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[Vlog 11] P2: Nhật Ký Cách Ly 14 Ngày Phòng Dịch. Diary isolated 14 days against epidemic covid-19

March 8, 2020

Day 3
Trans: “ComradeH” “Everyone is now not-wanting to be captured on the video, so that they are not being interviewed.” [Screen] Everyone is shy and hiding away, faking their sleep
[Speech] “This is everyone hiding already” [Screeen] Please excuse us
[Speech] “Already hiding, all of them” [Off-screen 1] “Later, when I marry, I will stay with you (?)”
[Not sure, quite intelligentable]
[Off-screen 2 “Wait, what?” [Screen] I’m shy too, so I’m hiding now
[Speech] “I’m also going into hiding.” Why staying hidden, the fruits we ordered the day earlier arrive Now, we have to get up to pick up the fruits [Speech] “We have guavas, oranges, mangos…” We share to everyone, each with his/her own parts “Oranges… Oh dear, this is a lot.” [Speech 1 – Female] “Every two-person will share a kilogram” [Speech 2 – Male] “Two person?”
[Speech 1 – Female] “Just count it as 2” [Speech 2 – Male] “One piece of fruit for every two-person” [Speech 3 – Female] “Ok, let’s do like that, one piece of fruit for every two. We will re-consider it later.” I have no spare hand, so I have to put the fruits on my sweater “OK, each has three pieces of oranges” “Just one piece per person” [Speech – Male] “Who is taking the video?”
[Speech – Female] “I am.” [Speech 2 – Female] “Ok, everyone put away their fruits. Then come here to share the spare ones. That’s better.” [Speech 2 – Female] “Each just puts away his/her own share.” The spare pieces of fruits are shared by everyone here Everyone is happy because it has been a while since the last time they had Vietnamese fruits There is no guava or mango in Korea. And even if there is, they would be costly. In Viet Nam, fruits are available and really cheap :)) It’s been a while since I last ate guavas It is crunchy and sweet, worth every penny we pay for [Speech – Female] “Hey, Quynh, don’t you eat?” After eating, there are some journalists from some magazines/newspaper coming here to interview us These folks are really passionate [Speech – Female] “Let’s hurry up, we are about to get on the TV here.” They just laugh the whole day [Screen] They are happy because they are on the TV
[Speech – Male] “10:40”? “The people in charge here ask us to clean our space everyday.” “Just normal house-cleaning.” “Twice per day, one in the morning, one in the afternoon.” Journalist: “This is the room for female, why are you [a male] up here?” Male: “I”m staying below, but my family sends some food earlier, so I go up here to share for everyone.” [Screen] I’m a bit far away, so I can’t here it clearly. Sorry everyone. Ready… ACT! [Speech] “See, they are eating over there!” After getting bored with watching them getting the interview It’s finally lunchtime [Speech] “Day 3, lunch.” [Speech] “Today, what will we have rice with?” [Speech] “This is soup…” [Speech] “What soup is it?” [Speech – the other girl] “Egg soup.” [Speech] “Let’s see what do we have today.” [Speech] “Shrimp stir-fried with [pork]” [Speech] “[Vegetables]”
[Trans: Thanks to a diverse bio-sphere of tropical land, I have no idea what this vegetable is in English] [Speech] “Fish sauce” [Speech] “Fried fish” [Speech] “And rice” [Speech] “Oh dear, it is way too tasty.” [Speech] “Crap, we forget to pick up spoons today. But meh, I don’t need them.” After eating, we take the power nap [Speech] “Now, it’s… what time is it?”
[Screen] I sleep all the way through the afternoon [Speech] “It’s 5:20pm. Holly, I sleep through all?” [Screen] Let’s see what others are doing [Speech] “Let’s see what others are doing” [Speech] “Hey, it’s not a photo-shoot, it’s a VIDEO-shoot.” [Screen] Just chilling for a while and it’s dinner time already [Screen] It’s quite hard for them (the soldiers). Whenever it’s meal time, they have to go up here and call us [Speech – soldiers] “Dear sisters, please, it’s meal time. Pick up your meals please.” [Screen] This guy’s voice is really cute [Screen] Every time [Speech] “Dear sisters, please hurry up and pick up your meals, pretty please~.” [Screen] “It’s dinner time ladies” [Screen] “Please get down and pick up your meals, dear sisters.” [Speech] “I’m just following his butt and capture the video.” [Screen] “It’s meal time, dear sisters~” [Screen] It’s the accent from the Middle region, sounds really cute [Speech – Female 1] “What’s wrong with her?”
[Speech – Female 2] “After eating, she just keeping filming.” [Screen] Now, after eating, I just pick up my phone and start filming, everyone is teasing me [Speech – Female 1] “After eating fruit, after eating…”
[Speech – Female 2] “Come on, I’m making a diary here.” [Screen] Let other countries see how we combat against the pandemic, yes? [Speech] “Quynh, let’s go and eat dinner.”
[Screen] Right, everyone? [Speech] “Let everyone done rushing, we’ll pick up later.” [Speech] “Every time we have meals, it is chaos like this.” [Speech] “Today is Day 3, evening.” [Speech] “C’mon, let’s go.” [Speech] “Let’s go down and pick up our food.” [Speech] “So what do we have here?” [Speech] “We have eggs, fish, [small eggs]” [Screen] There are also a menu for drinks and snacks [Screen] If we like anything, we just have to ask the soldiers to pick up for us [Screen] After eating, we go out and watch the night sky [Speech] “There are only 2 stars tonight” [Screen] Using the phone, we have no stars at all [Screen] It is pitch black, and we only have a tiny moon over there [Speech and Screen] “It’s late, let’s go to bed” Day 4 [Speech] “This is the breakfast of Day 4, right?” [Screen] We have sticky white rice with chicken for breakfast. [Screen] After eating, we would be cleaning
