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Viruses and herpes! You wish this virus didn’t exist

December 25, 2019

Hello everyone
I’m Daniela Titan and today we will talk about viruses
actually we are gonna hate viruses all together! so why do I hate viruses?
First, they are not alive actually they are not dead either
they are not dead or alive they are nothing
so basically they are random fractions of DNA just floating around
Yes they can reproduce okay?
Yes they have DNA or RNA and Yes they can adapt to the enviroment
BUT they have no metabolism they have no homiostasis
they have no organelles no cellular walls or anything like that
what they do is just act like parasites There is only a virus I admire
there is only one! just one! okay?
and that one is Herpes virus like seriously!
what this virus is doing just blows my mind just freaks me out, okay?
okay okay okay follow me with this it’s kinda complicated
no it’s not, it’s not complicated first what it does is
it goes into the body it goes into the body
and what it does is travel to the nerves travels to the nerve cells
and it just stays there it enters the nerve cells
and once it goes in what it does is
it fuses it fuses with the host DNA
it facking it fricking fuses what it means
basically the DNA of the virus and the host DNA become one
when we say it becomes one it becomes one like for a lifetime
you don’t change your nerve cells you don’t shed them
you don’t create new ones so basically once it enters your nerve cells
it stays forever it stays with you
you basically grow old with it you basically just become grandpas and still
have it you get a house together
and basically you’ve intertwined your finances with it
basically you do everything together with the virus
so what the virus does what any virus does
it tries to replicate itself I am not gonna say reproduce
because it doesn’t have reproductive organs so basically I am gonna say replicate
okay? the virus tries to replicate itself basically
constantly so it created small waves of viruses
always like viruses viruses viruses viruses
but you have your immune system your immune system when it’s like at its peak
when nothing is going wrong it counters the constantly producing viruses
and you do not express the virus you don’t have the symptoms of the virus
BUT if you are immunocompromised basically meaning your immune system is not working
for some reason I don’t know why
you are suppressed that means the virus does not get countered
that means the virus keeps expressing itself and there is noone to keep it in control
that can also happen from sunlight and anxiety and that’s when you get the symptoms of the
virus that’s when you get the sores, the blisters
and everything it is like totally insane how the virus does
that! it gets into your fricking nervous system
like it stays with you! becomes one with you! again once your immune system is back to normal
that goes away that blister and everything goes away
it’s supperessed again it’s totally awesome okay? !!
it’s basically amazing! it’s just some little fricking fractions of
DNA that can go into your nerve cells
and like fuse with you its just some random code
it’s a bug so here it’s what scientists did
scientists they are amazing amazing people
so basically they took the herpes virus okay?
they took it they hold it
really tight they took the feature of the virus that can
integrate with your DNA and they reprogrammed it
which means they made the virus (a parasite)
become a tool a tool that was transfering genes
let’s say we have a person who has a compromised gene, or a missing gene
we take the virus I mean the scientists take the virus
and what they do is like they put the gene into the virus
so the virus goes into the cells and integrates with the cells
and the missing gene becomes one with the person missing it
It’s amazing! and the viruses! the viruses!
what they can do they are cell specific, tissue specific
which means they go into specific cells like the herpes virus goes into the nerve
cells you can reprogram it to go into different
cells so basically you can transfer almost any gene
into any cell it’s gonna be specific
isn’t it like awesome??!! we basically take a parasite
a parasite of nature just a fraction of DNA floating around
and reprogram it and use it as a tool to cure people
we don’t pay scientists enough okay? we don’t pay them enough
the person who thought of it I am not sure who he was
but he is like awesome! that person has my respect
and the virus has my respect how it does it, the whole mechanism
so that’s all for today 🙂 today we hated viruses
for what they are they are parasites
they are just duck them
and we respected them we also respected scientists for that
so that’s all for today and thank you for watching
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I want you to comment questions I want you to comment basically anything you
like you can talk about anything
and I am gonna do my best to actually answer to you
again thank you for watching bye 😀


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