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October 24, 2019

Good morning, nesters! It is a rainy day
outside; just to tell you about the crazy weather in Atlanta in the winter. Yeah
it’s raining outside we had snow a week and a half ago we had a little bit of
warm weather and now we just have like this yucky icky crazy rain every other
day but this is what it’s usually like down south in the wintertime at least
like you know I used to live in Alabama so we would get lots and lots of rain
sometimes storms during December here in Atlanta I’m seeing that we’re getting
rain sunshine know what it does not want to make up its mind but anyway how are
you guys doing it’s so good to come back with another vlog the girls are at the
table finishing their breakfast and I am working on none other than laundry of
course what’s new and watching the Mindy project man I am so addicted to this
little show I guess it’s not a little show but um I am so addicted to
this show it’s so good I just feel like I’ve been sleeping on it. Hello
where were my friends no one told me about this show anyway it’s really good
I’m in the fourth season I just started this show probably like three or four
weeks ago maybe it’s been longer than that I don’t know like the days and the
weeks just merge and pass by so quickly like next week is the end of 2017 guys
the end of 2017 I remember when I was a little girl I would watch I loved
watching the news but hi Maddie did you finish your food oh
you didn’t why didn’t you finish your food
you’re full yes you only have a little bit of banana left
you didn’t eat bad how old are you here is three years old you can finish that
okay show me that you can finish it I really can do it okay you two gosh t anyway when I was a little girl I loved
watching the news I remember I used to watch like Nightline in prime time and
Dateline 60 minutes all of those with my grandparents and I remember one night
like late and it was like Nightline or something and they were talking about
what we could expect in the year 2020 and I was probably only like 9 or 10
years old and I was like 2020 I cannot even fathom that there is no way our our
world is gonna last until 2020 but here we are right on the precipice of 2018
crazy any of you guys have any New Year’s resolutions formulated as yet or
just anything that you would like to improve on in the year 2018 let me know
that would be the question of the day so drop your answers down in the comment
section I’ll eat it I will all right I’m gonna go ahead and get started with this
laundry and it’s pretty much raining yeah you can help me what help me okay
but first you need to go wash your hands and your face okay
yes when you finish your food it’s it’s raining pretty heavy so Allen’s not
gonna do a little work he’s on his way back and we will see what the day holds
for us right you guys so the laundry got folded we are on our
way to Marietta or an appointment for Madison that was supposed to be
yesterday but we’re on our way today hi Maddie
I am esteemed and it is raining so hard it’s insane it’s raining so hard Alan
got soaked earlier yeah I can’t work today
probably five flash flooding there’s a lot of water on the road it’s pretty bad what’s the feather storm
all day the rain is is good and cleans the atmosphere
that way I guess we
that she says she’s happy that it’s rainy anyway we gonna play right yeah
they have on their rain boots so they really excited to jump into some
puddles we are on our way which you Marietta and I think we’re
gonna make it in time it’s definitely not that hot earlier it’s like those if they’ll get
it in a slightly wasn’t ready that we’re really sort of coming down it felt good
okay mom advice warm rain you don’t feel like kind of like Florida constant
constant dream we had rain all summer it was like Seattle no joke it was like
rain it rained every week almost and it never dried up enough to where I could
really do a lot of landscape work we had to work at the rain because it was just
there was no other option this must be like how Seattle is all
and you know having visited Seattle it does rate all the time like literally
every I was up there for like three days it rained every day picnic at some point
even if it doesn’t there’d up for a little bit it was still raining at some
point during that day my sister was on there and it just rains non-stop I guess you could get used to it I don’t
know I don’t know find it used to overcast right oh yeah this is like that
would that would be like the depression rate would be really high there yeah
some people can’t stand it for that reason some people work in Seattle and
live in California I’m at a couple bit different business people when I was in
Seattle from at the hotel that actually just
spend the week working up there and then go home to California on the weekends
they live it like either San Francisco or even even
further south that they fly up have been working Seattle at one of the and one of
the bigger companies either they work at Amazon they work what’s it called Microsoft you know so
it’s like that’s some people like I work here but
I won’t let you oh my goodness that took forever the
appointment was scheduled for 10:45 we arrived at 10:40 and it is now one
o’clock I’m ready to go eat I was doing good she’s growing well just healthy
4:30 is afternoon time is right no I’m just prize at the time at the truck is
right I’ve never said the time so yes it is
right well the time is right it’s 4:30 and it is raining raining
Johnsonville look just look anyway we are headed home today has been one for
the books but still we can count our blessings but uh yeah so it rained Allen
wasn’t able to work Madison’s appointment took forever I had to go
somewhere else some other things and then realize that
I’ve been traveling all day without my eyes
and I’m pretty sure I know where it is but I need to go home and find it down
anyway so I just left the store I picked up a few things to go with suffer and
I’m just got to go home and make a supper and probably call it a day
because my stomach is not feeling well I don’t know what it is but it’s just
super upset and like gurgling and all that yucky stuff so that’s been our
rainy day today the girls are really oh gosh I hope it’s not a stomach bug I
don’t think it’s that serious I’m not claiming that I’m not claiming
it no way really Madison says I know she wants me but join the party she likes
the food yeah maybe yeah because I think I did
hear it last night that she say her stomach was hurting yeah and it was I
hope we didn’t get a bad was Anya last time you had an oven dinner for dinner
and it was like lasagna vegetable lasagna and today like my sure you
should give the present date like that yes like immediately after eating bath
she stomach started to upset her and then or her stomach got upset and
consequently upset her I’m just really ready to go home and sleep but I’m gonna
make some chili some chili some cornbread got some oyster crackers and
I’m gonna call it a day probably and so on
thirty-five mr. practice yes don’t you one hon who doesn’t like oyster crackers
are you serious why not always two crackers are like the
best thing ever like the crackers that I gave you earlier today I like those too
I don’t like oyster oyster crackers but we’re gonna have cornbread too you know I’m just yeah I just want to eat yeah
you’re not thinking because he’s not pinky than everyone that has preferences
segi are pinky nude colored people they’re colored people let’s talk about
the four different personalities Oh God do we really need to take a quiz well
yeah whatever there’s there’s different methods to do it well yeah they’re
always I I feel like there’s general things you can easily see from some of
the Phillies tracks like someone just certain situations okay Wow look at those piece they’re not
real they’re not oh are you serious well I see I’ve never clear this road a lot
that’s a chiropractor’s office I just have to give a key fell down that’s your
guy right no it’s a chiropractor’s office and they have fake geese. Anyways take
care good people. Thank you so much for taking the time to watch our videos
if you like what you see if you’d like to see more please give this video a
thumbs up hit the subscribe button and we’ll see you in the next vlog see you
guys later say bye. Bye, bye, bye. We’re on our way home
oh my gosh you took your hair.. okay we’re on our way home [laughter] Oh, God. Gotta love life.

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