We Have More Than Enough Calories, But What About Other Nutrients?

October 12, 2019

Dr. Eric Bakker here. Thanks for tuning in. We’ve produced enough food to supply a lot
of people. If you look at the western world, America,
and Europe, and the western developed nations, apparently there’s so much production of food,
particularly high protein and fat foods. I just read an interesting study that shows
there’s enough to support everyone in developed nations between five to 6,000 calories a day
even more, but there’s a concern about the loss of micronutrients in this food and particularly
because of the distribution of the food, the mechanization in terms of the harvesting and
the processing of this food. So while we’re swimming in an ocean of food,
many people are unfortunately also starving with the lack of micronutrients and particularly
things like folate, vitamin A, vitamin C, and lot of trace elements also are getting
harder and harder to access. Folates are really a big one, for example. It’s one of the most important B vitamins
for brain and heart health. Even the maturation of red blood cells, you
need good levels of folate. So, folate is added often to many different
foods like bread for example, for that reason. It’s my belief that this is part of the cancer
problem, is that we’re eating foods that are too rich in protein and too rich in fat, but
not rich in the essential vitamins and minerals that our bodies really need. Everybody can do something about that. If you think about folic acid, it’s very high
in deep, green leafy vegetables, which is so easy to grow for so many people. So even if you grow a few plants, you’re going
to supply yourself with some folate, which your brain desperately needs. Is it any wonder we’re living in an ocean
of depression, and anxiety, and suicide these days? Not just all the gloom and doom, but also
the lack of sufficient nutrition that keeps us in fantastic health. Do something about it. Try and grow some food, and if you can’t,
just try and see what you’re lacking. Many people that I’ve seen over the years
in my clinic lack magnesium. They lack calcium. They like vitamin C. They just haven’t got
enough of the basic stuff, and when they finally get that supplied in their diet, they feel
so much better, especially the emotional health picks up. So if you suffer from anxiety and depression,
your diet is poor, do something about it. Don’t just look at keto or carnivore diets. Think about all the trace elements that your
body could be lacking because many people do lack the small, important vitamins and
minerals today, the ones that can make all the difference, the ones that can stop you
from going on pharmaceutical drugs, the ones that can stop you thinking that you’re crazy. Thanks for tuning in. Click on the link below if you want my free
Candida 17-page shopping guide. Thank you.

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