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WannaCry Virus: Just The Beginning! What’s Next?

December 28, 2019

Hey what’s up guys, I’m ThioJoe. By you’ve hopefully heard about Wannacry,
the infamous ransomware computer virus that’s been going around the past couple weeks. If you somehow aren’t, well here’s the quick
summary. Earlier this year there were a bunch of leaks
from the NSA that revealed unpatched Windows exploits. These exploits had actually been patched for
a while in the most recent versions of Windows, but as we know, not everyone keeps their operating
up to date. For example, there are millions and millions
of computers that still run Windows XP which is no longer being updated, and even for more
recent verions like Windows 7, some people have updates disabled for some stupid reason. All of these people, which included businesses
too slow to upgrade, were vulnerable to these exploits. And these exploits were pretty nasty, the
main one is known as “EternalBlue”. You didn’t even have to do anything to become
infected. The exploit allows someone to directly connect
to your computer out of nowhere and take over. After the virus infects one computer, it now
has access to that entire local network, and uses the computer’s file sharing services
to take over every computer it’s connected to. Not only that, but the virus will actually
PATCH the exploit once it infects a computer, effectively shutting the door behind it so
no other viruses can get in and steal control again. But the worst thing about the Wannacry viruses
is what it does after it infects a computer. I’ve talked about ransomware before, which
I think are the most evil kinds of viruses. This type of virus will encrypt all of the
files on your computer, making them completely useless unless you have the encryption key. And to get it, the virus demands a payment
of $300 in bitcoin, and double that if you wait too long. Eventually if you don’t pay, it threatens
to delete the encryption key, locking you out of your files forever. Now wannacry has been one of the most talked
about viruses in a long time, both because of how damaging it is, and also because of
how widespread it has become. There were hundreds of thousands of computers
in 150 countries infected, even including some hospitals where some medical equipment
systems were infected. So is there anything that’s being done about
this all this? Well obviously the answer is yes. The first line of defense is to simply keep
your computer up to date on security patches that fix this exploit. If you’re running something like XP, you need
to get with the program, because that operating system is not receiving any more updates,
and more and more exploits WILL be found. In this case, Microsoft decided the exploit
was so bad that they actually released an emergency patch for Windows XP even though
they said it’s no longer supported. But don’t expect that to keep happening. There’s really no reason to not keep Windows
up to date on the latest patches. However I will say for a lot of their major
updates like the anniversary update, did have a lot of bugs. But you aren’t usually forced to get those
updates until a while later, so by then the bugs should be fixed. Besides staying up to date with patches, you
should also have an antivirus as I’ve said countless times before. You might think you are too smart or too familiar
with computers to get a virus, but Wannacry is proof that that’s not true. The next time an exploit is found, it might
not be patched yet, and you’re left completely vulnerable even if you don’t do anything wrong. I think the best thing is to get antivirus
software that both scans for viruses, and has internet security features, meaning it
will block attempts that you might come across online from infecting you in the first place. And while Windows does have built in antivirus,
it really isn’t that good. The third thing you need to do. And I mean NEED to do, is back up your computer. And not only that, do it in a way where the
virus can’t infect the backup as well, which I’ll talk about. The importance of backing up your computer
should be obvious. It’s not even mainly about viruses, but rather
the fact that your hard drive WILL fail eventually. All of them do. If you just keep all your important files
on your one computer and that’s it, you’re playing with fire. Hard drives don’t give you much warning if
they’re going to fail, if they do at all, and once they do you can’t get your data off
it. In some cases you can spend thousands of dollars
and send it to a data recovery company, but it’s not a guarantee. We know from research done by Backblaze, a
backup company, how often hard drives fail. In the first year and a half, you can expect
a 5% failure rate. That’s a one in 20 chance you’ll lose all
your data. If you make it past a year, chances are it
will survive the next year and a half. But after just 3 years, they saw a failure
rate of nearly 12%, and obviously gets worse after that. Now I KNOW that many of you have computers
older than 3 years old. Heck, mine is about that old. Right now as you’re sitting here, there’s
