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Virus corona: TQ quay cuồng – VN nghi ngờ 59 ca

February 5, 2020

China is chaotic with Coronavirus – Vietnam has 59 suspected cases The Coronavirus pandemic brought China into chaos and Xi Jinping himself was astounded by its unprecedented large-scale developments President Xi Jinping after a speech about the Coronavirus spread in China The spread of the deadly Coronavirus is on the rise, Chinese President Xi Jinping warned after opening a special government meeting on the first day of Chinese New Year. “The country is facing a serious situation,” Xi told senior officials, according to state television. The virus, called Corona, has killed many people and has infected thousands of others since it was discovered in Wuhan City. Since Sunday, January 26, 2020, Wuhan has been completely blocked. Please watch the following video where to know the horrific happenings in China, due to this deadly virus Wuhan is the first city to be isolated, and so far dozens of other cities of the world’s most populous nation continue to be isolated from the outside world because of the dangerous Coronavirus. A patient infected with the Coronavirus transferred to a hospital in Wuhan Wuhan has hastily built 2 hospitals. The facilities cover an area of ​​25,000 m2 and accommodate 1,000 beds. Chinese health officials said earlier that more people had died in Hubei province, where an outbreak of acute pneumoni a caused by a new strain of Coronavirus called 2019-nCoV occurred. CGTN TV channel of China also said, Dr. Liang Wudong, 62, died of Coronavirus infection. He works at Hubei Hospital and was involved in the treatment of new cases of Coronavirus in Wuhan. The new strain of Coronavirus broke out and spread quickly between China, Vietnam and many other Asian countries during the time for the Lunar New Year. In China, many events have been canceled. Many countries that share the border with China have declared their borders closed to prevent the spread of this dangerous virus Under pressure from public opinion, until the evening of January 23, 2020 Vietnam’s authorities were also forced to suspend flights to Vu Han. The epidemic has crossed China’s borders, spreading terror to many countries in the world China mobilizes the whole army to prevent the crisis of Coronavirus infection nationwide The virus has now spread to Europe and Australia, with three confirmed cases in France and one in Australia. In France, the French Minister of Health said on the evening of January 24 the first case was discovered in Bordeaux, the other two were in Paris. In Australia, according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), the first case was discovered and is being isolated in Melbourne, Victoria. The UK is investigating a number of suspected cases, while authorities have been trying to track some 2,000 people coming from Hubei recently. Xi Jinping has now begun to be panic because the situation of large isolated areas is very serious and increasingly widespread. People dying of Coronavirus in China
Pharmacies in Wuhan have begun to run out of supplies while hospitals were filled with people in chaos and anxiety. The initial symptoms of the disease may be fever, then a dry cough; after a week will lead to shortness of breath. Some patients need treatment in a hospital. One out of every four people infected is thought to be serious. Cities in Hubei Province are applying various travel restrictions. Some information said that the dead lying in the hospital corridor are horrifying. Hezhou, a smaller city of Hubei province, closed the train station. Oblhi City has suspended all bus services. China’s damage to human, economic, political and social life will be enormous, due to the delay in activities during the time of the epidemic’s occurrence and the unknown stopping point. A resident in Wuhan collapsed on the road due to Coronavirus Local media reported that authorities in Beijing and Shanghai City have asked residents to return from self-isolated areas at home for 14 days to prevent the spread. Authorities also closed major tourist sites, including the Forbidden City in Beijing and a part of the Great Wall; cancel big public events in many places including: ♣ the traditional festivals to celebrate the New Year in Beijing ♣ the international festival in Hong Kong ♣ the annual soccer tournament in Hong Kong ♣ All Chinese New Year celebrations in Macau The Disney district in Shanghai and McDonald’s restaurants in five cities were also temporarily closed. Information about current infected people is very chaotic, causing concern for many people in the world, including Vietnam Empty shops in Wuhan, because people buy suits to reserve to prevent the disease spreading due to Coronavirus On January 23, a patient in northern Hebei Province died of a new strain of Coronavirus. This is the first death outside Hubei Province. Another death case was later confirmed in Heilongjiang Province, more than 2,000 km away from Wuhan. Earlier, when the death toll was only 17, information from the Ministry of Health of China said that the youngest person died from this strain of the virus was 48 years old, and the oldest was 89 years old. French Health Minister Agnès Buzyn said one of the two newly discovered cases in France was a 48-year-old man of Chinese descent who had come to Wuhan. He is currently hospitalized in Bordeaux. People infected with Coronavirus are in many countries , indicating that the situation is very dangerous because there is no medicine to treat this disease. Vietnam on January 26, 2020 has 59 suspected cases of Coronavirus infection There have been 3 cases of infection in Paris. In Australia, ABC said the infected patient was a Chinese man, aged about 50, who spent two weeks in Wuhan before arriving in Australia on January 19. His health is now stable, being treated at Monash Medical Center, Melbourne City. Earlier, on January 24, there was a second case in the US and this time in Chicago. Singapore confirmed the third case, the son of another patient, also on January 24. Nepal recorded the first case of the same day. Thailand has five confirmed cases, Japan, Vietnam and Korea each have two, Taiwan has a case. Many countries have begun to apply restrictions on entry of Chinese citizens, especially from Wuhan, to protect their citizens. WHO Director General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus Many other countries have suspected cases, including the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada. The World Health Organization has not yet classified the new acute Coronary pneumonia virus as an “international emergency”, in part because of the low number of overseas infections. But the WHO Director-General, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said the possibility of placing this epidemic in a global emergency would be possible. Three research teams are currently developing new types of corona virus vaccines in the hope of being able to test the first vaccines in March. When the epidemic broke out, the press and media of communist countries like China and Vietnam remained silent, and even the authorities threatened the people who posted information on social networks warning about the danger of Coronavirus. But when the epidemic got out of control, the state press was allowed to continue to publish it, which led to the dangerous consequence that many people may have become infected because of the information from the state. The freedom of the press and the freedom of expression are very important, this is stated in the Constitution of the country and needs to be fully implemented by the Government of Vietnam, so that all people can protect their own lives and their families.


