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Virus de inmunodeficiencia felina (El SIDA felino) |Enfermedades de los animales|

December 11, 2019

AIDS, a dreaded disease and that a significant portion of the population in the world, where approximately 36 million people are suffering from this disease and most of cases occur in underdeveloped countries, being the continent most Africa cases, which theorizes that its origin comes from a virus that comes from the monkeys. this can lead us to doubt, apart from the above how this could happen, other species can contract this disease and if they can not transmit, and the animal kingdom that answer can be found in cats, which have their own virus that generates the same scenario as in humans, which is called virus feline immunodeficiency virus. This virus belongs to the family of the retroviruses, RNA as genetic material and has the same morphological structure that human virus, which is different proteicamente in its molecular arrangement, the feline leukemia virus, which are of the same family. They have identified five subtypes based on their nucleotide sequence that coordinate this protein coat virus. as its symptoms could not be different it focuses on the condition of the immune system, had a greater affinity to the T lymphocytes, macrophages by lymphocytes, responsible detect any infectious agent or outside the body and destroy it to create an immunological memory against these and have a greater response against anything you can quasar an imbalance in health. This virus is introduced into the above mentioned cells to make them in machines viral creation within them to you’re explode in a shower of millions of viruses that infect others, to the point of reducing the number of lymphocytes in the body, which does not happen immediately but it takes months or years to develop to the point that the cat begins to show symptoms caused by secondary infections. Apart cause inflammation in the lymph in the early stages, where lymphocytes are produced, reaching to general lymphadenopathy; where the first thing you notice is the owners down weight, anorexia, carelessness coat, infections seden not as fast as in other cases, gingivitis, stomatitis and other diseases from bacteria, other viruses, protozoan and fungi, in which the cat is extremely susceptible to these that are inevitably the cause of death, the same thing happens to people with HIV. An estimated 2 to 3% of the population of cats worldwide are infected with This virus, and cats like jaguars, lions, tigers, ocelots, ie all exponents Family can catch it, which become infected by the bite of an infected cat, not by saliva, but because the gums tend to bleed to be inflamed and the pressure to make your teeth against an opponent, inoculate the virus by this wound; another way is by sexual transmission, the same reason that humans the contract in most cases and transplacental, but it gets in certainly the anterior approach, ie a vertical route, for the low incidence in young cats. which puts two questions in mind, if this is processed to man or this can you trasmitírselas felines, and the answer is no, both similar viruses each other only They have unique receptors with families to which they belong, so your cat does not You can infect you or your him if necessary. for diagnosis it is necessary to use or send a test laboratory that because the symptoms are easily confused with feline leukemia. in the test may be the case that a false positive is given, This means that presents antibodies against the disease, but not having the virus, because they can obtain certain maternal immunoglobulins maybe if presented the mother is, but it may be the first step to identify patients sick, which can be defined as such a laboratory test. Unfortunately there is no treatment against the disease, as in people, where you must fight secondary infections and symptoms but not being able treating the main cause. Several vaccines have been developed in order to immunize cats against this, but it is complicated because there are many strains with different variations and this happens because it is a disease with worldwide distribution, but it has generated a vaccine with 2 subtypes of 5, which are inactive, does not afford protection Cross against all but has been estimated that if 100% of the 2 subtypes applied, but creating controversy because the vaccinated cats may be positive to the disease in laboratory studies and making it very difficult to distinguish between animals healthy to the sick, I personally think that if good control of vaccination is carried records with this problem would diminish greatly, but they consider not essential. The interesting thing is that this vaccine could mean a breakthrough for prevention HIV, yet many studies and something that would be unethical to establish needed if the application of this vaccine or for generating a new for people could be implemented, because it is not known whether to apply an inactive virus exists the possibility that this becomes infectious and accidentally infect one or more people. the only way to secure prevention the disease is avoiding exposure to the virus, ie prevent go on thus preventing unnecessary street fights with other cats, performing an orchiectomy ovh or to prevent them from crossing and contracting the disease, and the graceful, not They can put a condom. but being a disease underdiagnosed, with a population wide of sick and some people like, by custom or fatigue by having to be put up with this want to go out, on many occasions cats roamed down the street, so prevention is very complicated. a mirror in another species of what is HIV, which is a very real disease studied and which is also in species other than the human being processed, but having the same implications, that is the feline immunodeficiency virus. 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