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December 29, 2019

Hello everyone! Today we’re taking a look
at the Twitch Win16 Virus. Now, I have had a lot of people ask me
if I’m ever going to do Twitch streams. So, here I am with Twitch.
Streaming it for you on YouTube. I have twitch.exe, which I’m not
sure how that translates into .tv, but we’re going to go ahead and run it! And, apparently, nothing has really happened. If we look at some of our files here, like Minesweeper. We can see it’s running
at a healthy 27,776 bytes. And when we run it, We just double click it, we can play us some minesweeper. Eventually, I’ll click a mine. There we go! And we lost, RIP. So, for now, nothing
really appears to happen. But, every minute, Twitch will infect
another Windows executable file. So, we just have to sit
here and wait patiently. And, eventually, you will hear… [HARD DRIVE CLICKING NOISE] ..that! So, the window quickly refreshes, ..if you are observant. You see that the total size of the files increases. As Twitch picks a file, and infects it! This continues, every
minute, on the minute! Until all the files are infected. We’ll go ahead and let this run. And we’ll get back to it. When the fun stuff starts to happen! So, one more file has just been infected. You heard the hard drive click, and the total size,
in bytes, increases. We also see the total
number of files increase, which I’m not totally sure why that is,
but I’m not going to question it. So, one of the biggest problems
that you have with the Twitch virus on Windows 3.1, is actually
not a big problem at all. Not once, every minute or two, you’ll see a slight twitch, just like that! The virus looks for
more files to infect, and also twitches the open windows. It causes their contents to refresh, and makes an audible click on the hard drive. And, generally doesn’t do much else. One interesting thing, is that if we look at our friend over here. winmine.exe. We see that its file size
has actually shrunk(!), according to Windows. It’s now 12,117 bytes, when,
before it was way bigger! There’s also something a little
weird going on with our date here. Because, normally, there’s not
semicolons in the years value. So, there’s a great example of it.
[The twitch] What normal users might attribute,
to their machines slowing down, is actually the Twitch virus
interfering with their performance, and causing all the
windows to twitch like that. It’s especially noticeable when trying to
perform new actions, while opening files. Basically, it just causes
an overall degradation of of performance on the machine. One last thing to notice, is that the machine
starts to get really weird. When running programs, sometimes they just
simply don’t run, in fact, usually the first time you try
to run anything it doesn’t run. Running it a second time,
usually gets it to pop up. [HARD DRIVE CLICKING NOISE] Listen to that! It goes nuts! It loaded about five to
six seconds, maybe a little bit longer. Even Minesweeper refreshed and
Minesweeper never refreshes. At least, not on the versions I’m used to. We will close out of Minesweeper. Let’s try a few other files. Because, in testing, I’ve gotten
some weird error messages. [HARD DRIVE CLICKING NOISE] Here we go, here’s
the Character Map. [HARD DRIVE CLICKING NOISE] Oh, man, that is slow! [HARD DRIVE CLICKING NOISE] My hard drive is chugging! Wow! [HARD DRIVE CLICKING NOISE] Okay, I pressed close, how
long is this going to take?! So, Twitch has really, severely, impacted
this machine’s performance. No Kappa at all on that,
it is bad, look at this!! [HARD DRIVE CLICKING NOISE] It shouldn’t even run
this poorly, it’s a 386!! Okay.. we’re finally out of it. Now, [HARD DRIVE CLICKING NOISE] We’re still doing things. Twitch is just having
its way with this machine. [HARD DRIVE CLICKING NOISE] Come on, Paintbrush! “Not enough memory to edit image.” So, I guess the virus must
have a memory leak. Or, else it’s allocating more than it needs, because, we’re really starting
to run out of memory here. Or, maybe that’s just Windows. [HARD DRIVE CLICKING NOISE] Okay, so we got out of the menu,
and it’s loading Paintbrush, anyway(?) I thought we were out of memory! [HARD DRIVE CLICKING NOISE] I’m no expert, but this
doesn’t look quite right to me. [HARD DRIVE CLICKING NOISE] There we go! So, after taking 30 seconds
to close out of Paintbrush, we finally got the error message,
that I saw before, which doesn’t quite look like anything I’ve,
really seen in Windows before, But, I’m just gonna go with it. Upon clicking “OK”…
Will it refresh everything and every window? [HARD DRIVE CLICKING NOISE] Sort of. [HARD DRIVE CLICKING NOISE] It’s still loading everything, so, it seems we got off
easy that time, but that is really about it for the Twitch Windows virus. It’s not destructive. But, it’s really annoying and it severely
degrades system performance. I guess, the same could be said if
you watch Twitch streams, while you’re supposed to be working! So, no matter which Twitch you
go to, it’s bad for your system. But, if you’re bored, and want
some new streams to watch, my girlfriend is as I said
before, starting up streaming. So, please check out her stream at The link is in the description. It would mean a lot to her,
it would mean a lot to me. Thank you very much for watching. Take care. [subtitles—leemetme]


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    Ok, so I've done a seperate analysis of this virus on my own virtual machine and here's what I've found:

    1. This virus is a companion virus, where it overwrites the original .exe every few seconds (and usually whenever you're doing things) with the virus, and puts the original program into a seperate .ovl file. So you'll have calc.exe and calc.ovl.
    2. The first time you run an infected file on a reboot, it will simply run the virus, and refuse to run the original program. Running the same file again will… well… run the file.
    3. Turns out there may be a memory leak? During my tests the memory avaliable was slowly decreasing the longer the OS was running, and I guess that explains some of the memory issues you were running into later into the video.
    4. Trying to directly open any non-executable file from file manager (like .wav .txt .hlp etc) will run the program assosiated with it, but not actually open the file you were trying to open.

    If you guys want I can make a video with an in-depth analysis on this virus, as its kind of hard to explain everything through text, but you get the main idea.

    And incase you're wondering, I was using PCem as my emulator, which does a very good job of emulating old hardware (like 386, 486, hell even 8086 if you want to)

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