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We Made Agar Art to Reveal Blugene’s Virus Friend’s Name!

February 13, 2020

Thanks to everyone for submitting all
your ideas for naming Blugene’s virus friend. Today we’re here at BosLab, a
community lab located in Cambridge, Massachusetts There were a lot of great
ideas and we’ve narrowed it down to four finalists. And to reveal the winning name
we thought we’d try something a little different… by using agar art! Now, we will bepainting the finalists name onto ager plates using bacteria expressing fluorescent proteins and chromoproteins We’ll be back in a few days to check on
the plates. “Oh my goodness, I see Blugene!” And the four finalists are… Aavery Addy Cappy and Kendall We hope you’ll vote for your favorite name, using the link in the video. Thanks to BosLab
for hosting us for agar art fun

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