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We Made This Restaurant Go Viral

December 12, 2019

[Music] the internet wasn’t ready for this every spin2win this is out of control are you kidding me my name is Liz Werner and I’m the director of editorial video for bring me over the years destinations that we feature and have had lines around the block and many have even opened up second locations so the brainy team decided to see if we could be the ones to come up with a viral experience ourselves so the way this is gonna work is that we’re gonna come up with a concept for a business we’re gonna work with them to actually make it a reality but then we’re gonna make a bring me video about it and best-case scenario the video goes viral and there are lines out the door I’m here to GTO my name is fernando beldar and we’re from brown house burger oh I’m in the kitchen loud and proud today people number of different businesses that wanted to work with us but the founders of ground house really stood out Brown House burger is the full experience it’s the most disruptive burger brand in the game we’re here handcrafted tastes exploding palate electrifying burgers that you’ve never had anywhere else that’s a god house burgers all about what he says [Music] all right it’s Tuesday morning and we’re heading down a ground house burger to let them know that we have chosen to feature their business operate me when I went down to ground house burger a bear Fernando and I discussed a bunch of really cool ideas but I really needed to bring me team to take this to the next level here’s our awesome team of producers [Music] so we all sat down and looked through ground houses menu and we realized they had a really strong burger game but they could definitely step up their fry games on tap I just like beer taxes yeah feeling it’s gonna be a slightly too complicated to build for me to do like yeah and like all your fries in the middle to dip them in like a lazy susan like a frying fly in the sauce play like the fries in the middle rotated in Vegas really yeah fabulous I love it it’s not spiritual do you guys like the name forever left that’s cool so that’s where we came up with the idea of the fryer ooh let’s do hey Liz how you doing good so bring me team Mets after the brainstorm that we have at you guys and we have an idea for you okay so when I called Fernando he was into the idea of the fryer roulette but definitely a bit worried as to how he was gonna make it happen we’re gonna need like at least 15 sauces like dishes you want to fill up the contraction yeah like minimum 50 hi Wow okay okay I know it’s a lot but people are gonna go crazy for it okay all right well let’s we’ll start working on it and see what we can come up with so I called Fernando not only to explain the concept of fry Berlin but also that this video had to go up right after Thanksgiving so we didn’t have a ton of time sounds gonna do it we’ll see sauces then the bring me team called us and told us what they wanted to make we kind of stopped in our feet real quick because we didn’t know what to expect we didn’t know how to make this we know how to craft this smell I don’t know if it’s gonna fit with our sauce gonna fit perfectly fine Peter your show these are gonna be off no one considers this a French right so we were in the kitchen and Fernando try to tell me tater tots are on the front I said I’m gonna front onion rings not a fryer bro we got to do a fried good something we met in the middle cuz that’s what partners did we sat down and we said listen you get our earrings I get ten tops we both win yeah game over let’s do it let’s do it all right what do you think don’t say my name you know what you got your fries you got your tater tots you got your onion rings sweet potato fries you got all your sauces so we bring it out to the customers like this you know what I mean stacking on everyone I was carrying like this to get Harriette like this and then once they get to the table boom take your side pick your size okay I’m a little nice time worried its precarious that’s a nice stack come on whoa oh yeah yes oh I think this is a great first start I think we have to find a way to just put everything together somehow what do you guys thoughts on maybe building something ginger oh you think I’m Bob the Builder fuck burger got it Bob the Builder okay don’t worry hon I do I move my thumb’s on Instagram he’s the building you really want us to build it we got to go back to her kitchen you got a map this outfit okay we just left ground house and I honestly don’t really see two separate items going viral unless they can literally custom make a fry roulette contraption like I don’t know what other options we have so we had to go back to the drawing ones soon for an Anna decided to do some woodwork yes [Music] this is so frustrating I don’t know how we’re gonna come up with this I’m out here with my dad trying to figure this out right now I have this and I have to turn it into a fiber lip I don’t know how that’s gonna happen but we’re gonna have to make it happen [Music] giving up french fries so Friday was the last day we had to go down and shoot this video otherwise we wouldn’t make the deadline so we just hoped that Vegas would look good and the fry rule it would spin and was all it means it’s too good not to do it do it you guys killed it the other day yes this is perfect this is crazy Roger let’s bring it in tight bring it in tight let’s go missing boy let’s do it when we saw the four I realize for the first time our minds world below it was exactly what we wanted and they did such a good job [Music] do you want to have each of them already in there [Music] so we just shot surprise it was me burger guy is gonna be chain that says fry God walking vibes and people just like stop like random people were stop eating like me like what is that I want it and later than fries if people in real life were already trying to come over and share with us like Eric of course gonna share that video that’s a wrap yo what is shoe was anything going print hey pretty good ooh that looks like so much fun yeah I love that shot whenever we post a video even if we think it’s gonna go really viral sometimes you just have no idea [Applause] [Music] [Music] this is out of control look at all the sudden look at everybody eating together look around the house burger in the fry ruler are bringing people together this is what happens when you put together the best possible product and people see it and they experience it then they come to eat it then they tell a friend 50 million bees are you kidding me oh my God we’re going crazy look at all that look at all these tickets right here we only have three framelits left in a back right here oh my god this is insane I have all these missed text from Fernando hey how’s it going did you know how much it’s bumped up your sales roughly the video started getting so much traction that they not only had lines out the door but other outlets started reaching out to feature the FRA roulette yo what’s up bring more than week been one week it’s been one week since a fry roulette was dropped on the Internet who’s with Michael tastebud insider food the list food endless everyone we said listen we did the fry roulette will bring me well you’re gonna relax we’ll give you a little dab a little dab give you a little some let me just tie something we ran out forever let’s people were going enough we even have surveillance footage of someone trying to steal a prioritize that’s the chef up a little lean these they’ve won out of the kitchen he said excuse me young man what are you doing with that were Larry Blythe what do you do with that roulette the young man said fine to a nun give the roulette right back dropped it dropped it right there you didn’t want that smoke anyone has what happens when the burger got in chef shows up yeah it’s looking like it’s not he shares right now which is doing great the coolest part was just seeing all the people all the tables I mean a primary light on the table like the honors just sent us this video of like every single table had ordered a fiber let which is just awesome like we saw this from nothing like an amorphous thought to then now it’s a real thing that you can go into a store and buy and purchase and that is surreal it’s so cool it’s been a few months now and I am so curious as to whether or not people are still ordering the fryer roulette I have a feeling there’s probably still some orders I don’t know but I hope that it has you know affected their business in a really positive way [Music] yo guys we’re back what’s up so tell me how have things been going has business change are people still ordering the pie roulette this is definitely change a lot of people walk in more and they’re like yo the first they’ll come in because they want the fiber lit and then after that they’ll check out the menu and then they’ll just come back and try the rest of the stuff in the first month we doubled our business yeah the fried roulette would bring in people buying the burgers checking out our magical burger seeing our vegan burger the fried roulette is a huge piece to get everyone here obviously with our second location and three more on the way the fry roulette is one of our main storytellers to the entire we’re gonna making a lot more fry relaxed because we open up the second location in Santa Ana so you know the second location yeah we have on a second local operator fry row let’s going between both spots yeah yeah it’s insane it’s gonna be at every location grande how’s that Wow we’re gonna go crazy yes we do have to thank everybody that watches bring me because the support they showed us was unbelievable you guys are on we know you guys have the best fans in the game listen to all the fans you guys are amazing yeah [Music]


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