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Virus.DOS.Anna (Merry Christmas!)

December 24, 2019

Hello everyone
and Merry Christmas! Today we’re talking a
look at the Anna DOS Virus. Now, this virus is
not very destructive, nor is it very
complicated. It’s a pretty straightforward
calm, violent vector. But, it is holiday themed
and pretty mean-spirited. So, we’re going to
take a look at it today. But, before we run the virus,
we’re going to take a look at a few of our best friends. Namely, “GRAPHICS.COM”. Which of course
weighs 19,742 bytes. And also, “SYS.COM” Which weighs
in 9,432 bytes. Now, when Anna
is executed, it seaches out, and finds
one .com file and infects it. It doesn’t do anything fancy,
like going into memory and infecting files,
as they’re ran. Nope, when an infected file is run,
it finds another file, and infects it. So, let’s go ahead and run Anna! So we can see, this
was originally a sacrifical goat file,
in its own. It’s a “SelfChecking AntiStealth Goat
COM/EXE” file, and the virus might be active. And that is, of
course, true. Anna is now present, and has
infected another .com file in the directory. We’ll run this a few more times
and see if we can infect either “GRAPHICS”
or “SYS” Pardon the beeping,
but, it wouldn’t really be a DOS virus video without
at least some beeping, right? So, let’s look at
GRAPHICS.COM. File size is unchanged, so
it has not yet been infected. How about “SYS”? “SYS” has been infected!! It’s gone to 10,166 bytes. So, every time
we run “SYS”. There’s a bit of extra
hard disk activity. And it seeks out and infects another
uninfected file in the same directory So, we’ll simply
run it a few times. Eventually, our entire
disk will be infected. And there goes “GRAPHICS,”
it has been infected and now, weighs 20,476 bytes. Now, this virus probably
did not spread very far, back in the day, because
its payload is very obvious. It activates any
day in December. So we’ll change it
to today’s date. Christmas! And when we run
any infected file, We hear a beep, and
a message says: “Have a Cool Yule from the
ARcV xCept Anna Jones” “I hope you get run over by a Reindeer
Santas bringin’ you a Bomb, All my” “Lurve – SlarTiBarTfAsT, (c) ARcV
1992 – England Raining Again” I think we can all relate
to the Anna DOS virus. I believe every one of us knows at least one
person who might benefit from Santa bringing them a
bomb in their stocking. So, this virus in this video go out
to all the Anna Jones’ all over the world. Those, who might benefit from a
little less Christmas cheer by receiving an explosive
device in their presents. Nah, I’m just kidding. But I do hope you and yours
have a very Merry Christmas, Happy holidays, happy
whatever you may celebrate. Even you,
Anna Jones. I hope you did not actually
get run over by a reindeer. At the worst, I hope it was
only an elk, so, that’s about it for the Anna DOS virus. Thank you very much for watching. Merry Christmas. Take care. [subtitles—leemetme] [Seek Test] Merry Christmas
from the Seek test.


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