a 1 in 10 chance your hard drive will fail this year. Alright so I think you get my point, let’s
get back on topic. So backing up your data. It’s not as hard as you think. Modern versions of windows all have built
in backup features that make it incredibly easy. You can just plug in an external hard drive
that’s big enough to fit your stuff, enable Windows automatic backup, and wow you just
saved yourself a lot of headache. But that’s not all you should be doing, because
consider this. Maybe that external hard drive is as safe
as you think. Maybe a thief brakes in and steals your computer,
and your hard drive along with it. Or in the case of wannacry or any other ransomware,
it’s going to see the backup drive attached to the computer, and encrypt everything on
there too! You have a couple options here to solve this. First, you could disconnect or turn off your
external hard drive between backups. This way if your computer gets infected, your
backup is physically separated from the virus, and is obviously safe. The other option is to use an online cloud
backup service. There are a few out there, like Backblaze,
Carbonite, Crashplan, and others. The idea is the same for them all. The software runs in the background, and uploads
all your files to the company’s servers for backup so you don’t have to worry about handling
it yourself. And every time you add a new file or update
it, it will update the copy on the server. And if some of your files do get encrypted,
the service should have an option for version history, so it will still have the good copies. So now that you know all about Wannacry and
how to protect yourself against it, you might be wondering what’s next. Unfortunately, this is all only going to get
worse, seriously. Hackers all over the world are going to see
how effective and profitable a virus can be, and try to make their own. They’ll be working overtime to discover new
vulnerabilities all the time. And because of how effective ransomware is,
I don’t think we will ever see the end of it. I actually think that ransomware is going
to literally be around forever. Because the concept is so simple. Even as computers get more and more powerful,
hackers can just use stronger and stronger encryption indefinitely. It’s just a matter of how they infect people
in the first place. Oh, and would you look at that, there IS already
a new virus going around! That didn’t take long did it? The latest threat is one called “EternalRocks”,
and believe it or not, it could be even worse than Wannacry. Because not only does EternalRocks use the
same couple of exploits as Wannacry, it actually uses seven different exploits found in the
NSA leak. So this way, it can infect WAY more computers,
because there are so many more entry ways. So what is this EternalRocks virus. Well it’s actually kind of interesting, because
it’s been spreading, but hasn’t actually done anything yet. You see once the virus infects your computer,
it spreads itself to other computers if it can, but otherwise stays invisible to the
user. So you might not even know if you have it. But the scary thing is that the hackers wouldn’t
make this virus for nothing. It has a purpose, but they’re clearly waiting
for something… One obvious possible explanation is they are
trying to infect as many computers as possible, and finally activate all at once. If people don’t know they have the virus,
they aren’t going to try and remove it, making it much easier to spread. And as I mentioned, we aren’t even sure what
this virus is going to do. It can just download any set of instructions
from it’s creator at any time. They could decide to launch a Ransomware campaign,
or turn it into a botnet to attack major websites, or even sell the botnet to another hacker
group. In any case, I bet we’ll find out soon enough. If we’re lucky, authorities will find the
virus creators and shut them down before they can do real damage. Until then, the best thing you can do is follow
the same steps I layed out before. Stay up to date on security patches as soon
as they’re released, have an antivirus installed just in case, and of course back up as a last
resort. Unfortunately, I think most people are NOT
going to do this, and as I mentioned before, a lot of the vulnerable computers are on businesses
or less developed countries with lots of old computers. And the hackers know this, which is why this
type of thing is just going to keep happening. So you really just need to focus on protecting
yourself. Anyway, I think that covers just about everything,
really hope it was helpful for those of you who weren’t aware of these risks. And even for those of you who were, will be
even more vigilant going forward. I’d love to hear what you think down in the
comments section, and be sure to check out other people’s comments as well. If you want to keep watching, I’ll put some
other videos right here to click on. And if you want to subscribe, I got new videos
every Tuesday Thursday Saturday. Again I’m looking forward to hearing from
you, so thanks for watching, I’ll see you next time, have a good one.


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