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February 29, 2020

Deadly virus Wuhan, epicenter of the epidemic now under quarantine, 56 million people are confined dozens and dozens of backhoe loaders who build in a hurry a new hospital to fight a strange virus 78-year-old man tested positive for coronavirus died Friday night in Italy …about the fact that this virus can mutate and spread more easily BUT, the chinese gorvenment
tries to be reassuring especially with a communication… “the health ministry has set up new rules” “because of this health crisis” ” and they told me i had pneumonia “and then I fell into a coma” Yes ! hello ? yes, Listen… this coronavirus, i don’t know but i ‘ve bad fellings I’m sure something will happen, that it will go much further but what’s happening to you ? you’ re in a panic Did you see the movie Twelve Monkeys ? you’re kidding… No ! i am not ! something will happen like in the movie the signs are there stop ! you are delirious it’s as dangerous as a flu NO !
it’ s very important that you mention it in your tv news we have to leave as much clue as possible for the future Oh wait !
it makes no sense I can’t do that at my job You’re delirious, you panic, Go outside, i don’t know but do something Sure ? Of course ! you get caught up about anything calm down… yes, you’re probably right, that’s stupid, I let you work. Kiss kisses ! that’s why I’m going to gather as much information as possible on the spread of the virus, in a letter I will send everyday in differents French embassies around the world ” boom ” but French and parisian boom I’m sorry, we were chatting we didn’t see you no… he’s dead… come on we’re leaving ok Get out “and this is news that just happened and it’s good news” Belgian scientists have found a cure for the coronavirus its production is already underway Chinese authorities are in contact with the team of scientists Tonight “special coronavirus” at 8 p.m. and now SPORT Rugby: top 14 cheating scandal Toulouse’s team rugby would have paid for most of his victories in the final an investigation within the french rubgy federation is underway


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    Vraiment de la merde

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