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    Vietnam authority tries to block the news about Corona Virus in the present.

    The coronavirus, or 2019-nCoV, began at an animal and seafood market in Wuhan and has spread to several other countries. The illness is said to be transferable between humans and has killed over 130 people thus far while sickening almost 6,000 in mainland China.

    Symptoms of the virus include fever, cough and shortness of breath. There aren't many preemptive steps that can be taken to avoid infection, other than practicing basic sanitary measures on a regular basis.

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends washing your hands regularly and avoiding contact with other sick people who are recovering from an illness. It also suggests avoiding touching your eyes and face, along with keeping objects and surfaces in your home or workspace clean and disinfected.

    China's leaders have made major efforts to contain the spread of the virus, including the immediate construction of a 1,000-bed hospital to accommodate the growing number of patients

    In January 6, 2020 USA cdc offered the help for the Chinese situation, but denied. December 2019 USA cdc monitored almost every day the China’s disease.

  • Reply ldgnotebook January 29, 2020 at 3:50 pm

    Vietnam government tries to cover up the disease.
    About 20 USA airports try to quarantine all the flights from China to US,
    China and Russia are the places having the chemical weapons, US government is monitoring them closely.

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    Không quay trực tiếp mà toàn là hình không vậy

  • Reply Cương Tiến January 31, 2020 at 2:41 pm

    Ngày hôm nay ở Việt Nam 500000 một hộp khẩu trang y tế

  • Reply Thắng Nguyễn February 2, 2020 at 8:17 am

    Nhìn thấy tập cận Bình muốn buồn nôn

  • Reply Thuy Le February 2, 2020 at 8:48 am

    Cs quà nay thì hét ₫uong rồi nhé ka ka

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