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Viral Video Marketing – How To Do It and a Viral Marketing Example!

December 24, 2019

Viral video marketing – is it an ineffective
video marketing strategy for your small or local business? It can be and I’ll show you
how. If you try creating the next viral video going to get 10 million views, you could be
sitting there pulling your hair out. Whoa. That’s freaky. Okay, so how do you get your
videos to spread virally? Easy, just get the cutest dog that you can possibly find and
show them in the middle of your video. Isn’t she cute? Oh, my gosh, she is so cute. This video is
going to spread virally. There you have it. It’s that easy. Just get the cutest dog you
can find and put him in your video. That’s it. Just kidding. Okay, so here’s really what
you need to do. When you create a video and you put it on YouTube, the number one goal
should be to get people off that video and onto your website. I give different tips and
techniques on how to do that in my other videos so be sure to check them out after this video. You want to bring them over to a landing page
or a different page on your website. And on that page, you want to offer some kind of
incentive. Now this can be a coupon for your business. It can be an ebook, or it can be
whatever you want. And the only way that they should be able to access that incentive is
if they share your video on Facebook, Google or Twitter. And you can easily do this with
a script called Viral Unlock on It’s only $14 bucks. You can go ahead and check it out by clicking
this right here or you can click the link below this video and check it out there. And
when you install that script on your website or landing page, it actually hides your incentive
from the user until they share your video on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus. And as
soon as they share your video, that incentive is unlocked and they can get your coupon,
download your ebook, or get the incentive that you come up with. And now that your video a shared on their
Facebook, Google Plus, or Twitter, their friends are going to be watching it, their friends
are going to go to your website. Their friends are going to share your video to get that
incentive. And now your video is being spread virally. And here’s another cool tip. You
can actually use this method to get more email subscribers and to get your video to spread
virally. If you want to see exactly how I did this
on one of my videos, all you need to do is click the link right below this video, and
I give you guys a perfect example of how I did this with my own video and my own site.
So go ahead guys. Click the link below. Or you know what, I’ll make it easier on you.
Click this link right here. Come on. It’s getting heavy. Click it. I can’t hold a much
longer. All right you can check it out later. That’s
fine. All right, thank you so much for watching this video and don’t forget to subscribe to
my channel to get all of my future videos just like this. This is Brandon from
signing out. Okay, let’s do this. It’s video making time. It’s time to make videos. Are
you making a video? Get her. Sit. Go back. Sit. Good girl. Good girl. Good girl. Speak.
Good girl. Good girl. Speak Good girl


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