It was like so amazing, then I
realized it was super fun. – [Dad] When you started
talking to him it was cool? – Yeah.
– Because he’s a fun guy, right?
– Mm-hmm. – He could not have been cooler. Like super nice guy, and
then after Tony Hale, who else did you interview?
– Then I met the directors. – So then Claire met the
directors of Toy Story. The guys who created Toy Story. They’re coming in right now.
– Hello, hello. – Hey.
– How’s it going? – Come on in.
– You guys are over there. – Thank you so much, hi there.
– Hi. – Are you Claire?
– Wow, I’m Jonas. – Nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you, Claire. – I’m Mark.
– And Claire asked them a very, very cool question, she asked, her first question was, how
do you even make Toy Story? Do you remember that,
and they explained that they started working on Toy Story 4 when you were one years old.
– How did that take five years?
– See the animation is so incredible, the
animation on Toy Story 4 is just like so mind
blowing, it’s like so good that it took five years
to get it all done. It’s amazing how much work that takes to get that movie done. – Really good. (laughing) – Absolutely, I remember making, have you ever made a hand turkey? – This is the last event of
the day for little Claire. She is now gonna interview
her very favorite character, who is it, Claire?
– Bo Peep. – She’s really excited for this one. She finally gets to interview Bo Peep. What are you gonna ask Bo Peep? – I wanna know her favorite color. – [Dad] You wanna know her favorite color? What’s your guess? My guess is it’s gonna be purple. – Pink.
– Pink? – Is there somebody in here named, (gasps) there is, hi Claire.
– Hi Annie. – How are you?
– Good how are you? – I’m good, can I have a hug from you? Oh, thank you so much,
I’m so glad to meet you. I’ve been very excited,
because I have been, I have been watching you,
and listening to you. – You’re actually my favorite character. – Oh, that is so nice to hear — – Do you want a sticker?
– Yes, I do. What is the sticker of? ♪ Every time I laugh ♪ ♪ Every time I laugh ♪ Keep singing, thank you.
– Thank you. – Bye.
– She was awesome. She’s like, I think she
was my favorite interview. And I asked her her favorite color. – Yep.
– And it was pink. – Pink was her favorite
color, that’s right. – And I guessed it was pink.
– So that was the end of the work, after all the interviews. We did the screening, we did the video. We did the interviews, so all we had left was to have fun at Disney World. – Yeah, the Pandora’s
slower, doesn’t count because I have high heel shoes. (sweet guitar music) Those look like orange flying spiders. – Right now, we’re on a safari ride, we’re gonna see lots of animals. – Yeah!
– Did you know that? – Dad you can see elephants, see look. – Oh, elephants too. ♪ I can feel a sun ♪ ♪ On my skin ♪ ♪ Beginning to thaw ♪ ♪ From within ♪ ♪ Today and not tomorrow ♪ ♪ There’s no ♪ ♪ Time to borrow ♪ ♪ Today is a good day ♪ ♪ To live ♪ – So we just wanna give a
huge shout out to Disney. Our friend Chris from
Disney, he’s like one of our favorite guys over there, Chris. You’re the man, this is the guy who makes it all happen,
thank you very much. – These two, these two.
– You’re the best. A special thanks to Chris —
– Thank you. – To the Disney team who gave
us this opportunity and … (Claire whispering) she wants to show you one
more thing before we go. – First let me show you the
back, it says Bo Peep by Claire, and I’m gonna flip it over.
– Claire drew this today. – Colored it.
– Claire colored this today I should say.
– Because I didn’t draw it. – It is beautiful.
– Dad printed out that. And I did the rest.
– And then we also have some more cool Toy
Story 4 surprises coming up, we think, we’re working with Disney — – What?
– Working with Disney on another pretty cool project. – I didn’t know that.
– I don’t think I’ve told you yet, but Disney
has another project in mind. – Can you tell me?
– Not yet. I’ll tell you later.
– Why? – Surprises, surprises, all right. Thanks so much everyone,
we’ll see you all later. – Goodbye.
– We will see you all — – On the next — – [Father And Daughter] Adventure. – Bye.
– Bye. ♪ Borrow today ♪ ♪ Is a good day to live ♪

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