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Virus Corona chặng đua F1Thượng Hải Trung Quốc đã hủy | Chặng đua Formula 1 Việt Nam có hoẵn ?

February 13, 2020

Hello everyone, you are back to Land DoThi. Only 55 days left before the F1 race will officially take place in Hanoi. Teaser ng first day of the year, the weather is chilly, rainy spring drizzle, everyone clearly felt something strange nh bone of the North, but on the field lines F1 racing in the Sports Complex at My Dinh, Southern District From Tu Liem, the F1 race track construction is still taking place very urgently. The vehicles are operating at full capacity 24 hours a day to ensure the progress for the Hanoi race takes place in April 2020. The F1 race in Hanoi promises to be an attractive route with fiery races, this is the pride of the people of the Capital in particular and the people of Vietnam in general. Today, Urban Land will update you on the progress of this race. And with the complicated course of Corona epidemic, will the time of this race in Vietnam be postponed while the F1 race in China was canceled due to Corona epidemic ? Invite you along with Land Do Thi to find out in this video content. After 10 months of construction, the items of the Hanoi F1 race track are gradually being completed. In particular, many roads have been paved finished carpet. The stands are also being urgently completed. Images recorded from above show that the appearance of this race is increasingly clear. F1 race track in Hanoi was built on a total area of 88ha in the area of My Dinh Sports Union area and a part on public roads, running through the streets: Le Quang Dao, Le Duc Tho As planned In April 2020, the first race of the Hanoi F1 race will officially begin. The race was started in March 2019. is expected that the project will be completely handed over to the organizers of F1 Vietnam in March – a month before the race on April 5, 2020. On 07/02/2020, the Hanoi Department of Transport has issued a notice announcing the diversion plan, organizing traffic to protect the quality of Formula 1 automobile race (F1) after the end of the competition. . construction of asphalt concrete carpet on Le Quang Dao and Le Duc Tho routes (Nam Tu Liem district) T swine departments of Transport, because F1 is racing Standard Class 1 in accordance with the regulations of the Federation of Automotive World (FIA), it will need strict protection in order to ensure the quality of the finishing coat to BTNF1-S road surface texture until the race takes place. Therefore, it is necessary to restrict some types of vehicles with large load, of unstable quality (oil flow), which affect the structure and surface quality of the track. Department of Transport decided to ban all vehicles, including: passenger cars, contract cars (over 9 seats), buses and trucks (with a cargo volume of 500kg or more) of traffic. on the roads of Le Duc Tho and Le Quang Dao (the section from Me Tri – Le Quang Dao – Chau Van Liem intersection to Le Duc Tho – Tran Huu Duc intersection). Passenger cars, contract cars (with more than 9 seats) are traveling in the direction of gathering the Thang Long – Pham Hung – Nguyen Hoang – Le Duc Tho Boulevard and vice versa. Bus vehicles operate according to the route adjustment plan for each department line. The means of trucks (with a cargo volume of 500kg or more) circulate in the direction of the road to Thang Long Boulevard – provincial road 70 Trinh Van Bo – Tran Huu Duc – Le Duc Tho and vice versa. At the same time, the Department of Transport also organizes on-site traffic flow for vehicles, motorbikes, and bicycles through Le Duc Tho and Le Quang Dao roads. The organization of the splitting channel lasts until March 26, 2020. F1 racing schedule this year has been changed due to corona virus, the total number of stages this year was reduced to 21 after the organizers announced cancellation of racing schedules in China. China has just announced the suspension of all domestic sports activities. Accordingly, F1 China will also be canceled this year. Thus, the F1 2020 race will be reduced from 22 races to 21 races, the number of races is equivalent to F1 2019. According to the information we gathered, some racing teams are afraid that the first F1 race in Vietnam may be delayed or canceled due to corona virus. Representatives of racing teams discussed this issue at the announcement of the cooperation between F1 and Netflix on February 4. is due to the fact that the corona virus disease situation is becoming more and more complicated in Vietnam. A series of sports events in Vietnam had to schedule kicks backward, like the national championship V-League, Cup Quo c in … However, experts of the page F1 on the BBC Andrew Benson has stated optimism concerned that “race was held on 5/4 in Hanoi – Vietnam border and China about 100 miles. , there are 10 new cases positive for coronavirus as of 5/2 – less than in Australia and Germany. So far, the threat has been minimal. Thus, up to now, information about the official time of the F1 race in Vietnam has not been affected by corona epidemic. Hopefully, the disease will be quickly controlled so that fans will soon see the speed racing of the top riders in the world in Vietnam. The outbreak of Wuhan pneumonia occurred in the peak season in early 2020, causing Vietnam’s tourism industry to be hard and suffering from serious impacts. Professional, attractive and international events taking place in the near future will be leverage, motivation to help Vietnam’s tourism industry to overcome the crisis after the epidemic crisis, to maintain the trust of tourists about 1 safe, friendly destination. The video of Land Do Thi please end here. the near future we will continue to update the latest information and this race as well as real estate hotspots across the country Please subscribe to the channel to continue to accompany us in the next videos. Thank you.


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