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November 27, 2019

Here’s how to get started naturally
, eczema, dry skin, alopecia areata, urticaria, stretch marks, skin aging,
vertiligot, shingles, scabies; Tasks brown
this recipe is going to just be for you my loves, so
here is today I would like you, what is this? pure and vegetable glycerin, but how
use it in combination of this, in without delay
we have a vase in the heart of the subject and during that I will show you how to do
your preparation I will also explain Why
do you have to combine two products and what is the dosage and how do you
must do My loves for this preparation you will have
need a glass like that, some dough toothpaste of course you can take anything
what kind of toothpaste that does not change nothing, and of course glycerin as
I told you pure and vegetable. For this preparation, you will need
a tablespoon of glycerin, then a very small hazelnut bicarbonate
, and then you mix very well your ingredients and you’re going to get a solution
poorly, then you’re probably wondering why do I tell you to mix these two ingredients
, know that glycerine is simply synthesized from animal fats
or even vegetable oil such as walnut coconut, shea butter and soy
you know and you know what the nut is for coconut butter karate, soy, yes
that’s why I want to talk to you virtues of glycerine for your body
and how to use it? Because it is used in pharmacy and even in cosmetics, know
that it is a moisturizing agent, and she has outstanding properties for your
skin is essential if you want treat all evils so I spoke to you
, The glycerin well dosed can simply
to be used in many ways she can be combined with shaving foam,
with toothpaste, in mouthwashes , for hair care for care
corporal because it is simply composed emollient, humming, occlusive
, which act together to improve the hydration of your skin, yes my loves
the glycerin that you see here combine all these qualities
, which interests us it will ensure the continuity of the hydration of the skin
by forming an occlusive film on your skin, yes a barrier on your epidermis she
will also help restore and stimulate the natural defenses of your skin, this
will help to better deal with infections and external aggression, by improving
the elasticity of your skin, you who suffer of desquamation, that’s my love if we continue
with the virtues of this mixture we will spend there all day so once you have
mixing process, it is very important to follow the
next steps: let’s ask this cool for about half an hour
, do not use it now, once that you let cool, that
will evacuate everything that is iodine , all that is contained in the toothpaste
and that will leave the essential elements so we need for the care of the
skin now apply this on your skin,
of the month on the places to be treated, make massage in every night before sleeping
on your you will see that the result is simply going
to be breathtaking you leave for a few minutes
you are going to see you are going to feel like a feeling hot and cold, how are you
catch, it’s going to tighten your skin, do not panic it’s not normal, just leave it
ask for about 5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water,
e assure you that you will feel how it catches the skin, it tightens, seen go
simply see exceptional changes after only a few days
of applications, not only in size it will increase, but also your performance
, your stamina, that’s why I’m you request to leave no more than 5 minutes
especially if it’s your first time, test your sensitivity to the product before going
further, test your sensitivity to products before
go further so here are my loves I thank you for having
watched this new video to the end and of course as I tell you
always tell my friends if you ever do you really have health concerns?
not to consult specialists and they are there for that they
know exactly where to fish and how touch I make you many kisses to very
soon by then know that it carries in my heart


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