[Speech] “Early in the morning, and we have two model chicks cleaning the room.” [Screen] We share it, each day is taken care by 2 people We clean and tidy [Screen] The morning passes quickly Just a while and it’s lunch again [Speech] “This is the lunch of Day 4.” [Speech] “Let’s see what we get here.” [Speech] “We have fish again. Fish, chicken, and stir-fried vegetables.” [Screen] After eating, we bring the dishes out so that they (the soldiers) can clean them. They wait until that EVERYONE has finished their meal before leaving We really appreciate you guys It has been harsh on you guys [Screen] In the afternoon, there are more arriving here for quarantine About 40+ people [Speech] “One ride, full of people” [Screen] Many come back from S.Korea [Screen] Now let’s see what everyone is doing [Screen] Everyone is sleeping now :v Never sleep when I am still awake So, she refuses to be on video, eh? [Screen] I’m planning to blackmail everyone. Plan to get this girl too, but she is already awake [Screen] After waking up, we have our temperatures measured, and our face masks replaced [Screen] Waiting for my turn here I was also measured in the morning, but I was busy having fun then, so I forgot to capture it on the video [Speech] “37 (Celcius degree)?” “Thanks.” [Speech] “We have a soldier giving newspaper and pamphlets here” [Screen] I have an infographic on how to combat the plague in the afternoon Just skimming it here [Speech/Top left article] “Against the COVID-19 plague, more good news.” [Screen] Then I just use them to hold the mangos, cuz’ I have no dishes here [Screen] We get “rice crepes” here
[Speech] Please, advertise the “rice crepes” of Da Nang [Screen] We have to eat, again :v [Screen] We ask her for a quick review, and we get a laugh on it [Screen] Just a tiny bit, not to wolf it down [Screen] After eating, we play cards with 3 people again [Screen] Seriously, what is wrong with my cards? I always come last and have to kneel. [Speech] “A pair of 4’s” [Screen] We play until the evening [Screen] Hah, she is cutting her hair [Speech] “How to cut off the hair on my forehead…?” [Screen] The girl asks me to censor this, preventing it from reaching the internet It’s really funny. Apologise for it, but you guys cannot watch [Screen] After the whole afternoon of playing, we have dinner again It’s all we do here [Speech] “Heh, we are having military-grade meals here.” [Screen] Day 4 Dinner [Screen] We save up the chillies to enjoy the mangos [Speech – Female 1] “Okay, okay. We have 3 pieces of chillies now.” [Speech – Female 2] “This is for eating.”
[Speech – Female 1] “Okay, okay.” [Screen] Every evening, it is these two soldiers bringing us meals [Speech] “Even if they don’t allow us filming, I’m still filming it.” [Screen] He’s looking at the camera now And he’s just standing there, waiting every one to finish their meals Poor him… [Screen] How to wash your face at night
[Speech] “This is the close-up of the washroom.” [Screen] We already took a shower in the afternoon [Speech] “Let’s see what it’s like to be a soldier.” [Screen] Now, we only brush our teeth and clean our face
[Speech] “Because this barrack is built a long time ago, [Screen] The military’s wash room is just simple like this
[Speech] “So these tiles are tainted a bit, not super clean.” [Screen] The washroom is as simple as the soldiers, not a single bit fancy [Screen] If the soldiers can use it, we can use it too [Speech] “That is how all (Vietnamese) soldiers live.”
[Screen] We have to take a shower early, or the water would run out [Screen] SO that is why we take a shower at 2pm [Screen] Quite a race to see who has the shower first
[Speech] “See, this is how you get the water.” [Screen] The soldiers would pump the water again in the morning, so we split up to use the washroom in two sessions
[Speech] “My friend will show you how to do it.” [Screen] Note, if the water runs out, they would pump immediately, we have no shortage here.
[Speech] “What are you doing here?” [Speech] “Removing the makeup”
[Screen] Even so, the lady instructs us in a very detailed manner [Screen] Well, it’s too detailed, so I fast-forward it :3 [Screen] Phew… finally done [Speech] “See, after you’re done, wash the butt (of the bucket). Then put it on the wall.” [Screen] Too busy with filming. Forget that we have actually ordered some milk tea. [Speech] “Dear, how many days already?”
[Screen] Luckily, there is still some for me [Screen] We are far away, so it is very hard to ship
[Trans: 20km from urban center – check VLOG 10] [Speech] “If you don’t drink, just give it to your honey.” [Speech] “~Please review the milktea for everyone~” [Trans: I don’t translate the speech, the screen text is funnier]
[Screen] This is number 0 Hoping to make acquaintance with everyone Big, tall, not-black, and not-smell
[Trans: A joke in Vietnamese… Xin số em này với Jin ơi :))] Her motto is “liking the color blue and hate the lies.] Please vote to see her more on the videos Thanks everyone The review takes a few minutes, so I just fast-forward it again [Screen] That is how Day 4 ends Thanks for watching


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